Friday, November 21, 2014

Stolen Identity

Coming home!
Here's What Happened - 

Anna tells Agent Sloan and Dr. O in her office that Faison is alive. Anna explains that her and Robert wanted to kill Faison, but didn't. Dr. Obrecht and Agent Sloan are skeptical, but Anna hauntingly says Faison never left Spoon Island. She explains that Nikolas and Britt have no idea, but her and Robert decided to make sure Faison paid for his crimes. Then she offers to show them where Faison is. 

Spencer and Emma cut school and go to the stables on Wyndermere. Spencer tells Emma the story of what happened the night of Nik's engagement party. He says it was because of that night that he lost her. Then Nikolas and Britt walk in and startle them. Nik isn't pleased that Spencer cut class and has them returned to school. Later Nikolas and Britt are alone in the stables when Dr. Obrecht, Agent Sloan and Anna show up. Anna shows them a trap door in the floor and says Robert arranged for Faison to be feed from time to time. At the end, Nik opens the trap door. Dr. Obrecht screams down the hole for Faison, but they find it empty.

Lulu storms into the Q's living room with the intention of stalling Larry. She demands to know what Larry knows about Luke. Larry tells Tracy and Lulu that he only has seen Luke in Tracy's wedding picture at the mansion. Then he heads off. After Lulu tells Tracy about the safety deposit box and Larry's connection to Jerry Jax. They try to figure out what they could be up to. Tracy is convinced that Luke is a victim in whatever is going on.

Sam and Patrick head to the bank to check out Larry's safe deposit box. They pretend to be a married couple and provide fake ID's to gain access. When they get into Larry's safety deposit box they find another lock box inside. Sam works to open it, but then Larry arrives. They quickly close things up before Larry sees and head off. After Larry goes to inspect his lock box alone. Later Larry leaves and after Sam and Patrick try to peek in the safety deposit box again. They find a flash drive and a picture of Faison inside. 

Alexis visits Julian in jail at Lucas's behest. Julian says he's ready to tell her everything. Alexis isn't sure she can trust him, but Julian tells her how much he loves her and says he's ready to name names. Julian says Luke is and isn't his boss. Alexis is confused as to what he means and demands Julian explain. He says hat Luke Spencer isn't really Luke Spencer. Julian says someone else took Luke's place.

At the Miscavige Institute,  the real Luke remains drugged and helpless or so it seems. An orderly tries to give him another pill, but Luke cleverly spits it out after he leaves. He starts thinking about his hazy encounter with Fluke from months ago and is ready to escape. Luke remembers Fluke telling him about Rocco and his sleeping with Tracy. He wonders what he's done to deserve this and grows increasingly angry at the thought. Luke manages to break free from his straight jacket. He uses the bucket from the jacket to try and open the door. At the end, he manages to get the door open, but is promptly greeted by Fluke!

End of show!

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