Monday, October 20, 2014


Who killed AJ?
In this episode Olivia has a new vision, Michael becomes suspicious of Ava and Madeline makes a deal with Nina!

Monday's Recap - 

Lucas and Bobby enjoy some wine at Carly's place and chat. Bobby is excited, because Brad is coming over to meet her. When Brad arrives, Bobby tells him she loved his performance at the Nurse's ball. Then Lucas asks Brad to be his date for Carly's wedding. Later Bobby asks Brad if he could help Lucas find a job. Bobby tells Brad that Lucas went to medical school. Brad didn't have any idea and wonders why Lucas never mentioned it. Lucas says being a doctor isn't his thing. Bobby proudly responds that Lucas graduated at the top of his class. Lucas explains that he doesn't think he can measure up his father, Tony. Bobby disagrees and starts pushing Lucas to try. Lucas gets upset and tells her to back off. Brad jumps to his defense and says it's up to Lucas. At the end, Lucas agrees to talk to Dr. Obrecht about a job.

At the Metro Court, Olivia and Carly discuss Carly's feelings for Sonny. Carly gets annoyed at Olivia for suggesting she doesn't love Franco and asks, "Why am I marrying Franco then?" Olivia is shocked to learn they're getting hitched and says Franco's a psycho just like his crazy mother Heather. They continue to argue and Olivia has a vision of Heather. Olivia starts freaking out and yells, "It's Heather with a knife!" 

Nearby Sonny and Shawn continue to discuss their plans for Heather in the elevator. Shawn promises things will go smoothly, unlike what happened when he tried to kidnap Ava. After Sonny walks into the Metro Court restaurant just as Olivia is having her vision of Heather. Carly tells Olivia it's not Heather, it's Sonny. Olivia thinks she's seeing Heather, because Heather is planning to kill someone. Carly thinks her imagination is getting the best of her. Sonny looks worried. Olivia calls Franco, "Freako" and tells Carly to marry him at her own risk. Sonny takes Olivia aside and says he feels confident the wedding isn't going to happen. 

Franco tells Heather in lock up about the evil eye necklace/camera he gave Carly. He shows her his app and they listen to Carly's conversation with Olivia. After he invites Heather to the wedding. Heather asks how since she's locked up in maximum security. Franco says he's got a plan. Heather likes the idea of a Halloween wedding and thinks he picked it for her. Then she asks what he wants her to do. Franco tells her he's got a video for Michael to watch and he'll reveal Heather's part at the wedding. Heather hugs him and thanks Franco for admitting she was right about Carly. At the end, Franco goes to the Metro Court to see Carly and Shawn heads to lock up for Heather.

Sabrina informs Michael at GH that Carlos didn't kill AJ. Michael asks why she thinks that. Sabrina says she believes Carlos is innocent, because he told her he was and she trusts him. Sabrina says someone forced Carlos to take the blame for AJ's death. Michael asks who it was so Sabrina says it was Ava. Michael asks if Ava killed AJ, but Sabrina says she doesn't know. Sabrina tells him that all she knows is that Ava wanted AJ dead. Then Sabrina walks away and leaves Michael to think about how to handle the information.

Silas and Kiki finally arrive at the Brownstone to help Ava. Morgan gives Silas an update on what's been happening. Silas exams Ava and thinks he might be able to stop the labor with some medicine he has. He gives her an injection and they wait to see if it works. Then Silas asks who's after Ava. Morgan explains that they can't tell him. Silas agrees to keep it a secret. Kiki thanks him for his help and he tells her that he'll always be there for her. At the end, Michael calls Kiki and says he needs to talk to her about Ava.

Nina tells Madeline she wants her to steal Ava's baby for her at Nathan's apartment. Nina insists that Ava doesn't deserve to have a baby. However Madeline refuses, because she says it isn't right. Nina isn't pleased to hear it and screams, "I need a baby!" Then Nina decides to try another tactic and offers Madeline money. After Nathan tries to come in the door, but can't because of the chain lock. Nina tells her to get rid of him and hides. Madeline then unlocks the door and let's him in. She tells Nathan she locked the door, because she was afraid Nina would come over. He tells Madeline that Nina attacked Silas. Nathan wants to find Nina before she hurts anyone else and then leaves again. At the end, Madeline agrees to help take Ava's baby. Nina is delighted and oddly hugs her.

End of show!

I think Halloween on GH is gonna be great!

Have a great night!

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