Friday, October 31, 2014

It's Showtime!

In this Halloween episode Morgan and Sonny come together, Nina torments a helpless Ava and the wedding from hell begins!

Friday's Recap - 

Dr. Obrecht interrupts NuJason/Jake and Liz while they're joking around in his room at GH. She reminds them that he needs to get better and get out sooner then later. After Jake gives Liz a sketch pad and pencils so she can draw him. Liz agrees and once completed, Jake thinks she's very talented. At the end, Dr. Obrecht returns. She hands Jake his bill and says the hospital is discharging him.

Julian and Anna discuss Ava in Anna's office at the PCPD. Anna says she wants to speak with Ava about AJ's murder. Julian says Ava's not responsible, but she knows who is. Anna asks him to explain, but Julian refuses to say anymore. Then he walks out just as Dante walks in. After Anna tells Dante about what Julian said. She tells Dante she never felt Carlos was guilty. Dante asks who else Ava was protecting. Anna says, "Your father!" Anna thinks it's possible that Ava knows Sonny killed AJ. Dante doesn't want to believe it and reminds Anna that Duke was Sonny's alibi. Anna runs through the facts and Dante agrees she might be right. Dante says they need proof.

Silas comforts Sam in the hospital hallway. She shows him Danny's test results. While he reviews them Sam sees all the cancer kids walking the halls in their Halloween costumes. Then Silas says the test results are real. He asks her to line up her parents so they can get ready to donate. Later Alexis runs into Julian while she's getting off the elevator with Danny. They decide to all go together to Silas's office. At the end, Silas steps out and texts Ava.

At The Brownstone, Nina arrives and surprises Ava. Nina tells her to bucket up, because it's showtime. Ava tries to run, but Nina grabs her and interjects her with Oxytossin. Then Nina explains that she's going to feel paralyzed very shortly. Silas tries to call Ava, but Nina grabs the phone instead. Ava slowly becomes paralyzed as Nina questions her about Silas visiting her the night before. Nina starts freaking out and finally says Ava will never see her baby. Ava's fear grows while Nina touches her stomach in a creepy manner. Then Nina says, "This baby is mine." Nina says she owes her this baby. Ava asks why so Nina explains that Ava made her lose her baby. Ava says it was all Madeline's fault. Nina ignores her and says Kiki's next. Nina promises to dismantle Kiki's life piece by piece. At the end, Nina texts Silas from Ava's phone and says she's doing okay. Then Nina tells a terrified Ava that she's going to start labor and take the baby.

Madeline is questioned by Dr. Obrecht about Nina's whereabouts in her office. Madeline says Nina is capable of taking care of herself. Dr. O notices her prescription pad is missing and demands to know where it is. Madeline plays dumb. Dr. Obrecht says she's going to step out and when she returns her prescription pad better be back on her desk.

Sonny tells Morgan that Ava killed Connie at his house. He explains that AJ was innocent and Ava framed him. Morgan doesn't believe him so Sonny details what really happened to Connie. He also tells Morgan that Ava mistakenly shot Olivia as well. Then Sonny plays Morgan AJ's recording of Ava admitting to killing Connie. Hearing it makes Morgan upset and he apologizes to Sonny. Morgan promises to stand by Sonny from now on and they hug. After Morgan tells Sonny that Ava's at the Brownstone.

At the Haunted Star, Franco tells Carly it's showtime. Carly asks to speak with him privately. Once alone, she questions him about snooping through her email. Franco admits that he was looking for the recording on Sonny, but says he's made his peace with her relationship with Sonny. He assures her everything is okay. Carly agrees to go forward with the wedding and then gets dressed. After the wedding begins. Lucas walks Carly down the aisle and Lucy starts the ceremony. Josslyn isn't pleased. Felix reads a poem and then Lucy starts the vows. Carly starts thinking about Sonny as she says I do. In response when Lucy asks if Franco will take Carly to be his wife Franco says, "hell no!" Then he asks, "Why would I marry a lying cheating whore?"

End of show!

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