Friday, September 26, 2014

The Boss is Never Happy

I'm nobody's bitch!
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Jordan tries to get information on the man she hit with her car at GH. Shawn finds her there and questions her about the accident. He guesses that Ava was the real driver. Jordan admits it to him, but refuses to tell Shawn where Ava is. He gets annoyed and says hooking up with her was the biggest mistake of his life and he's done with her. However Jordan disagrees and tries to seduce him in the hospital. Shawn doesn't bite and Jordan storms off annoyed.

Julian hears a noise at Ava's apartment door and finds a large security guard standing there. The man tells Julian that he works for Fluke and wants to know where Ava is. Julian holds a gun on him and says he doesn't know where she is. The guard says the boss won't be happy. Julian replies, "the boss is never happy!" After the guard tells Julian to either get dirt on Sonny or kill Michael. Julian won't play ball and says he's not doing Luke's dirty work anymore. The guard says then he'll have to do it himself. Then Jordan shows up and the guard recognizes her. He warns Jordan not to cross Luke and then takes off. At the end, Jordan fills Julian in on Ava's situation.

Ava talks to her baby at the Brownstone about her worries. Morgan brings her breakfast and they talk about Sonny's plans for Ava. Ava says she's going to eat and then take off, but Morgan wants to know Ava's game plan. Ava says she going to see her mother, but Morgan tells her to stay with him. Ava thinks it's a dangerous idea and says she doesn't want Morgan involved. However Morgan talks her into it and promises to protect her.

Lulu and Dante have a relaxing morning in their bed making love. After Tracy comes knocking on the door and she's thrilled to see that Lulu's okay. Tracy and Lulu talk about Luke. Lulu questions Tracy about his whereabouts. Tracy says she doesn't know where Luke is and hasn't seen him since their honeymoon. Dante eavesdrops on their conversation at first, but then joins in. Dante tells them about the investigation Luke is a suspect in. He's hesitant to provide details, but says Anna thinks Luke is the head of the Jerome crime family. At the end, Tracy confirms that she saw Luke and Julian together at Nik and Britt's engagement party.

Sam opens her penthouse door in a towel thinking Alexis is coming in, but she finds Patrick there instead. Patrick blushes at the sight of her so Sam tells him to wait while she gets dressed. Then Alexis arrives and once Sam is dressed, her and Patrick tell Alexis their suspicions about Luke. They tell Alexis about Spencer's claims and Anna's investigation into him. Alexis says that she thinks Julian might have met with Luke the night of Nikolas and Britt's party.

At Michael's apartment, Kiki worries about not telling him about Carly and Sonny's affair. Michael comes to talk to her and asks if she and Morgan are hiding anything from him. Kiki says she was talking to Morgan about Ava. After Kiki shows Michael a card trick and tells him that he's the ace of her heart. Then they end up having sex on the couch. At the end, Kiki heads back to the Brownstone and surprises Morgan and Ava. Meanwhile Michael's alone at his place and gets a visit from an unknown person.

End of show!

Uneventful Friday!

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