Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Dirty Little Secret

Hey, remember me?
In today's show Silas and Ava bond, Michael wants to know where Ava is and Madeline asks Dr. Obrecht for a favor!

Tuesday's Recap - 

TJ prepares for his French mid-term at Kelly's when Nathan comes in and asks if he's seen Nina. TJ says he hasn't seen her, but promises to call if he does. Nathan heads out and runs into Rosalie outside. He tells her that he's Nina's brother and asks if she knows where Nina is. Meanwhile Jordan walks into Kelly's and tries to make nice with TJ. However TJ isn't interested and gives her attitude. He says he knows she's sleeping with Shawn and asks why she didn't tell him. Jordan replies that it was because she didn't want TJ to shut Shawn out. It leads to an argument about Jordan selling drugs. At the end, Jordan says there's a lot more to the story that TJ doesn't know. She gets emotional and walks out.

Silas, Ava, Morgan and Kiki wait to see if the medicine Silas gave Ava will work at the Brownstone. Michael calls Kiki and says he wants to speak with her about Ava. After Kiki says she needs to go speak with Michael, but before she leaves Ava thanks Kiki for helping her. Then Ava tells Morgan she's feeling better, but Silas thinks she needs hydration and asks Morgan to make Ava soup. Once in private, Silas and Ava talk about Kiki. They rehash the past and Ava keeping Kiki from him. Silas tells her that she did a good job, because Kiki's a great girl. Then Ava tells him that she loved him very much and having Kiki give her something to hold on to from their past. Later Silas tells Ava about Nina and Ava being on her list. At the end, Morgan returns and tells Silas that he heard Rosalie is done helping Nina. Silas decides to stay close and make sure Ava is okay.

Madeline tells Nina at Nathan's apartment that she'll help her get Ava's baby. Nina is pleased even though she knows Madeline is only in it for the money. Madeline asks where Ava is. Nina doesn't know, but says Rosalie does. Madeline offers to reach out to Rosalie herself, since Nina isolated her. Then Madeline calls Rosalie. Rosalie takes the call in front of Nathan, which makes him want to know if it's Nina on the phone. Rosalie gives him the phone. Madeline quickly lies to Nathan and says she was hoping Rosalie knew where Nina is. They hang up and after Nina says Rosalie will keep quiet, because she knows her dirty little secret. Madeline asks what it is. Nina tells her Rosalie's secret, but we don't get to know what it is. At the end, Madeline calls Dr. Obrecht for a favor.

Michael waits for Kiki at GH in the conference room and flashes back to the night he and Kiki were invited to Ava's for dinner. Then Kiki walks in and asks what he wants to know about Ava. Michael says Ava might have killed AJ. He tells her about what Sabrina told him regarding Carlos taking the blame for Ava. Kiki has doubts and thinks Carlos is lying. Michael says he hopes that's the case, but he needs to be sure. He asks if Kiki knows where Ava is. Kiki is reluctant to say so Michael thinks they should get the cops involved. At the end, he decides to call Anna.

Franco tells Carly at the Metro Court that he knows she wants to leave to avoid him having words with Sonny. Carly says it's just better if they go home, because she knows Sonny bothers him. Franco says that's so sweet of her and promises to give her the wedding she deserves. Then they head out. When they get home, Franco tells Carly he talked to Michael earlier about AJ. Carly panics, but Franco quickly clarifies that he didn't say anything about Sonny killing AJ. Then he explains that he asked Michael to be his best man and Michael said yes. After they talk about the wedding and Franco says how nice it is that family will be there. Carly says yes, but she doesn't want to see Heather there. She tells Franco about Olivia's vision. Franco says Heather is locked up tight and there's no need to worry.

Olivia and Sonny chat about his feelings for Carly in the Metro Court restaurant. Olivia tells him she wants him to be happy and be with someone who can deal with his business. She thinks Carly is the best match for him. Then Shawn walks in and wants to talk with Sonny. Olivia tells them to watch out for Heather and walks away. Shawn is confused so Sonny tells him about Olivia's "Heather" vision. After Shawn tells Sonny that Franco just visited Heather. Sonny wonders what Franco is up to, but feels confident that he'll be dead in 48 hours.

End of show!

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