Wednesday, October 1, 2014

GH October 2014 News, Rumors & Spoilers

According to General Hospital Happenings, Soap Opera Digest and Michael Fairman Soaps, here's what's coming up this month on GH!

Some News - 

General Hospital is seeking a charismatic Caucasian man in his late 40's for a new role set to start taping in mid-October. The character is described as sexy, powerful and confident.

Nancy Lee Grahn is starting a new digital show called General Hospital Now. Read about it here ---> New GH Show!

Hugo Napier is set to reprise the role of Larry Ashton, Tracy's ex and Ned's father, a GH rep confirms. The character was a Port Charles fixture from 1988-89 and 1991-92.

A Few Rumors - 

Amsterdam straight ahead. Looks like Jerry is sent to intercept/capture Sam and Patrick. 

As a result of the hormone injection, Lulu's behavior becomes increasingly erratic to the point that Dante may have to have her committed.

Michael turns to Rosalie for comfort and solace (including on a physical level), after learning of the betrayal by those he trusted.

Will Ava's baby be delivered by Sabrina? 

Looks like Morgan and Kiki will be coming together as a couple again, only to learn that Morgan is Ava's baby daddy.

Now that Michael knows the truth, disaster ahead for Carly and Franco's planned wedding.

The Spoilers - 

Patrick is conflicted between getting back at Robin (by pursuing Sam), and the fact he still never told Sam the truth about what Robin was doing at the clinic. 

The mystery patent (Jason) will require extensive facial reconstructive surgery.

Bryan Craig (Morgan) believes that Ava's son will be his. He and Rosalie are becoming closer in a real sense, but what would Ava's baby mean for their relationship, never mind Nina's plotting?

Fearing the truth will come out about Sonny shooting AJ, both Carly and Sonny try to get Michael out of town by convincing him there is a threat to him.

Sabrina informs Michael that it was NOT Carlos who shot AJ., but it doesn't appear that she implicates Sonny (or even knows of his involvement) at this time.

Sabrina worries about Carlos and his life choices.

Sonny schemes with Shawn regarding the Franco problem. 

Now that Scott has chosen Bobbie over Lucy, Bobbie can't help but feel torn about keeping the reason she lied to Franco (re: Carly/Sonny), from Scott.

Liz asks Dante to help her identify her patient.

Nathan and Maxie confide in Dante and Lulu about their dilemma.

Sabrina is informed by Jordan that the medication Sabrina brought Ava is once again in Ava's hands.

Ava begins to experience serious pain.

Nathan is disturbed by information regarding Nina.

Silas seeks an update on Nina's condition.

How far is Tracy willing to go for Luke?

Epiphany and Milo run into some bumps during their date.

Nathan and Maxie, out on a date, encounter Monica...with her own date!

Once again, Lucy seeks solace from Duke.

Silas discovers something that leads him to question Nina's motives.

The subject of Maxie's visitation rights with Georgie arises as she is called before the judge.

An unexpected visitor surprises Liesl Obrecht.

NuJason on set aka Billy Miller!
Happy October!


  1. I will always love Steve Burton as Jason and wish he would return but I am anxious to see Billy Miller as NuJason. I have heard so many good things about him too!

  2. I wish that Ava's baby would just go away. I hate that she's having Morgan's baby, it's so gross, lol.


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