Friday, November 7, 2014

AJ Was My Father

Victory from the Grave!
In today's show Ava gets away from Sonny, Anna arrests Duke and Michael is ready to kill!

Friday's Recap - 

At the Floating Rib, Anna thinks about Duke lying for Sonny. She walks inside the door and Bobby and Duke walk up to her. Bobby is worried about Carly, but Anna says she's there to arrest Duke. Lucy interrupts them and says there must be a mistake. Anna says Duke to lied and left her no choice. Then she slaps handcuffs on him. After Lucy and Bobby have a drink and talk about the wedding debacle. Lucy thinks Carly created her own mess. Bobby accuses Lucy of having a crush on Duke. Lucy thinks that's ridiculous and storms off. After Franco strolls in and offers to buy Bobby a drink. Bobby refuses so Franco quickly explains that he told Michael the truth and Carly deserved what she got. He also says there isn't a lawyer anywhere who can get Carly out of trouble.

Michael walks into The Brownstone and confronts Sonny just as he's about to shoot Ava. Michael tells Sonny about Franco's video and points a gun at him. Ava chimes in and tells Michael that Sonny is trying to kill her and she has to find her baby. She explains what Nina did to her and tells Michael that she saw Sonny kill AJ. Michael says Ava and Sonny are disgusting for screwing in the crypt, but he let's Ava leave nonetheless. Ava makes her way to the docks and collapses.

Back at The Brownstone, Sonny tells Michael that Ava shot Olivia and killed Connie. Sonny says AJ was innocent and tells Michael the truth about what happened. Michael says Sonny's truth makes it worse. The he tells Sonny if he really loved him he never would have killed AJ. Michael says AJ was his father and Sonny and Carly cost him his whole life with AJ. Michael orders Sonny to put his gun down and Sonny stands in front of him vulnerable.

Nina and Madeline hide with Ava's baby at a shabby motel. Nina asks Madeline if she really did hire Ava to destroy her marriage to Silas. However Franco calls Nina before Madeline can answer her. Franco tells her that his wedding was "eventful" and Nina shares that she has someone new in her life that he needs to meet. They tell each other they really need a friend to talk to, but then quickly get off the phone. After Nina wants an answer from Madeleine. Madeline admits that she did hire Ava back in the day. Madeline says she did Nina a favor by showing her that Silas chose to cheat. Nina sees it differently, but says it doesn't matter now that she has Silas's baby.  

Silas calls Nathan to see if he's seen Nina. Nathan tells him no. Then Nathan talks to Dante in Anna's office. Dante says he needs to arrest Sonny and isn't happy about it. Nathan says his sister is on the warpath and they commiserate over their messed up families. Later Anna brings Duke to the PCPD. She tells Nathan she can handle Duke alone. After Anna talks to Duke privately in her office. She gets emotional and asks Duke why he chose Sonny over her. Duke admits to the lie, but says he wanted to protect her from the Jerome's. At the end, she has Duke taken to a cell and Lucy shows up to help him.

At GH, Kiki scolds Morgan for giving Ava up to Sonny. Then she runs into Silas on her way to the elevators. Kiki tells Silas that Morgan isn't with Ava and they start to think the worst. Later they find Ava passed out on the docks, Silas revives her and asks where the baby is. Ava tells them that Nina and Madeline took her baby girl. Kiki is thrilled to have a sister and Silas immediately calls Nathan to tell him what happened. At the end, Ava gets to the hospital and Nathan meets them there. 

Dante comes to the hospital and asks Morgan where Sonny is. Morgan admits to knowing that Sonny killed AJ and tells him about the video Franco played for Michael. Dante says Michael didn't mention it to him. Dante realizes that Michael went after Sonny and must have Max's missing gun. He asks Morgan to tell him where Sonny is. They decide to take off to the Brownstone together. At the end, Michael is ready to shoot Sonny!

End of show!

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