Friday, October 10, 2014

Space Cake

Hello, Liesl!
Friday's Recap - 

Liz continues to look after Jason in the hospital as he sleeps. Epiphany comes to see her and calls him a man of mystery. Liz says his name is Jake and shares what he said when he woke up. Liz also tells Epiphany that her and Nikolas aren't going to be together. Epiphany advises her to keep her chin up and then leaves for her date with Milo. Later Jason wakes up to Liz at his bedside. She offers to help him find his family, but he says he's not sure he wants to know who he is yet. Liz convinces him not to leave his family hanging and look for them. Later she has Dante come to help search for him and takes his fingerprints.

In Amsterdam, Patrick and Sam situate themselves at a coffeehouse nearby where Tracy is meeting Luke. Patrick can tell she's distracted and assumes it's because of Silas's call. Sam admits it and vents to him about her issues with Silas. Later Tracy walks in and says she just visited some coffee shops and bought some coffee cake to eat later. Sam says it's "Space Cake" aka weed cake. Then Tracy gets text from Fluke saying he's on his way. At the end, the three of them wait for his arrival.

Silas finds Nina at the hospital and asks why she's not visiting Nathan. Nina claims she couldn't reach Nathan so she thought she'd come see Silas instead. Then she asks if he wants to find a place and make a baby. Silas isn't into it, but Nina says she won't take no for an answer. They end up going into the hospital supply closet, but Silas stops Nina when she tries to take his clothes off. Nina thinks maybe he's having sex with someone else like Ava or Sam, but Silas says the hospital is just a distracting place for him. Nina apologizes for being insecure and needy. At the end, Silas gets away from Nina and inquires about her physical therapist.

At the PCPD, Dr. Obrecht sees Nathan at his desk when she's being taken into the interrogation room. He asks her what she did to get locked up, however the guard doesn't let her answer. After Dante walks in and he and Nathan chat about Maxie. Nathan fills him in on what happened with Judge Walters. Dante tells him to see Maxie in private and screw the judge, but Nathan worries he'll ruin things for Maxie. Then Dr. O walks out again and says she's free to go. Dante leaves and after Liesl tells Nathan that she shot Victor out of her love for him. Nathan gets angry and storms off. 

Milo picks Epiphany up for their date at the hospital. He tells her she looks great, but she's overdressed. Meanwhile at the gym, Lulu arrives with baby Rocco for a kickboxing class. Maxie finds her there and wants to talk about Nathan. Maxie says the date was going great until Judge Walters arrived. Then Milo and Epiphany walk in. Milo informs Epiphany that this is their date. Milo starts working Epiphany out, by having her use the punching bag. At first Epiphany goes along with it, but then asks if he just brought her here to lose weight. Milo denies it and says she's plenty good enough for him as is. He explains that he brought her here because he likes it so much. At the end, they agree to go out for dinner. Nearby, Lulu tells Maxie to involve Diane and fight for Nathan. Then she goes to her kick boxing class. Maxie heads out and she runs into Nathan.

At the end, Dr. O goes to Nathan's apartment looking to make amends with him and finds Madeline there instead!

End of show!

Enjoy the preview for Monday below!

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