Wednesday, November 5, 2014

It's Not Over

My baby!
Today's Highlights:

Michael goes looking for Sonny and finds Max's gun on the floor of Sonny's foyer. Michael stews thinking about Sonny killing AJ. Then Dante finds him alone and tells him Max was shot. Later Michael tells Dante that Sonny and Carly are having an affair. Then Dante says he's looking into Sonny as a suspect in AJ's murder. Michael doesn't say anything about already knowing.

At The Haunted Star, Franco and Carly argue about her sleeping with Sonny. Carly says he's evil and vicious, but Franco says he hurt her and Sonny a lot more then Michael. Later Franco tells Carly, "It's not over!" Carly storms off in anger and Franco leaves a few minutes later. After Bobby gets annoyed with Scott for letting Franco leave and not arresting him. Scotty says he's finally got evidence against Sonny with Franco's recording. Bobby asks him not use the recording, because it will incriminate Carly.

Julian and Alexis wait in Silas's office for news about Danny's condition. Alexis fears the worst so Julian assures he'll donate anything he has to save Danny. Later Julian says bank his marrow to save Danny, even if that means Sonny can kill him. Alexis is touched by his devotion.

Sam finds Silas in the hospital hallway. Silas thinks it's possible the lab made a mistake. While they wait for the second test results for Danny, Silas apologizes to Sam for letting Nina ruining their relationship. Silas tells her what's going with Nina and about Nina's list. Later Silas gets Danny's test results and tells Sam that Danny is fine.

At The Brownstone, Ava tells Nina that back in the day Madeline hired her to seduce Silas. Nina asks Madeline if this is true. Madeline says it's not true and Ava is manipulating her. Ava says Madeline is a liar and she'll end up taking the baby from Nina and/or having Nina locked up. Ava advises her to leave the baby and take off.

Diane finds Sonny and Morgan at GH and scolds Sonny for letting Max get shot. She asks who shot him. Sonny says he doesn't know, but he'll find out. Later Sonny learns that Max should be okay from the doctor. After Morgan and Sonny talk about Ava. Morgan asks Sonny to reconsider killing Ava. Sonny answers that can't make any promises.

Kiki goes looking for Michael on the docks. Heather is there with a gun and hides when she sees Kiki. Then Kiki calls Morgan and he tells her to come meet him at GH. Kiki takes off and later Carly walks on the docks in tears. Heather sees her and sticks a gun in her back. After Franco walks up to them, surprising Carly even more.

Then the news interrupted the last couple of minutes!

Have a great night!

P.S. You can watch today's episode here --- GH 11/05/14

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