Monday, October 6, 2014

Big Love

Girl, remembered!
Today's Show - 

Nathan is pleasantly surprised when Maxie arrives for their date at the Metro Court. Nathan tells her she looks beautiful and she says he cleans up well. Nathan impresses Maxie with his manners and French accent when ordering fine wine. They find out they both love the Simpsons and Maxie talks about her past in fashion. Later Maxie orders a vegetarian dinner and it leads to a conversation about Levi. It stirs Maxie's self doubts, but Nathan tells her that Levi manipulated her and she's good person. They agree to accept each other for who they are and end up having a good time. 

At Michael's place, Sonny tries to convince Carly that their tryst on Michael's couch was a good thing. They end up talking about Sonny's affair with Ava and his shooting AJ. Carly cries over her guilt and tells Sonny she loves Franco. Sonny disagrees and says what they have is "big love!" Carly is touched and they end up having more sex. After Sonny wants to go public with their affair. Carly says she wants to love Franco and to insure that he keeps his mouth shut about Sonny killing AJ. Carly insists that she's going to marry Franco, because he's a better ally then enemy.

Monica chats with Silas at the Nurse's station. Silas informs Monica that he's not dating Sam anymore. After Monica tells him about an online dating service she's trying and advises Silas to give it a try. Monica says she's got her first internet date tonight. Silas says he's already "seeing" Nina. Later Monica meets up with Judge Walters (judge from Maxie's hearing) at the Metro Court for her date. They admit that they "Googled" each other and laugh about the uncharted dating territory they've both entered. Then the judge notices Maxie on her date with Nathan. He decides to go confront them.

Sam and Patrick arrive in Amsterdam. They go to Fluke's hotel room and find Tracy in his room. Tracy tells them she wants answers and knows she's ignored Fluke's odd behavior for awhile, but she doesn't believe Luke is responsible. Patrick wants Tracy to promise to tell them what he says no matter what. Later Sam learns that she has to share a room with Patrick, because the hotel is all booked up. Sam asks Tracy if she can stay with her instead, but Tracy says no way. At the end, Sam returns to Patrick's room. They decide to be adults and share the room.

NuJason opens his eyes in his hospital in front of Liz. He speaks and asks Liz where he is. She asks if he remembers the accident and he answers yes, but doesn't remember his name. Liz says she'll get the doctor and tries to leave, but NuJason grabs her arm. She promises him she'll be back and then leaves. Later she returns with the doctor, who thinks NuJason will regain his memory slowly. Then he says he remembers, "Elizabeth!" NuJason has a blurry memory of Liz from years ago. At the end, Liz sits alone with him and asks if he remembers anything else. He has random memory flashes and hears the name Jake. Then he tells Liz he remembers the name Jake.

Franco freaks in the hospital in front of Nina after hearing Carly confess to sleeping with Sonny on his app. Nina tells him to delete the app, but Franco says, "The app is my best friend!" They overhear Sonny talking about killing AJ and then see them have sex again. Nina tries to comfort him and turns the app off. After Franco says he's going to remind Carly and Sonny that's he's got a crazy side. He takes off and Nina decides to chase after him. When she runs into the hallway, Silas sees her. Silas walks up to her and asks what the hell is going on. Meanwhile, Franco heads over to Michael's apartment and knocks on the door.

End of show!

Ryan Paevey (Nathan) is improving all the time with his acting; loving him lately!

Have a great night!

P.S. I'm going to go off topic and talk about another show. In addition to being a big GH fan I am also a HUGE Twin Peaks fan. If you're not familiar with the show, see here Twin Peaks Wiki 

Today is a very special day, because it was announced this morning (if you haven't heard) that TP is coming back in 2016!!!!!!! See here ---> Twin Peaks Returns

As a completely obsessed fan, I am over the moon. If you haven't watched this series and you have the patience to endure a strange, but thrilling mystery...I highly recommend it! In my opinion the the first 16 episodes of Twin Peak's is arguably some of the best television ever aired. There are some bad plots toward the middle of the 2nd season, but it came back with a mind blowing finale. Plus the prequel movie Fire Walk With Me is one of my favorite movies of all time!

In honor of it's return, I am starting a new blog dedicated solely to Twin Peaks. If interested, you can view it here > Twin Peaks Fanatic

P.S.S. This won't effect this blog. I love GH and I'm not going anywhere! ;)

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