Wednesday, October 1, 2014

John Doe

Wake up!
In this episode Silas sports a shorter haircut, Maxie returns to her stylish roots and Danny runs to Jason in the hospital!

Here's What Happened - 

Julian tells Ava on the phone that Fluke tried to kill Michael. After he returns to bed with Alexis. They have some morning sex and after Julian tells her to call Ned and tell him she's threw with him. Alexis refuses to do that, but says she will call Sam. Alexis goes into the living room to find her phone and sees Sonny sitting there. Alexis isn't pleased. Then Julian walks out. Sonny accuses Julian of ordering the hit on Michael. Shawn walks in to back Sonny up. Julian denies making any attempts on Michael's life, but Sonny says he's lying. Julian swears to Alexis that he wouldn't do that. She believes him. Later Alexis dares Sonny to kill Julian and says he's gambling with Danny's life. Sonny says when he finds a donor match, Julian won't be able to hide behind Jason's son anymore. Then Sonny fires Alexis as his attorney and walks out with Shawn. Once alone, Julian promises Alexis that he's not lying and didn't order a hit on Michael. She tells him he better not be or it's over for good. Meanwhile Sonny tells Shawn he wants to speak with Jordan alone.

Kiki goes to Michael's apartment and finds a guard at his door. She asks what's going on and then sees blood on his floor. Michael tells her that someone tried to kill him last night. He explains what happened with Fluke's gunman and how Sonny is making it go away. Michael says Sonny will take care of it. He explains to Kiki that he's used to dealing with things like this. He gives her background on his childhood, but Kiki says it's not right. She blames Sonny for all the trouble Michael's gotten in. Kiki thinks about telling him about Sonny shooting AJ. After Michael tells Kiki about Rosalie's involvement in what happened and she's not pleased to hear it.

Nathan goes to Anna's office and hears her on the phone with Robin talking about her divorce from Patrick. When Anna hangs up, Nathan asks why Dr. O is still in custody. Anna says she's weighting her options on how to handle it. Nathan says he'd like to put the Crichton-Clark thing behind him, but wonders if  his mother did something he's not aware of. Jordan interrupts before Anna can answer him. Jordan tells both of them that she covered for Ava in the hit and run accident, because Ava is hiding from Sonny. Jordan also tells Anna about Shawn's involvement. They ask Nathan for privacy so he's step out. After Jordan says she doesn't think she can testify against Shawn. Anna advises Jordan to put an end to her relationship with Shawn, because it's her or him.

At the Brownstone, Morgan gets a surprise visit from Maxie. She's asks to come in, but Morgan tries to stop her. Maxie forces her way in and notices that he has muffins on the coffee table. She's asks if he's got company. Morgan says the muffins are for Kiki. Maxie grabs a muffin and says she came over to say that she's sorry. Maxie explains that she behaved badly when Levi was around and used bad judgement. Morgan is anxious to get rid of her, because he's hiding Ava. Maxie won't leave and asks if he thinks she should go out on a date with Nathan. She explains that she doesn't trust her judgement. Morgan advises her that love is worth the risk of getting hurt. At the end, Maxie finds Nathan and says she's ready for their date.

Sam thanks Patrick for helping out with Danny at GH. They discuss going to Amsterdam. Patrick wonders if Sam is up for it. She jokingly assures him that she's ready. Silas sees them talking and comes over to chat with Danny before his appointment. Later Silas, Sam and Danny chat in the exam room during Danny's appointment. Sam mentions that she's going out of town with Patrick on an investigation. Silas asks if they're a couple now. Sam says it's a business trip only and there's nothing going on between them. Silas asks for details on the case, but Sam won't tell him. He gets jealous. Later Silas gives Danny a clean bill of health. Sam promises to tell Silas if she finds anything out about what happened to Rafe. Silas asks her to keep in touch no matter what and then Sam walks out. After Sam speaks with Epiphany in the hallway and asks where Patrick is.

Nearby, Liz goes to visit the mysterious John Doe patient she treated in ER. Epiphany is in his room and asks why Liz feels connected to him. Liz says she promised him she'd be there when he wakes up. Epiphany tells Elizabeth that John Doe has a long road ahead of him and he'll need Patrick's expertise. However since Patrick is off the staff, Epiphany thinks that it could be a problem. Liz decides to asks Patrick if he'll view her patient off the record. Later Patrick agrees and views John Doe's brain scans with Liz. He sees that this patient has had brain surgery a few times before from all the scar tissue. However, Patrick thinks he'll be okay when he wakes up. Liz is delighted to hear it. Patrick asks why she cares so much. Liz explains that there was just something about him. At the end, Sam goes looking for Patrick with Danny. Liz tells her that Patrick left and then Danny runs into John Doe's room and holds his hand.

End of show!

Hard to believe that Liz would have no idea that John Doe is Jason, despite his injuries! I am enjoying Jason's return so far though.

Have a great night!

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