Thursday, October 16, 2014

Marry Jax Instead

The perfect patsy!
Today in Port Charles Madeline gives Nathan background on Nina, Josslyn refuses to be Carly's bridesmaid and Heather unknowingly becomes valuable!

Thursday's Recap -

Lucas, Maxie and Bobby look at color options for Carly's wedding at Carly's house. Lucas notices that Maxie seems distracted and asks what's wrong. She says it's hard to get excited when her and Nathan are split apart. Then Carly walks in and says she was delayed because she was discussing Michael with Sonny. Maxie and Carly end up having words about Franco's many offenses, but Bobby diffuses the situation. Bobby tells Carly that Josslyn is coming down in her bridesmaid dress, but when she does Josslyn is wearing her corn costume instead. Josslyn tells them she not attending the wedding, because she going trick or treating on Halloween. Josslyn says Carly should remarry "Daddy" and Maxie, Bobby and Lucas agree. Josslyn says anyone would be better then Franco, even uncle Sonny. Maxie and Lucas decide to carry Josslyn back up to her room to try on the dress. At the end, Bobby and Carly has a heart to heart. Bobby tells her it's not to late to change her mind about the wedding.

Silas comes home and wants to chat with Nina. Nina tries to blame Rosalie for her pretending to need the wheelchair. However, Silas doesn't believe her. Nina decides not to fight it and starts to reveal her true colors. She starts to yell at him about the past. She brings about his affair with Ava and the baby she lost. Then Nina rants about his relationship with Sam and admits she trashed his apartment, not Madeline. Silas brings up her list. He says he thinks they should talk to a therapist. Nina says Britt already suggested that she talk to Kevin. Nina starts to cry and says Britt told her she was in menopause, but she doesn't believe she can't have a baby. Silas offers to take her to right now to see someone. However, Nina gets cold again and warns him to back off.

Nathan calls Nina from his place and leaves her a voice message. Madeline walks into the living room and thanks him for letting her stay the night. Madeline assures Nathan that Nina has been lying to him this whole time. Nathan has trouble believing her. Madeline says he needs to know the truth about Nina. She goes on to tell him that as a child Nina was moody, irrational and occasionally violent. Madeline says that Nina once pushed her down the stairs so she tried to have Nina committed. Madeline says Nina ran away and end up marrying Silas. Nathan says he wants to talk to Nina to get her side of the story. At the end, Madeline is alone and hears a knock at the door. When she answers, Nina is standing there shocked to her.

At his office, Sonny and Shawn discuss their options for eliminating Franco. Sonny gives Shawn background on Franco previous offenses. Sonny says they need someone else to take the fall for Franco's death. He thinks it needs to be someone that they don't care about. Shawn says he doesn't want them to frame anyone who's innocent. Sonny says he knows the perfect person, Heather!

Ava tells Morgan and Kiki that she's going into labor at The Brownstone. Ava tells them that she thinks Sabrina tried to sabotage her with the pills. Morgan and Kiki try to convince Ava to let them take her to the hospital, but Ava refuses. Kiki thinks Silas might be willing to help. Ava isn't sure Silas will keep it secret, but Kiki thinks he will if she asks him to. Kiki decides to go get Silas. At the end, Kiki finds Silas's door open and Silas unconscious on the floor.

Sabrina and Felix run into each other at the hospital. Sabrina tells Felix that she thought Ava ordered Rafe to run Patrick off the road the night of the accident. She also tells him she now thinks she was mistaken and took revenge without thinking. Felix is shocked when he learns about the pills she gave Ava. Sabrina feels guilty and can't believe what she did. Felix says at least she stopped it by warning Jordan.

In the hospital conference room, Michael finds Franco there. Franco starts to close all the blinds and starts talking to Michael about them getting along. Franco says he wants to be as close to Michael as Michael is with Sonny. Franco starts to dance around Sonny shooting AJ, but saying that Sonny showed amazing resolve by not killing AJ when he thought he killed Connie. Franco says he would have needed revenge if the situation was reversed. Then Franco asks Michael to be his best man at the wedding. Michael brings up what happened to him in prison and says it's hard for him to forget that. Franco convinces Michael to put his feelings aside for Carly's sake. Michael thinks it over and says yes. Franco thanks him, shakes his hand and then says he'll see him on Halloween. After Michael texts Kiki about what just happened. Meanwhile, Franco goes to see Heather in the nut house.

End of show!

I don't know if I can handle another round of Heather Webber! :(

Have a great night!

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