Wednesday, September 3, 2014

The Man Behind the Mask

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Ava runs into Sabrina by the elevators at the hospital. Ava apologizes to Sabrina for bumping into her, but Sabrina is ready for a confrontation. Sabrina reminds Ava about her connection to Carlos and accuses her of setting him up. Ava tells her that Carlos is an adult and responsible for her own choices. Then Sabrina tells Ava about Gabriel's death. Ava tries to be nice and inquires what happened. Sabrina says Rafe was ordered to run Patrick off the road by someone and she intends to make that person pay. Meanwhile, Patrick drops by Silas's office to talk to him about Rafe. Silas tells Patrick about the Crichton-Clark card he found in Rafe's things and shows it to him. Silas also mentions that Nina was there for years in a coma. Later Patrick finds Sabrina in the hallway and tells her that he thinks he knows who ran them off the road.

Nina tells Silas in his office that Britt told her she can have another child. Silas isn't as excited about it and says they need to talk more about it. Then Nina mentions her run in with Ava. Later Nina goes to see Franco in the art therapy room. She tells him that she and Silas are back in bed and all is well. They agree Silas is "cranky" and Franco tells her that Silas wasn't thrilled about her art therapy. Then Nina tells Franco that she's going to get a baby one way or another. He questions her true feelings for Silas and suggests that she resents him. It makes Nina get defensive and she wheels herself back to Silas's office.

Kiki overhears Carly and Sonny discussing their night together in Sonny's office. She hears Carly tell Sonny to keep quiet about it, but then trips and alerts them to her presence. Carly immediately knows that Kiki overheard them and asks Kiki about it. Kiki admits to Carly in private that she did hear them and Carly swears her to secrecy. Kiki isn't sure that she can keep quiet, but Carly says sometimes it's better to lie for the greater good. Kiki doesn't know what to do and quickly high tails it out of there. At the end, Kiki goes to see Franco at GH.

Dr. O goes to the PCPD to have lunch with Nathan, but runs into Britt instead. Britt explains to her about Nathan being wrapped up in the Levi situation. Dr. Obrecht thinks Anna got Nathan into a dangerous situation. Then she tells Britt that Anna killed Faison. Britt doesn't think that's the case, but Dr. O says Victor confirmed that Faison was never returned to prison. Then Britt asks what her relationship with Victor is. Dr. O says Victor carries a torch for her and Britt wonders if he's Nathan's father. Dr. Obrecht tells her to mind her own business.

At the cabin, Dante, his swat team and Maxie and Lulu are gassed out by Victor and his team of evil doers. Nathan sees everything unfold from the window and hides from their view. However Victor knows Nathan is there and calls him out by name. He threatens to kill Maxie if Nathan doesn't show himself. Hearing that, Nathan comes out with his gun drawn. Victor convinces him to drop his weapon or he'll kill Maxie. Nathan does so and then Victor points a gun at him. When Victor realizes that Dr. Obrecht is Nathan's mother it makes him wonder who Nathan's father is. Nathan says that he doesn't know and he doesn't care who his father is. At the end, Victor tells Nathan he's not going to kill him just yet.

End of show!

Were you happy to see Victor again? 

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