Thursday, October 23, 2014

You're Not Jason

Something so familiar!
Today's Highlights:

Liz and NuJason discuss old Jason's death and how he went from Quartermaine to Morgan. NuJason relates to losing his memories and time like old Jason did. Liz tells him it's not the same. She says, "You're not Jason!" Later Liz takes NuJason on a wheelchair tour of GH. She takes him into Franco's art room and fills him in on Franco's history. At the end, NuJason hangs out alone in the art room. Carly walks in and sees him.

Olivia confides in Dante at Kelly's about her feelings for Ned. She shows him the news article about Ned and Monica, but says she's confused because he's seeing Alexis. Dante advises her to tell Ned how she really feels. Meanwhile outside, Lulu tells Carly about Jerry kidnapping Luke. Then she informs Carly that Franco booked the Haunted Star for their wedding. 

Alexis questions Julian about his relationship with Jerry Jax on the Q's patio. Julian says he's hasn't seen Jerry since he fell off the GH roof a year ago. Alexis isn't sure he's telling the truth. Later Ned has his security kick Julian off the Quartermaine property. Julian goes quietly, but not before telling Alexis he loves her. After Alexis and Ned share a comforting friend hug and Olivia sees them.

Monica grieves for Jason in the Quartermaine crypt and Alice comforts her. Monica feels like she failed as a mother, because she couldn't keep them from being killed. Inside the house, Tracy asks Ned for his ELQ shares, because of the pickle she's in with Jerry Jax. However Ned says he doesn't care about Luke and refuses. Later Tracy asks for Monica's and Alice's shares of ELQ. Monica refuses, but Alice agrees. At the end, Tracy sees that Jerry is calling her from Luke's phone.

Franco goes to see Heather again in lock up, which Shawn quickly reports to Sonny. Meanwhile, Heather suspects that Franco still loves Carly. He admits that it's true, but agrees with Heather that Carly used him. Later we see Franco bribing one of the security guards to release Heather when he says so. After Dante calls the guard to make sure Heather is locked up and the guard tells him yes. Right then Shawn comes up behind the guard and knocks him out. Then Shawn takes Heather with him. At the end, Sonny goes to the Quartermaine crypt and is joined by an unseen person. (My guess is it's Helena...maybe?)

End of show!

Alice lost so much weight; she looks great!

Have a great night!

P.S. You can watch today's episode here --> GH 10/23/14

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