Thursday, October 2, 2014

His Vitals Are Rising

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Today's Show - 

Danny runs into NuJason's room at GH and holds his hand. Sam follows and tells Danny to let go, but he refuses. Liz comes in and coaxes Danny to let go. After Liz and Sam talk about John Doe and how special/different he seems. Then Sam talks to NuJason and holds his hand. His monitor starts beeping and Liz says, "his vital are rising!" 

Patrick and Sabrina chat by the nurse's station about his investigation into the accident that killed baby Gabriel. Sabrina asks who Patrick suspects of the crime so Patrick tells her about Luke Spencer. Sabrina says that's impossible. Patrick asks if she has a theory on what happened. Then Sam approaches them and Sabrina decides not to say anything else. 

Dante and Lulu discuss going to Amsterdam to find Fluke. Lulu says she won't leave Rocco and tells Dante to go without her. Dante decides that after everything they've been through, he wants to stay home too. At the end, they kiss and watch Rocco joyfully. 

Sonny tells Michael at his apartment that he needs to go to his island. Carly stops by and backs Sonny up. Sonny tells Michael that he can work remotely and take Kiki with him. Michael accuses them of "double teaming" him, but ultimately agrees to go. Then Michael leaves to pick up Kiki. After Carly tells Sonny that she needs to speak with him.

Morgan and Kiki talk at the Brownstone about Michael. Kiki fills him in on the murder at Michael's place and Rosalie's involvement. Morgan stands firm that they need to keep quiet about Sonny shooting AJ. Kiki can't stand keeping the secret. Then Michael walks in.

Maxie tells Nathan in Anna's office that she can't go out with him tonight or ever. She explains that she can't jump into another relationship right away and says Nathan needs time to figure out his personal life. Nathan disagrees and says they need to spend time together. He says he'll wait for her at the Metro Court in case she changes her mind.

At the end, Sam tells Patrick about Danny grabbing John Doe's hand. Meanwhile, Liz gets the doctor to check on NuJason. The doctor thinks he'll wake up soon. Liz says then they'll finally find out who he is.

End of show!

You can watch today's episode here ---> GH 10/02/14

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