Thursday, October 30, 2014

The Man Who Knew Too Much

I want to see Franco!
Here's What Happened - 

Jordan makes her way to the warehouse where Heather is being held looking for Shawn. However she finds a body guard there who's working for Shawn instead. She quickly knocks him out and goes to see Heather. Jordan asks where Shawn is. Heather says she doesn't know where he is, but he's working for Franco. Jordan corrects her and tells her that Shawn works for Sonny. Heather realizes that she's been duped.

Shawn is ready to shoot Franco in Scotty's hotel room. Franco asks why he's doing this in a calm tone. Shawn quickly tells him it's because he knows too much. Franco calmly gets dressed despite the gun Shawn has on him. Shawn lays out his plan with Sonny to make Heather the fall guy while Franco tries to state his worth. Then Heather texts Shawn pictures of her holding Jordan hostage. Shawn calls Heather and demands to speak with Jordan. Heather tells him if anything happens to Franco she might kill Jordan. Shawn puts Franco on the phone with Heather and they have a mother/son in cahoots together bonding moment.

Morgan goes to Sonny's house to confront him. He tells Sonny that Ava told him everything and he knows Sonny wants to kill her. Morgan also says he knows Sonny killed AJ. Sonny tries to deny it, but Morgan demands that Sonny tell him the truth. Sonny finally admits it. Morgan is disgusted and can't believe that Sonny broke his word to Michael. Sonny asks Morgan not to tell Michael. Morgan agrees to keep it secret to protect Michael if Sonny leaves Ava alone. Sonny says there's more to the story, but then gets interrupted by a text message from Shawn saying Franco is dead. After Sonny tells Morgan that Ava killed Connie. Meanwhile Shawn goes looking for Jordan and Heather locks him in the warehouse with Jordan.

At the Brownstone, Ava shares her fears about Sonny finding her with Silas. Then they talk about Nina. Ava says she can't believe Nina is so unhinged. Silas shares some of his recent encounters with Nina and admits that he didn't see how dangerous Nina is until now. Ava asks if he wants to get back together with Sam. Silas says he hopes there is a chance despite the damage Nina did. Meanwhile, Nina tells Madeline in Dr. Obrecht's office at GH that she wants her to kill Silas for her.

Brad and Lucas chat on the phone, while Lucas waits on The Haunted Star for the wedding to start. Brad tells him that he'll be there soon and thanks Lucas for asking him. Nearby Michael and Kiki chat. Michael says he wants to support Carly even though he doesn't like Franco. Then Kiki tells him that Morgan probably won't make it to the wedding. It annoys Michael so he sends Morgan a snotty text message.

Carly arrives on the The Haunted Star for her wedding. Bobby is anxious to get things started, but Carly takes a moment to chat with Josslyn. Spencer is with Josslyn as her date and Carly gets him talking about his time hiding in her house. Spencer lets it slip to Carly that Franco knew he was hiding there. Carly wonders why Franco lied. Spencer says because he discovered Franco plotting against Sonny. Spencer says Franco was trying to check Carly's email, but couldn't get the password. At the end, Franco finally arrives at The Haunted Star, but Carly isn't so pleased to see him. 

Sam goes to GH and asks Brad about Danny's latest test results. Brad says he's on his way out to a wedding, but when Sam presses he offers to try and get them for her. While she waits, Sam talks to Christina on the phone. Meanwhile Madeline pretends to be a doctor and intercepts Brad when he tries to deliver Danny tests results to Sam. Later she returns them to Brad after altering them. Then Brad brings them to Sam and leaves for the wedding. Sam takes a look and gets very upset. She calls Silas and asks him to come to the hospital. Meanwhile Madeline tells Nina she changed Danny's test to say he has cancer. She tells Nina Silas is on his way to the hospital so Nina prepares to go get Ava. At the end Silas finds Sam at GH and hugs her. Nina shows up at the Brownstone ready to terrorize Ava.

End of show!

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P.S. In case you missed yesterday's show you can catch up here --> GH 10/29/14

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