Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving!

Nice to meet you, Jake!
In today's show Duke and Anna's relationship turns icy, the Quartermaine's get a surprise visitor for Thanksgiving and Faison reveals himself to Dr. Obrecht!

Here's What Happened - 

At Wyndermere, Spencer runs around gleefully dressed as a pilgrim. Dr. Obrecht rings the doorbell for Thanksgiving and promptly starts talking about Faison with Spencer. Then they walk into the living room where Nikolas and Britt are waiting. Later Britt and Dr. O chat alone for a moment and we see Faison looking in on them from the window. Then Nathan comes to join them for dinner. Faison debates walking in the terrace door, but Helena comes up behind and stops him. Helena pulls him aside and tells Faison to stay on track with their plan. Meanwhile inside, Spencer asks Nathan if he's found a way to be with Maxie yet. Nathan replies, "sadly no." At the end, Faison surprises Liesl when she's alone.

Duke pays Anna a visit at her office to tell her that he's been released. Anna makes a barb about Sonny so Duke starts defending Sonny's character. Then Duke brings up what Anna did to Faison. Duke says that Anna's mistrust of system regarding Faison is the same as his mistrust of the system regarding the Jerome's. Anna doesn't agree and says Duke was lying to her face. Duke says she lied to him too and calls Anna a hypocrite. Anna gets emotional and says she can't have a relationship with him anymore. Duke replies that he's fine with it and also coldly says he's taking over Sonny's business. At the end, Anna puts a picture of her and Duke in her desk drawer.

Carly visits Sonny in jail and the guard gives them an hour alone together. She tells Sonny she didn't want him to spend Thanksgiving alone. Carly worries about Sonny being in jail, but he says it's nothing compared to losing Michael. Carly tells Sonny that Michael moved into the Q's and that Michael is now Michael Quartermaine. Sonny is clearly hurt. He says there's nothing left now. Sonny tells Carly to go home and enjoy the holiday.

Sam and Danny come to visit Michael at the Quartermaine's. Michael remarks that Danny looks more like Jason everyday. Then Sam tells Michael she heard about Sonny shooting AJ and tells him that she's always here for him. Sam also mentions that she's spending Thanksgiving with Elizabeth, Patrick and Jake. Michael remembers talking to him at the hospital. Sam is skeptical of Jake staying with Liz, but says she doesn't want to judge. Later Larry sees Sam leaving and mentions that she's Patrick wife. Michael tells him she's not married to Patrick. Then Ned and Tracy walk in and Ned says Alexis won't be able to join them. A while later Olivia drops by with cannoli's, followed by Dante and Lulu. Dante, Lulu and Tracy take a private moment to discuss Larry, Jerry and Faison. At the end, Monica comes in and tells everyone that Cook 2 is sick and contaminated everything. Thankfully Alice thought ahead and brings in several boxes of pizza. Then they all sing in Quartermaine tradition. However Michael gets sad looking at a picture of AJ and decides to sit in his room alone.

Helena knocks on Liz's door and Jake answers. Jake stares at her blankly, but then shakes Helena's hand and introduces himself as Jake. She tells him not to bother Liz with her arrival and says they can use the time to get to know each other. Jake says she looks familiar and asks her name. Helena plays coy about giving it. Jake decides to get Liz afterall. However when Liz and Jake walk back in the living room, Helena is gone. Jake is rattled by Helena's disappearance. Then Sam comes over with Danny and Danny immediately takes a shine to Jake. Later Patrick and Emma arrive. At the end, Helena watches all of them from the window as they sit down to eat.

Alexis and Julian find Luke unconscious in his cell at Miscavige. Alexis revives him and gets him out of his straight jacket. Luke tells her that she saved him. He says he convinced Helena that he still has value so she spared his life. Alexis explains to Luke about Julian's role in his identity switch. Luke gets angry and wants Julian to go away. Julian tells Luke he didn't want to set him up. Julian says he had to because Fluke threatened his family and shot Lucas. Later Alexis says she wants to take Luke to the police station, but ends up bringing him to the Quartermaine's just in time for pizza.

End of show!

Well that's a wrap for November sweeps. Are you enjoying GH lately?

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Have a great weekend!


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