Thursday, November 13, 2014

Call Diane!

In this episode Morgan and Carly bond, Alexis comes to Duke's aid plus Kiki gets a big shock at Michael's apartment!

Here's What Happened - 

Michael wakes up in bed with Rosalie next to him. He ignores Kiki when she tries to call his cell. Rosalie wakes up and thinks Michael wants her to go. However, he says he's got nobody else and wants her to stay. Michael also says he's done with Kiki. Rosalie dances around telling Michael what her secret is, but does admit to telling Madeline where Ava was hiding. Rosalie feels guilty, but Michael is quick to point out Ava's various list of misdeeds. Michael hopes that when the baby is found she's given to a distant relative. Later he and Rosalie end up having sex again.

Ava wakes up in the hospital to find Julian waiting by her bedside. Ava immediately demands to know where her baby is. Julian tells her that Madeline is in the hospital and she might be able to tell them something. Ava jumps out of bed and wants to get answers from Madeline. Julian stops her and tries to get her back into bed. Ava is panicked about her baby and anguishes over what happened. She starts screaming and crying so Julian hugs her. At the end, Morgan comes to see Ava and tells her they may have lead on the baby.

Sonny grows impatient waiting to make a phone call in his jail cell. Duke tries to calm him, but then Alexis shows up and tells Sonny everyone is looking for Ava's baby. Then she tells Sonny she's not going to represent him, she's there to help Duke. Alexis tells Duke that Lucy paid for her to defend him. Duke says Alexis should help Sonny instead. Sonny agrees and asks for Alexis to help him, but she advises him to call Diane. 

Nathan and Dr. Obrecht look after Madeline and wait for her to wake up at GH. Nathan thanks Dr. O for telling him where Nina was hiding out. She replies that she cares about him and regrets giving him up. Then Madeline wakes up. She tells Nathan she was afraid of Nina. Nathan insists that Madeline tell him who helped Nina. Madeline says, "It was Franco!" Dr. Obrecht realizes that she's the one who told Franco where Nina was, but doesn't mention it to Nathan and Madeline. At the end, Nathan goes to see Anna at the PCPD and says he knows who helped Nina escape. Meanwhile Madeline calls Dr. Obrecht out on telling Franco where Nina was.

Anna and Scotty share banter at the PCPD. Anna is annoyed at Scotty for allowing Franco to walk off after the wedding. Anna shares the DVD Franco sent to Carly with Scotty. Then she asks if Scotty knows where Franco is. Scotty reads Anna a goodbye letter that Franco wrote to him before leaving town. Then Anna asks for Scotty to issue a warrant for Franco and he agrees. Later Duke and Alexis see Anna at the station. Duke tries to talk to Anna, but she ignores him. At the end, Alexis tells Duke the only way out for him is if he rats Sonny out.

Carly goes to GH and runs into Morgan. Carly apologizes to him for her disastrous relationship with Franco. Morgan is understanding and Carly thanks him for keeping Michael from shooting Sonny. Then Morgan tells Carly that he and Kiki knew about Sonny shooting AJ and Michael disowned them too. Carly is glad that at least her and Morgan are staying close. At the end, Scotty finds Carly at the hospital and arrests her. Then Scotty puts Carly in the jail cell across from Sonny.

Nina and Franco hide out in a cabin in Canada with Ava's baby. Franco explains to Nina that the cabin was a place he used to hide out in after Jason shot him. Nina wants to call Silas, but Franco stops her. Nina is having a mental break and is convinced her baby is Silas's child. Franco says he knows it's Ava's baby and if anyone finds them, Nina will be arrested. Then Franco talks about his wedding mess with Carly. Nina says she sorry, because she knows he loved Carly. After Franco tries to gently convince Nina that the baby isn't hers, but Nina begs him take that statement back. Seeing that she's becoming unglued, Franco agrees that the baby is Nina's. At the end, Franco convinces Nina not to call Silas and let him come up with a plan for them.

Silas comforts Kiki at the hospital. She's upset over Michael ignoring her calls and tells Silas she thinks she has lost Michael forever. Silas convinces her to go find Michael and try to make it right with him. Kiki decides to take his advice and heads off. At the end, Kiki comes home to find Rosalie and Michael in bed!

End of show!

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