Friday, October 3, 2014


Nice eyes!
In today's episode Maxie and Nathan's date finally begins, Franco hears something very unpleasant on his app and NuJason opens his eyes!

Friday's Recap - 

Nathan runs into Dante in Anna's office at the PCPD. Dante tells Nathan that he's looking into Lulu's father. Nathan says being that Luke is his father in-law Dante has a conflict of interest so he offers to go to Amsterdam in Dante's place. Dante thinks he's running away from Maxie. Nathan tells Dante about kissing Maxie at the clinic and then asking her out after. Then he says Maxie changed her mind so he told her he'd wait at the Metro Court for her. Nathan's afraid Maxie's going to stand him up. Dante advises him to show up and take a chance.

Lulu gets a visit from Maxie at her apartment while she's looking at a picture of Luke. Maxie wants to talk about her pending date with Nathan. Maxie brings Lulu up to speed on her kiss with Nathan at Crichton-Clark. Maxie vents to Lulu about her self-doubts and relationship fears. She talks about how Levi messed her up. Lulu thinks Nathan is a great guy and Maxie should go out with him if she wants to. Later after Maxie leaves Dante comes home for dinner. He and Lulu compare notes on their conversations with Maxie and Nathan. Meanwhile at the Metro Court, Nathan waits at a table for Maxie. As time goes on he starts to doubt that she's going to show. Nathan is about to leave, but then Maxie walks in looking fabulous.

Sam and Patrick get on their plane to Amsterdam. While waiting to take off, Sam tells Patrick she can't stop thinking about Danny taking John Doe's hands. Patrick talks about John Doe's brain scan. Sam says it sounds like what Jason went through. It leads to a conversation about Jason. Patrick says it was annoying to see attractive Port Charles women make excuses for mobsters. Sam says she thought Patrick had a god complex when she first met him. They agree they both changed a lot since coming to town. Then they discuss Alexis and her stressful relationship with Julian. After Patrick tells Sam it's only matter of time before he's officially divorced and he's ready to move on. Right then Sam orders another drink. Patrick teases her and promises he won't kiss her while they are in Amsterdam. At the end, Sam wakes up from sleeping on Patrick's shoulder. He tells her they've finally landed.

Over at Michael's apartment, Carly and Sonny talk while unbeknownst to them Franco listens in. Carly calls Sonny a son of a bitch. Then she tells Sonny that his failure to protect Michael is the reason they can't be together and orders him to get out. Sonny brings up when Michael got shot. He says he and Carly always come together, because their stronger together then apart. Carly says it always ends in disaster. Sonny says maybe, but it would be a beautiful disaster. Carly is touched and they end up making out. It leads to sex on Michael's couch. After Carly feels guilty.

In the art therapy room, Nina finds Franco spying on Carly again with his app. Franco tells her that Carly is about to reveal her feelings about Sonny. They hear call Carly call Sonny a son of a bitch and Nina thinks that's enough proof of Carly's devotion to Franco. Nina takes his phone and puts in her pocket. She tries to convince him that Carly seems to have passed his test and asks him to prove that he's ready to give Carly the benefit of the doubt. She asks him to go out to lunch with her without his phone. Franco agrees and they head out. Later they come back from lunch and Franco immediately wants his phone back. He says he'll delete the camera app. He goes to show Nina that he's deleting it, but they hear Carly tell Sonny that she feels awful for spending the afternoon having sex with him behind Franco's back.

At the hospital, Liz sits at NuJason's bedside. Monica comes in and says she came to see the mystery patient. Monica says they need to check out his heart and takes a listen. After Monica says his heart is in good shape. Liz asks how Monica is doing since AJ's death. Monica says it's been hard. It leads into a conversation about Liz's relationship with AJ. Liz thinks they connected, because they were both seeking redemption. Liz says she was guilty for what she did to Lucky and Jason. She says her and Jason never got a chance. At the end, Liz is alone with NuJason and his monitor goes off. She goes to check on him and he finally opens his eyes.

End of show!

It was a good episode today!

Have a great weekend!

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