Wednesday, October 8, 2014

You're Fired!

Back to Wyndermere!
Today's Highlights:

 Sabrina goes to visit Carlos in jail to express her doubts about Ava causing the accident. Carlos starts to believe that Ava was lying. Sabrina confesses to Carlos that she gave Ava pills to cause premature labor. Carlos doesn't like what he hears and tells her to stop Ava from taking the pills.

Nikolas and Spencer meet Britt for breakfast at the Metro Court. Nikolas says he wants her to move back into Wyndermere. He promises Elizabeth won't come between them. Britt chokes up and agrees. Later in private, Britt tells Spencer she feels guilty for lying her way back into Nik's heart.

Silas fires Rosalie at his apartment. Nina tells Rosalie in private that if she won't seduce Michael she really is fired. Rosalie refuses so Nina shows her the door. On her way out, Rosalie reminds Nina that she knows all her secrets. After Silas tells Nina to go visit her brother to get rid of her. 

 Shawn chats with Jordan at the Metro Court about her warning him about the hit on Michael. Shawn wonders if there is more to the story. Then he tells her that he's not going stop looking for Ava and that Jordan ruined a good thing between them. 

Ava has baby pain at the Brownstone. She asks Morgan to get her pills (Sabrina pills) from Jordan. Later Morgan stops by to get Ava's pills from Jordan at the Metro Court. When he returns to the Brownstone, Rosalie is waiting at the door. She tells him she wants to talk to him about her boss. Then Ava screams for Morgan to help her.

Sam has a sexy dream about Patrick in Amsterdam. Later after they wake up, Tracy knocks on their door and assumes they were fooling around. Patrick and Sam set her straight. Then Tracy informs them that she has a meeting with Luke. They tell Tracy they plan on being close by when she does. At the end, Silas calls Sam to tell her she was right about Nina.

End of show!

Have a great night!

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