Wednesday, November 12, 2014

I'll Be Back

Let's get out of here!
Wednesday's Recap - 

Dr. Obrecht listens to a voice mail from Madeline in her office. Madeline is pretending to talk to Silas and tells her that she's with Nina at the motel. After Franco walks in and tells her he's leaving PC. Then Dr. O tells him about Nina taking Ava's baby and tells him where Nina is. Franco says he has to get going and hugs Dr. O goodbye.

Nina covers an unconscious Madeline with a blanket in her motel room and tells the baby that grandma is sleeping. Then Silas knocks on the door. Nina lets him in and he sees Madeline laying on the floor. He plays it cool and says Nina did the right thing by knocking Madeline out and they kiss. After we see that Nina only imagined that Silas was there. Madeline starts waking up and Nina attacks her again. At the end, we see that Franco decided to take Nina and the baby with him.

At the PCPD, Morgan and Kiki grill Anna on her efforts to find Ava's baby. Anna assures them she's doing everything she can. After Morgan blames himself for leaving Ava. Kiki consoles him and they commiserate on their messed up parents. After they wonder if Michael will ever forgive them. Meanwhile, Duke and Sonny chat in jail while sharing cells across from each other. Duke says he thinks his relationship with Anna is over. Sonny apologizes for ruining his life. After Sonny tells Duke that Michael hates him and Heather's on the loose.

Michael goes to get drunk at The Floating Rib and runs into Rosalie there. They do shots together and Michael tells her about Sonny killing AJ. He rails against everyone who has lied to him, including Carly, Morgan and Kiki. Rosalie ends up telling Michael about Nina wanting her to break him and Kiki up. They continue to drink and Michael ends up kissing her. At the end, they end up going home together.

Dante and Nathan storm the warehouse door and find Carly, Jordan, Shawn and Heather inside. No bomb goes off. Later everyone clears out, but Jordan stays behind. She asks Shawn if he's still going to tell TJ the truth about his father. Shawn says he thinks TJ deserves to know the truth. At the end, Jordan agrees and says they'll tell TJ together.

Nathan brings Heather to the PCPD. Anna tells her that Max named her as his shooter and they book her. Later Anna brings Heather down to be placed in a cell. While there she tells Sonny that she's looking for the baby and ignores Duke. At the end, Anna and Nathan make their way to Nina's hotel room. All they find is Madeline unconscious.

Dante takes Carly home. He tells her what went down between Michael and Sonny. Dante says he arrested Sonny and Carly blames everything on the evil eye necklace. After Carly thanks Dante for saving Michael and then he leaves. After Carly looks through her mail and sees a DVD from Franco. She plays it and Franco promises that one day he'll be back for her and Josslyn.

End of show!

That's a wrap on Halloween...finally! Although I have been enjoying GH a lot lately.

Have a great night!

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