Monday, October 27, 2014

"What in the Blue Blazes?"

Lord Larry Ashton
In today's episode Tracy gets a big shock at the Quartermaine's, Michael is determined to get the person responsible for killing AJ and Nina is on the hunt for Ava!

Here's What Happened - 

Rosalie goes to the Brownstone and asks to speak with Kiki and Ava. Kiki lets her in and Rosalie quickly tells Ava that Nina is looking for her. Kiki gets nervous and assumes the worst. Ava thinks that Rosalie told Nina where she is and threatens her. Rosalie says she didn't tell Nina, but wanted to warn Ava that Nina is losing it. Ava tells Rosalie to get lost. Rosalie heads off and after Ava thinks she needs to find a new hiding place. Kiki advises her to stay put for the time being.

Alexis and Olivia bump into each other at Kelly's. Olivia asks where Ned is, because she hasn't seen him in their martial arts class. Alexis didn't realize that they were taking the class together, but says it's nice because she knows Ned enjoys it so much. After Alexis tells Olivia that Ned is probably busy with Quartermaine's acting as gatekeeper.

In the Quartermaine crypt, Michael sees Sonny and asks why he's visiting AJ. Sonny says he came to visit Jason, not AJ. They get into a conversation about killing for revenge. Sonny wants to kill Faison to avenge Jason and Michael wants to kill the person responsible for killing AJ. Sonny advises him to let the law handle Carlos. Then Michael tells Sonny that he thinks Carlos isn't guilty and Ava really killed AJ. Michael asks if Sonny can help him look for Ava. Sonny looks guilt ridden, but tells Michael he'll let him know if he finds her. After Michael tells Sonny that he agreed to be Franco's best man and they talk about the upcoming wedding. At the end, Michael is alone and talks to AJ's tomb. He promises to make the person responsible for his death pay.

In an unknown warehouse, Heather impatiently waits for Franco. Shawn comes in the room instead. Shawn brings her a BLT from Kelly's and allows Heather to think he's working for Franco. Heather is pleased with her sandwich. Shawn tries to get information on Franco's plan from Heather. However, Heather won't say, because she thinks Franco wants to keep it between mother and son. At the end, Shawn calls Sonny and fills him in.

Franco founds Carly and NuJason/Jake chatting in his art room about Sonny. He asks what they're talking about so Carly quickly lies and says she was talking about Jax, not Sonny. Then Jake and Franco have an awkward introduction. Franco is eager to get rid of him and has an orderly take him back to his room. After he tells Carly that he can't stand Jake. Carly says she feels like she can tell him anything. Later Carly tells Franco that she knows he wants to get married at the Haunted Star. Carly doesn't like the idea, but Franco convinces her it's the perfect place. Then he also tells her that he wants to play a special video at their wedding, but refuses to tell her what it's about.

By the nurse's station, Dr. Obrecht asks Liz where Jake is. Liz tells her that he's in the art/assembly room. Shortly after Jake is wheeled over and he exchanges some snarky banter regarding his insurance situation with Dr. Obrecht. Liesl advises him to always call her Dr. Obrecht, not Dr. O and walks off. After he tells Liz  in private, that he just met Franco and Carly. Jake says he likes Carly, but not Franco. Jake says he thinks Carly has cold feet about her wedding. Later Jake wants to climb to the top of the hospital stairs and asks Liz for her help to accomplish it. She agrees and of course he successfully makes it to the top. Dr. O sees them and asks what's going on. Jake screams, "I'm the king of the world!"

Tracy, Ned and Lulu find a man they think is Luke wrapped in a big bag on the Q's patio. Ned opens the bag and sees a gray haired man with his head down. Ned checks for a pulse and finds one. Then the man starts coughing and Ned helps him to his feet. When he gets a good look at his face, Ned realizes it's not Luke, it's his father Larry Ashton. Tracy isn't pleased to see him and it's obvious that Larry's drunk. Larry asks Ned, "What in the blue blazes am I doing here?" Tracy and Lulu ask him where Luke is. Larry doesn't know what they're talking about. Then Tracy gets a text from Jerry that he promised to return her husband, but never promised which one.

Madeline tells Nina in Dr. O's office at GH that she knows Ava is with Kiki at the Brownstone. Nina is thrilled. Madeline also mentions that Ava was having some pain, but appears to be getting better. Then Dr. Obrecht walks in. Dr. O starts talking about how one of her nurse's gave a patient the wrong medicine and it could have induced premature labor. Nina thinks it has something to do with Ava. At the end, Nina thinks they need to snatch Ava right away before Ava can get away. Then she asks Madeline to write her a special prescription.

End of show!

What do you think of Billy Miller so far? I'm not sure about him yet.

Have a great night!

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