Friday, October 17, 2014


You were right, Mom! Carly's a big slut!
In this episode Ava's labor drama continues, Nina is ready to cross Madeline off her list and Franco tells Heather she was right!

Today's Show - 

Heather gets a unexpected visit from Franco in lock up. She asks what he's doing there and says her only real son is Steven Lars. Heather is angry that Franco chose Carly over her. Franco says it was a mistake and asks for her forgiveness. Franco offers her a BLT from Kelly's. Heather eats the sandwich, but says it changes nothing. Then Franco tells Heather that he's marrying Carly, but tells Heather she was right about Carly all along. Franco says Carly broke his heart and has been cheating on him with Sonny. Heather isn't surprised and says Carly is just like Bobby. Franco tells Heather about Bobby and Scotty's renewed relationship. At the end, Franco reveals to Heather that he's only marrying Carly to settle the score.

Morgan comforts Ava at the Brownstone while she has cramps. They wait for Kiki to come back with Silas. Meanwhile, Kiki finds Silas unconscious at his apartment. She wakes him up and Silas tells her that Nina knocked him out and she's dangerous. He tells Kiki about Nina's list and tells her that her name was on it. Then Kiki finally tells Silas about the trouble Ava is in back at the Brownstone. He agrees to help, but on they're way out the door Nathan stops by looking for Nina. Silas tells him Nina knocked him out and took off awhile ago. Then Silas and Kiki take off. At the end, they finally get to the Brownstone to help Ava.

Madeline gets a visit from Nina at Nathan's apartment. Nina is shocked to see her and asks why Madeline isn't rotting in prison. Madeline tries to apologize for causing Nina to lose her baby and for putting her in a coma, but Nina says there is nothing she can say to make it right. Nina says the only thing Madeline can do is repent and then she screams at her to, "repent, repent, repent!" Madeline falls back into the couch in terror. Then Nina calms slightly, but says Madeline murdered her baby and she won't let her get away with it. Madeline tries to talk to Nina, but Nina doesn't want to it and starts discussing her list. Nina says now she can put Madeline back on her list, only to cross her off. Madeline tries to call Nathan, but Nina grabs her phone. Nina says she wants to kill Madeline and there's no one she can call for help. Nina continues to torment Madeline and rails on her for all her offenses. Madeline says she needs to forgive her and she'll do anything to make things right. At the end, Nina says that Madeline can bring her Ava's baby.

At Carly's place, Bobby tries to talk to Carly about her wedding fears. Carly says it's too late to call off the wedding. Bobby asks why. Carly gets defensive and insists she loves Franco. Bobby asks if Carly is under any pressure to marry him. Carly dances around the question so Bobby puts more pressure on her. Carly finally blurts out that it's about Michael. Bobby pushes for a clearer explanation. Carly says it's a private matter and Bobby needs to let it go. Carly says she's happy and she just needs Bobby to go along with her.

Sonny and Shawn discuss framing Heather Webber in his office. Sonny thinks she's the perfect choice, but worries Heather will go after Carly. Shawn says the only way to be sure that Heather doesn't hurt Carly is to keep her safely locked away. However, Sonny says he's got a plan. He pours scotch for them to drink and says they'll break Heather out but keep her under watch. Then they'll kill Franco and plant evidence to convict her. Sonny thinks this will keep Michael from ever knowing he killed AJ.

Sabrina continues to panic and feel guilty about Ava at GH. She wants to make sure that Ava is alright and worries about what to do. Nathan walks up to her and Felix and says he's looking for Nina. Felix says Nina's been walking and some are wondering if Nina ever needed her wheelchair at all. Sabrina asks if she can talk to Nathan about another matter, but he insists he needs to find Nina immediately and takes off. After Sabrina tells Felix she wanted to turn herself in. Felix thinks it's a bad idea. Later Michael approaches Sabrina and asks if she'll work at the clinic he's setting up for AJ. It leads to a tense conversation about Carlos. At the end, Sabrina tells Michael that Carlos didn't kill AJ.

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