Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Hey Ted

Boys will be boys!
Today's Recap -

NuJason/John Doe/Jake tells Liz in his hospital room that he remembers two voices from the night he got hit with the car. Later Liz tells Jason about Dr. O's poor leadership skills. Dr. Obrecht walks in after overhearing. She sidesteps Liz and asks Jason if he has medical insurance. He says he doesn't know. Dr. O says he needs to get better and get out asap. Liz gets annoyed and hustles Dr. Obrecht out the door. After she tells Jason all about Dr. O's bad behavior and Faison. Liz explains that Faison killed Jason. She tells him that Jason died two years ago today, but they never found his body.

Michael finds Anna having breakfast at the Metro Court and wants to talk about AJ's murder. He tells Anna about what Sabrina told him about Carlos taking the fall for Ava. Anna asks if Carlos has prove of this. Michael says no, but he wants Anna to reopen AJ's case. Anna says she can't do that, but offers to question Ava and Sabrina on his behalf. Then Michael heads out and after Dr. Obrecht storms up to Anna's table. Dr. O insists that she didn't kill Victor. She says she shot him in self defense and to protect Nathan.

Lulu, Rocco and Dante have breakfast at Kelly's with Sonny and Olivia. Olivia sees an article in the newspaper about Ned supposedly having an affair with Monica. Then Tracy walks in just as Lulu and Sonny are discussing Luke. She tells them Jerry Jax framed Luke. Lulu wants to know where Luke is so Tracy informs them that Jerry is holding him hostage and wants ELQ. Later Tracy leaves and Sonny remembers that the day of AJ's funeral he saw Luke with Spencer. Sonny says after Spencer seemed off. At the end, Olivia tells Dante and Lulu about her vision and asks Dante to make sure Heather is still locked up.

Sam and Patrick return to Port Charles and head Sam's penthouse to see Danny. They find Alexis babysitting Danny and Alexis asks how the trip was. They fill her in on Jerry's involvement and the potential frame job he did on Luke. Alexis flashes to her last conversation with Julian, when he swore Luke wasn't his boss. Then she says she needs to warn Ned that Jerry is after ELQ and heads out. After Patrick thanks Sam for her help and her friendship. Danny hugs Patrick and calls him Daddy. Sam quickly corrects him and shows Danny Jason's picture. At the end, Sam thinks of Jason, gets emotional and hugs Patrick. She says she feels like she never got closure.

At the Quartermaine's, Ned also sees the news article about him. Julian walks in and says, "Hey Ted!" Then he tells Ned he planted the story. Julian informs Ned that he plans to plant more scathing stories about Ned unless he agrees to stop seeing Alexis. Ned is appalled and refuses. They end up fighting and fall onto the couch. Then Alexis walks in and sees them. She screams at them to stop. They do and after Ned tells her about Julian's attempt to blackmail him. Alexis asks to speak with Julian in private. Once alone, Julian tells her that he can't think objectively when it comes to her. Meanwhile Tracy comes to the Q's and tells Ned she needs his help.

At the Brownstone, Kiki tells Morgan that Michael thinks Ava killed AJ. Morgan wonders if it's true, despite initially thinking Ava was telling the truth about Sonny killing AJ. Kiki says she believes Ava and thinks Michael will get the police involved. Kiki tells Morgan she's having trouble looking Michael in the eye knowing who killed his father. Then Michael walks in. He tells them that he asked Anna to find Ava and if she can't find Ava, he will.

End of show!

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