Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Man to Prepster

Judge and Jury!
In this episode Julian gets dumped again, Sam and Patrick flirt in Amsterdam and Franco toys with Sonny and Carly!

Here's What Happened - 

In Amsterdam, Sam and Patrick continue to debate whether or not to share a hotel room. Patrick notes that there is only one bed, but Sam calls the front desk to ask for a cot. Unfortunately she doesn't have luck. Patrick offers to sleep on the floor. Later they try to get comfortable for bed, but Sam can't sleep. She asks Patrick if he's awake. Patrick answers yes and says he stabbed himself with one of her boots. Sam laughs and then offers to share the bed "as friends" with him. Patrick thinks of their kiss and asks if she's sure. Sam says yes. After they get in bed and fight the urge to kiss.

At Ava's place, Julian pours wine and tells Alexis that the Golden Girls are coming on TV. She tells him she can't watch with him, because she's meeting Ned for dinner. Julian isn't happy and says he wants to call Ned and confront him, "Man to Prepster!" Alexis tells him not to worry, it's just a friendly dinner. Julian decides to delay her with sex. After Alexis takes another shower and then speaks with Sam on the phone. Sam tells Alexis that Tracy told her she saw Julian with Luke in the stables the night of Nik and Britt's engagement party so Julian could be lying. Alexis hangs up and immediately slaps Julian in the face. Alexis yells at him and tells him what Sam told her. She seethes at him in anger and says, "We are threw!" Then she storms out. After Julian calls her furiously and leaves a voice message saying they're not over by a long shot.

Ned runs into Monica at the Metro Court. She tells him that she's on a date and Ned congratulates her for moving forward with her life. Ned says he's been seeing Alexis again. Then Olivia walks in and assumes Ned is having dinner with Monica. Ned says that's not the case and he and Olivia step aside to chat privately. Ned says he's waiting for Alexis. Olivia starts rambling about how they should see the movie the Equalizer, but Ned says Alexis doesn't do blockbusters. Olivia says she would see it again with Ned, if he doesn't think Alexis would mind. Later Alexis finally arrives, orders a few martini's and tells Ned she was late because she had some cleaning up to do.

Silas sees Nina walking and confronts her at GH. Nina tries to pretend that she's just made a lot of progress. Silas is angry and says he saw her sprinting and there's no way she just happen to make that much progress. Nina asks if they can speak in private and claims she'll tell him everything he wants to know. Once in private, Nina says she was afraid if Silas knew she was better, he would go back to Sam. Silas says he understands that, but then asks why she was chasing Franco. Nina explains that Franco knew she could walk and was pushing her to tell Silas. At the end, Nina asks if she's going to lose him. Silas answers no and says he's happy she can walk. However he thinks about Sam's suspicious that Nina eavesdropped on them and has been up to no good.

Judge Walters asks Nathan and Maxie if he can join them on their date at the Metro Court. He sits down and questions Maxie about the drama he read she experienced at Crichton-Clark. He wonders if Maxie was thinking about Georgie during her adventure. Nathan jumps to Maxie's defense. The judge says this should be their first date and last date, because Nathan lied to him. The Judge says if he she wants to see her daughter again, Maxie needs to stop seeing Nathan. Later Judge Walters returns to his table with Monica and they agree to set up a second date. Meanwhile Nathan says he and Maxie should go their separate ways so she can get Georgie back. At the end, Maxie leaves alone and disappointed. 

NuJason tells Liz that he remembers the name Jake in his hospital room. He hears distorted voices in his head. Liz is taken aback, but asks if his name is Jake. He says he doesn't remember for sure. Liz tells him that Jake is a good name and it was the name of her son who died. Then she tearfully tells NuJason the story of how Jake was killed. He says he's sorry for her loss, but then says the name Jake feels right. He puts his hand out and says, "It nice to meet you Elizabeth!" At the end, he asks if she'll come back. Liz says yes and after they say goodnight to each other.

Franco stops by Michael's apartment and surprises Sonny and Carly. He calmly walks in and kisses Carly. She quickly says she ran into Sonny there by accident. She explains that Michael left for the island. Carly is anxious to leave with Franco. However, Franco says he wants to talk to Sonny about what's going on between he and Carly. Sonny says the necklace Franco got Carly is the ugliest thing he's ever seen. Franco says, he thinks it's beautiful. Then Franco says he knows Carly loves him, because she agreed to marry him. He claims he wants all of them to get along, but says he needs Sonny to apologize to him for kissing Carly. Sonny won't bite so Franco pretends he's going to call Michael and tell him about Sonny killing AJ. After Franco smiles and tells them not to worry, because he wouldn't do anything to hurt his beautiful bride to be. At the end, Franco tells Carly their wedding will be one for the history books. Sonny watches in disgust!

End of show!

I loved Olivia's dress today!

Have a great night!

P.S. NuJason has a sexy voice! lol

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