Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Are You Sure?

You're scared!
Today's Show -

Sonny tells Shawn that he wants Franco gone at his office, then Carly walks in. She's worried, because Michael and Kiki are coming home from the Island. Sonny and Shawn tell her that it's okay, because they've handled everything and Michael is safe. Shawn takes off and after Carly and Sonny fight about Franco. Sonny thinks she's afraid of Franco and is only marrying him to keep Franco quiet. Then Michael and Kiki walk in. Michael says he came back to open a clinic on the waterfront in AJ's name.

Sabrina leaves Jordan a message asking for her to call her about Ava's pills at GH. Silas walks over to her and asks if she can book the conference room for him. Sabrina tells him that Franco already did. Later Brad and Sabrina talk at the nurse's station. Brad says he saw Jordan near Jason's room. Meanwhile in the hospital conference room, Franco replays Carly and Sonny's sex video on the TV. He watches and stews. Silas walks in and assumes that Franco is watching porn, but doesn't realize it was Carly and Sonny. Silas says he won't tell Dr. Obrecht if Franco tells him what he knows about Nina. Franco defends Nina and says the coma made her crazy and that's why she made the list. Silas asks what the list is. Franco explains it was a list of names that Nina wanted to give pay back to.

Nina leaves Silas voice messages from his apartment. Rosalie walks in and says she just came to get her stuff and then she'll never see Nina again. Nina says she needs Rosalie to take the rap for her with Silas. Nina tells Rosalie that if she doesn't take the blame for her, she'll spill her dirty little secret. Rosalie offers to tell Nina where Ava is instead, because she knows Nina wants Ava's baby. Rosalie refuses to hurt Michael just so Nina can get back at Kiki. At the end, Silas comes home and Rosalie heads out.

At Wyndermere, Britt has a terrifying dream about Nikolas discovering her lies. She dreams that Nikolas heard Spencer talking to Josslyn about his fake disappearance. Britt dreams that the police come to take her away while Nikolas screams that he doesn't love her. Then she wakes up. Nik is laying next to her and asks what she was dreaming about. Britt says she dreamt that she lost him. Nik soothes her with some love making.

At the Brownstone, Ava tells Jordan on the phone to make sure "John Doe" doesn't remember who really ran him over. Morgan walks in so Ava quickly gets off the phone. Morgan asks what she was talking about as he gives Ava one of her pills. She lies and says she was talking to Jordan about Sonny. Then Ava starts to have bad cramps again. Morgan decides to call Britt for help. Britt advises him to bring Ava to the hospital. Then Kiki walks in and is shocked to see Ava hurting. Ava says she thinks she's in early labor.

In NuJason's room at GH, Brad joins Liz at his bedside while NuJason's sleeps. He's tells her that Britt moved back in with Nikolas. Liz is shocked. Then Jason wakes up and sees Liz is upset. He tells Brad to leave Liz alone. Brad walks out and after Jason wonders about his identity. Then Jordan walks in. She apologizes for hitting him with her car. Jason asks, "Are you sure?" Before Jordan can say anything else, Sabrina walks in and asks to talk to Jordan. They step out and after Jason tells Liz he remembers a voice from the accident and he doesn't think it was Jordan. Outside, Sabrina tells Jordan that the medicine she gave to Ava could cause premature labor. Jordan immediately calls Ava to warn her.

At the end, Michael goes to GH and heads to the conference room. He walks in just as Franco is talking to himself about his plans for Carly.

End of show!

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