Monday, October 13, 2014

Ah, Sweet Sam!

Not you again!
In today's show Liz talks to Jason about Jason, Madeline might know another secret about Nina and Jerry Jax surprises the gang in Amsterdam!

Here's What Happened - 

In Amsterdam, Sam, Patrick and Tracy get surprised by Jerry Jax at the coffeehouse. Jerry strolls in and sits down with Tracy. Sam and Patrick watch from a nearby booth. Tracy asks Jerry how he's alive. Jerry tells her that Luke gave him the cure. Sam tries to leave to get back up, but Jerry's henchmen stop her. Jerry says, "Ah, Sweet Sam," and asks her and Patrick to join he and Tracy for a chat. Patrick scolds Jerry for shooting Robin and his other various crimes and refuses to sit down. Tracy thinks this proves that Luke is innocent and Jerry is Julian's true boss. Jerry shows them that he has Luke's phone. Tracy realizes that he must have kidnapped Luke. At the end, Jerry asks what Tracy will offer in exchange for Luke.

Nathan and Maxie bump into each other at the gym. They joke around about the judge, staying away from each other and working out. Then they discuss Dr. O. Maxie can tell that Nathan is upset about something related to his mother, but he's reluctant to tell her. Maxie convinces him to spill the beans. Nathan tells her that Dr. Obrecht killed Victor for him. Nathan thinks he inherited bad gene's and might turn out to be a bad guy. Maxie puts her head on his shoulder and says that's impossible. Lulu sees them and warns them that one of courthouse workers was in her kickboxing class. After Nathan thinks they should say goodbye, again. Maxie hates this and says she's going to get Diane involved and doesn't want to give up on them. Nathan promises to always be there for her, but has doubts that it will work out.

At the PCPD, Anna asks Dante if Dr. Obrecht was truly released or not. Dante says he knows it's a bad idea, but says he couldn't hold her any longer. Anna tells him about Dr. O killing Victor and says she was hoping to get evidence to convict her. Anna thinks Dr. O is hiding something and they need to find out what. After Dante tells her about the John Doe he's trying to ID. At the end, Lulu stops by the station for news on Luke. Dante tells her they should know soon. Anna has doubts about Luke's innocence, but Lulu tries to defend her father.

Liesl finds Madeline at Nathan's apartment. Dr. O storms in looking for Nathan, but Madeline tells her he's not home. They have a cold conversation about the recent events at Crichton-Clark. Madeline asks if she's finally turned on, "that psychotic Dane," to which, Dr. O shoots her a blank stare. Madeline says of course not and then proceeds to inform Liesl that she's also a free woman. Madeline brings up Nina. Dr. Obrecht says she's noticed that Nina doesn't take her physical therapy seriously. Dr. O guesses that Nina might not need her wheelchair at all and says she thinks Nina might be unbalanced. Madeline doesn't want to believe it, but Dr. O warns her to watch her back from Nina. It ticks Madeline off and she warns Liesl to leave Nina alone. Liesl says that Madeline caused this, because she put Nina in the coma to begin with. Madeline gets extra defensive so Dr. O asks what she's holding back about Nina.

Silas considers texting Sam from GH. Then he meets up with Nina's physical therapist by the nurse's station. Nina sees them and eavesdrops on their conversation. Silas commends him for getting Nina up and around so quickly and asks how he accomplished this. Silas takes him into a private exam room and shuts the blinds. Nina panics and starts texting the therapist. Silas grabs his phone and sees that Nina's been texting him. Silas threatens to rat him out to Dr. Obrecht if he doesn't spill what's really going on with Nina. Under pressure, the therapist reveals that Nina never needed her wheelchair. He gives Silas the details about his dealings with Nina and also tells him that Nina has money. At the end, the therapist tells Silas that Nina said she doesn't like Silas very much. Meanwhile Nina gets frustrated from not receiving a response from the therapist and vows to get answers.

Liz cleans Jason's hands at his bedside in the hospital. They talk about Dante taking his fingerprints and the search for his true identity. Jason worries about finding something unpleasant in his past. Liz says Dante is a good guy and her ex-husband's former partner. It leads to a conversation about Jake's father, who Liz says was a good friend of hers named Jason. She tells him that Jason died. She explains to NuJason that Jason allowed Lucky to raise her son Jake. Later the plastic surgeon comes to discuss facial reconstruction with Jason. At the end, the doctor starts to peel Jason's bandages off revealing his real face. When Liz sees him, she looks at him oddly.

End of show!

I liked today's episode. Who is Dane? I'm guessing Nathan's real dad?

Have a great night!

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