Monday, November 10, 2014

Guilty As Sin

I had this coming!
Today's Highlights - 

Julian, Alexis and Sam are delighted at GH that Danny is cancer free. Sam thanks and hugs Julian for finally banking his bone marrow. Then Sam takes off and after Ned comes over to check on Danny. Ned tells Alexis about Larry Ashton's return and then he asks Julian about his relationship with Jerry Jax. Julian tells him nothing and Ned heads off, but not before kissing Alexis first. Julian doesn't like it and after wants to know where his relationship with Alexis stands. Alexis says she loves him, but if he wants her he needs to leave the mob.

Patrick goes to see Tracy at the Q's. Upstairs Larry looks around the mansion with a drink in hand. He decides to take a rest in Monica's bedroom. Monica isn't happy, but Larry tells her that she looks smashing. Later Patrick wants answers from Larry about Jerry. Larry says he was kidnapped, but Patrick thinks he's working with Jerry. Tracy says she'll get the truth from Larry and Patrick leaves. After Ned comes home and agrees to take responsibility of Larry if Monica will allow him to stay. At the end, Larry makes a call to Jerry in private.

Liz insists that Jake come home with her at GH. Then Danny comes running over with Sam chasing after him. Liz reminds Sam that "Jake" is the same person Danny ran to when he was in a coma. Sam mentions her last name and Morgan rings a bell with Jake. Sam tells Jake that Jason Morgan was her husband. Sam and Jake appear to have a connection. Liz quickly usher's Jake away and after Sam runs into Patrick. At the end, Jake agrees to go home with Liz and Patrick tells Sam he doesn't trust Larry Ashton.

Ava is hysterical in the emergency room over her baby. Ava screams about Nina and Sonny. Silas gives her a sedative so she can sleep while Kiki watches over her. After Kiki worries that something is wrong with Michael. Later Silas and Kiki talk to Ava when she's calm. Ava tells them that Sonny tried to kill her and Michael let her go so he could kill Sonny.

Nina demands that Madeline call Silas at the motel. Madeline doesn't think it's a good idea and tries to talk her out of it. However Nina doesn't want to hear it and threatens to deny Madeline money. Madeline agrees and makes a fake call to Silas. Later Madeline wants her money, but Nina turns icy cold and recants all the reasons she'll never give Madeline any money. Nina freaks out and at the end, we see Madeline laying on the floor with blood around her.

At the Brownstone, Michael is ready to kill Sonny. Michael says that Sonny is guilty as sin and he's going to send him straight to hell, while AJ watches from heaven. Sonny says he understands and it's his penance. Then Dante and Morgan storm in and try to talk Michael down. Michael doesn't want to hear it so Morgan stands in front Sonny. Sonny tells Morgan and Dante this is what he deserves. Dante tells Michael he's a good guy and AJ wouldn't want Michael to be like Sonny. At the end, Michael puts the gun down and Dante arrests Sonny for AJ's murder.

End of show!

I kind of felt bad for Sonny today, how about you?

Have a great night!


  1. No, I NEVER feel sorry for Sonny - never!!

    1. Lol, I know it's wishful thinking on my part that he could be redeemed.


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