Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Beggar's Night

Handsome Paul Bunyan
In today's episode all the kids are celebrating beggar's night, Franco and Scotty have a father/son moment and Sonny reaches out to Carly!

Tuesday's Recap - 

At Windermere, Spencer gets a visit from Josslyn who's dressed up in her corn costume for "beggar's night". She's accompanied by Maxie and Lucas, who explain to Nik and Britt that Beggar's night is a new tradition where kids get an extra night of trick or treating before Halloween. Spencer thinks beggar's night is for townies. Later in private, Josslyn asks Spencer to hide her so she doesn't have to be in Carly's wedding. Meanwhile Maxie tells Lucas that she really misses Nathan.

Sam gives a visit from Patrick, Emma and Cameron in their Halloween costumes at her penthouse. Patrick is Paul Bunyan and looks adorable. In private, Sam tells Patrick she heard from Tracy and fills him in on Larry Ashton's return. Later the kids and Patrick convince Sam to join them in trick or treating. They head to Windermere as a group and Sam dresses as a make shift tree. Spencer decides to make Emma jealous and claims Josslyn is his girlfriend now. Emma seems a little crestfallen to hear it. Then Josslyn and Spencer make a plan in private to get her out of the wedding. At the end, Sam and Patrick agree to see each other again for Halloween.

Nathan and Diane chat at Kelly's. Diane is thrilled to have beaten Scotty in court off camera and gloats to Nathan about it. Nathan is distracted so Diane asks what's wrong. He explains to her what's going on with Judge Walter's ruining his relationship with Maxie. Nathan says he misses Maxie and asks if there is anything Diane can do to help. Diane is concerned that if they push legally it could make things worse. However Diane thinks that maybe Monica can influence Judge Walter's in their favor. At the end, Maxie walks into Kelly's. Nathan decides to tell her there is nothing Diane can do to help them. Maxie is clearly disappointed and quickly exits so no one sees her talking to him.

Michael offers NuJason/Jake a hand with his wheelchair at GH. Michael introduces himself and Jake explains that he met his mother Carly already. Then they get into a conversation about Carly's wedding. Jake says he thinks Carly is scared to get married. Michael says he's trying to support his mother, even though he's not thrilled with Franco. After Michael talks to Jake about wanting revenge for AJ's murder. Jake advises him to let the police handle it.

Carly tells Bobby at her house that she kicked Franco out of the house, because the bride can't be seen the night before the wedding. Carly asks for girl's night instead. Later Carly tells Bobby about Luke possibly be held hostage by Jerry Jax. Bobby is freaked out and leaves to see what she can find out. Meanwhile Sonny gets a visit from Shawn at his house to discuss Heather. Shawn explains that Heather made it seem like Franco wanted to bust her out. However, Shawn says Heather wouldn't give him any details. Sonny wonders what Franco is up to. They decide to move forward with their plan anyway. After Shawn leaves and Sonny decides to call Carly. He tells her he loves her and wishes her good luck at the wedding. Carly is touched, but quickly gets off the phone. At the end, Josslyn comes home and gives Carly a hug.

Scotty waits for Bobby in his hotel room, but gets a visit from Franco instead. Franco says he needs a place to crash since Carly kicked him out for the night. He informs Scotty that Bobby's not coming and later they end up in bed together, wearing matching bathrobes and share strawberries together. The bonding makes Scotty think of Logan and he explains to Franco that Logan was unbalanced. However he says Franco got his craziness from Heather. Later he tells Franco that he thinks it will be nice to become a family with he, Bobby and Carly. At the end, Scotty overhears Franco on the phone inquiring about Heather's whereabouts and asks what's going on. Franco lies and says he just wanted to make sure Heather is still locked up tight. 

End of show!

Have a great night!

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  1. Loved the little kids. Little Emma obviously still likes Spencer. I think the writers need to end this Emma/Cameron thing they are not suited for each other. Cameron needs to be paired up with Josslyn, they are both connivers. Spencer has always cared for Emma. Cameron just went after her to spite Spencer. So writers fix this debacle.


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