Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Crichton No More

The undead!
In this episode Samtrick wonders about their potential, Nikolas believes Spencer might be right about Fluke and Crichton-Clark has a few more surprises before it goes BOOM!

Wednesday's Recap - 

Sam thinks about her make out session with Patrick at her place. Alexis wakes up and comes downstairs to keep her company. Alexis says she can't sleep, because she keeps thinking of Julian. She tells Sam that she's going on a date with Ned to get her mind off Julian. Then Sam talks about the kissing that took place between her and Patrick. She shows Alexis her fortune, but says she's not ready to move on. She explains that after what happened with Silas, she doesn't think love is enough. Then Sam says that she's still not over Jason. Alexis is concerned that Sam might be holding herself back. She thinks Sam and Patrick can relate to each other with all their history and says it could bring them closer then ever. 

Nik tells Britt at Windermere that something is off at Crichton-Clark. Britt thinks Dr. Obrecht will get Nathan out. It leads into a conversation about sibling love and Nik talks about the past. He tells Britt the story of how he came to PC to give Lulu a bone marrow transplant. Britt hugs him. After Nik speculates that Victor is up to no good. Spencer walks in and asks what they're talking about. Nik says he's not sure, but Victor might not be the man Spencer thinks he is. It leads into a conversation about Fluke. Spencer tries to convince Nik that Luke's gone bad. Later Nikolas calls Patrick to ask him about Spencer's theory on Luke. Nik tells Patrick that he thinks Spencer is telling the truth. At the end, Britt continues to comfort Nik while he worries about Lulu.

Patrick comes home to find Liz asleep on his couch. He wakes her and Liz says Emma was upset and didn't want to sleep at her house. Elizabeth thinks Emma misses Robin. It leads into a conversation about Patrick and Robin's marriage. Liz is hopeful that he and Robin can work things out, but Patrick doesn't think it's possible. Then he tells Liz that he kissed Sam. Patrick says that he'll always love Robin, but their marriage is over. He also says he and Sabrina are just friends now so he thinks there could be something between him and Sam. Later after speaking with Nikolas, Patrick asks Liz about Luke killing Jake. Liz gets uncomfortable and says Luke just made a mistake.

Over at the clinic, Maxie and Nathan find Lulu and Dante. Nathan tells them the whole place is about to blow up. Meanwhile Anna and the WSB team search the clinic and run into Dr. O in the hallway. Liesl is panicked about where Nathan is and tells Anna about Victor's bomb. However Dante, Lulu, Maxie and Nathan meet up with them in the hallway. Dr. O is thrilled to see Nathan and they all search for a way out. Nathan asks where Victor is. Anna tells him that Victor is dead. Dr. Obrecht insists that they stop talking and find a way out. Then they get stuck, because all the exits are sealed. Dante, Anna and Nathan wonder if they can shoot the lock open. Then they take aim and fire repeatedly, even Maxie and Lulu. It works and they all escape the building.

Robin and NuJason try to get out of the room their in, but find that Robin's key card won't open the door. NuJason decides to hot wire the circuit with a screwdriver. Meanwhile an unseen person finds Stavros's and Lulu's zygote/fanny pack in the surgical room. This person continues to roam the hospital and walks into the room where Robin and Jason are. Robin looks at the face and it's...HELENA! Behind Helena are her guards, who quickly knock Jason out. Helena thanks Robin for bringing her back to life, but Robin is quick to say that Victor forced her to and she would have let Helena and Stavros die. Helena shows Robin the zygote. She says Stavros will live on, despite his unfortunate end. Then Helena informs Robin that Anna, Maxie and the gang are in the building and it's about to blow. Helena insists that Robin and Jason come with her. However, Jason wakes up, grabs a gun and shoots Helena's guards. Then he grabs Robin and they make a run for it. After Helena takes the zygote and walks out. At the end, Crichton-Clark explodes killing anyone left inside!

End of show!

GH has been terrific this week!

Have a great night! 

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