Tuesday, September 9, 2014

The Embryo in Question

Here's What Happened - 

Spencer tells Sam, Patrick and Emma outside of Kelly's that he thinks Luke Spencer ordered Rafe to run Patrick off the road. Spencer says that Luke threatened Emma. Patrick and Sam take a private moment to debate the possibly of Spencer's claims. Sam thinks Luke has been off and says they should listen to him. They bring the kids into Kelly's and Spencer tells them that Luke was after Sonny. Spencer says that when he confronted Luke about his plans for Sonny, Luke threatened to hurt Emma if he said anything. After Sam and Patrick wonder how to handle everything. Patrick thinks they should talk to Anna, but Spencer panics that Luke will hurt Emma if they involve the police. They decide to keep everything a secret for now so Sam can investigate. At the end, Sam asks Patrick what he wanted to tell her before they were interrupted. Patrick says it's not that important anymore.

Carly finds Sonny babysitting for Rocco at Dante and Lulu's apartment. Carly says she's going to go, but Sonny asks her to stay. Carly thinks that they shouldn't be seen alone together. Then she tells Sonny that she found Kiki in Franco's art room almost ready to spill the beans. Sonny doesn't really care about that and kisses Carly again. Rocco starts crying so Carly quickly pulls away. Sonny asks for her help to calm the baby. Carly agrees and after they talk about Ava. Carly says Ava will use her baby as leverage. Sonny says he's going to kill Ava for Connie's sake when the baby is born. Carly asks what will happen to Ava's baby. Sonny says they'll cross that bridge when they come to it.

Dr. Obrecht tells Anna, Britt and Nik in Anna's office that she knows where Nathan is. Dr. O says she spoke with Victor. She also tells Anna that Victor got her Faison's file, because he's the head of the WSB. Anna is shocked to hear that. Then Dr. Obrecht says Victor gave her immunity as well. Dr. O explains that she called Victor for help finding Nathan and Britt wonders if that's because Victor is Nathan's father. Anna demands to know where Dr. O thinks everyone is, but Dr. Obrecht won't say unless Anna tells her what she did to Faison. Britt tells Dr. Obrecht to forget Faison and help Nathan. Dr. O agrees and finally says they're at Crichton-Clark.

At the Crichton-Clark clinic, Maxie admits to Nathan that she had doubts about her wedding because Mac told her that Nathan has feelings for her. Nathan admits that he was dazzled by Maxie since he first saw her. They start talking about the road thus far and the mess with Levi. Maxie feels dumb, but Nathan says she's not dumb just in a lot of pain over losing Georgie. Then he asks how Maxie feels about him. Maxie says she doesn't trust her judgement right now and isn't ready to admit how she feels.

Victor waits for his DNA test results in his office at the clinic. He gets a visit from Peter Harrell aka Levi, who wants to get revenge against Dante for shooting him. Peter wants to know where Dante is being held so he can fire back. Victor says he can't do that, because Dante is busy with Stavros right now. Victor says that Stavros needs/wants his Ice Princess. Then Peter demands to know when he gets what he wants. Meanwhile, we see that Victor has a file on his desk for Jason Morgan. Victor responds to Peter that he's got other things on his mind at the moment.

Dante and Lulu get a surprise visit from Stavros Cassadine while being held captive at Crichton-Clark. Lulu is shocked, especially when Stavros claims he's back for her. Lulu spits on him, which only makes Stavros laugh in a villainous manner. Stavros is convinced that he'll wear Lulu down and start a family with her. Dante is ready to kill him, but can't do anything because he's chained to the wall. Dante calls Stavros a lunatic inbred. Lulu tells Stavros she can't have a baby anyway. However, Stavros informs Lulu that last year before he froze her, he took one of her eggs. Then he shows her and Dante, "The embryo in question," which is really frozen fanny pack. At the end, Stavros says all they have to do is implant the embryo in Lulu and their baby will be born.

End of show!

Are you happy Stavros is back?

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  1. Hi, I'm the Robin/Scrubs(not Pod Patrick version) fan from the other day. I'm thankful for your recaps. Very detailed by the way. I don't have to watch. I'd rather Anna and Robert be investigating why someone wanted to hurt Emma. Pod Patrick and the way off P. I . that thinks she's Nancy Drew do not cut it. *Sigh* The GH writers....

    1. Thanks for reading!!!!

      P.S. If you choose the Name/URL option when leaving a comment vs. anonymous, it will allow you put whatever name you want w/o requiring you to sign up for anything. You don't even need to put an url, just a name to make it work. ;)

  2. The Starvos obsession stuff is just too foolish for this viewer.

    1. It was a bit campy, wasn't it? I liked the original Stavros Cassadine from way back in 1983. His name is John Martinuzzi.

      Robert Kelker-Kelly is fantastic, but this material is just silly!

      I'm keeping an open mind for now.

  3. Loved little Spencer and Emma yesterday. Hopefully little Emma will forget all about Cameron and decide Spencer is for her. The Starvos nonsense has got to go. Hopefully this time he won't hurt his son, Nikolas or his grandson Spencer. Someone please kill this guy for real and permanently!!!! It's too campy and the guy is a murdering nutcase, he needs to go for good!!! His obsession with Lulu is ridiculous especially since he is Nikolas' sister and she is more than young enough to be Starvos' daughter. And besides Starvos already has an heir, Nikolas!!! (Fans want to keep it that way) Love seeing Nik,
    Britt, and Anna working together. And where is Laura in all of this??? Instead of bringing Luke back (which I wish they would kill him off for good) they ought to bring back Laura for a while to be there for Nik, Spencer, and Lulu.

  4. I forgot to add that I like this column, you do a great job!!! Fans appreciate it.

    1. Thanks so much!! I really appreciate the kind words and interest in GH. I've been a fan so long that its great to connect with other fans,

      P.S. I wish Laura would return too. Who knows? I wouldn't be surprised if she turned up again. Brenda too...


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