Thursday, September 4, 2014


It's over!
In today's episode Alexis and Julian share disappointing texts, Patrick comes knocking on Sam's door and Sabrina wants revenge!

Here's What Happened - 

Rosalie and Nina meet up in Silas's office to confer. Nina asks if Rosalie put the Crichton-Clark card in Rafe's things, but Rosalie says she doesn't know anything about it. Then they discuss Nina's encounter with Ava and that she learned she can't have kids. However, Nina says she's going to prove Britt and everyone wrong. Then she wonders out loud if Ava is having a boy or girl. It makes Rosalie nervous so she asks if Nina is planning on stealing Ava's baby. Nina smirks and says that's a crazy idea.

Sam chats with Spinelli on the phone about getting details off Rafe's cell phone. Meanwhile outside her door, Alexis gets a text from Julian asking her to reconsider their relationship. She responds that she can't be with him and then goes into Sam's place. Sam and Alexis end up talking about Rafe. Sam tells her about the Crichton-Clark adventure she took with Patrick. The subject leads to Silas/Nina and Sam says she thinks Nina can walk. Later they talk about Alexis's troubles with Julian. Alexis gets more texts from Julian while Sam and her drink wine. Alexis says she's tempted to go back with Julian every five seconds, but knows she needs to move on. Then Alexis says they need to find new men. Sam says she's not ready, but Alexis remarks how nice Patrick is. Sam says they're just friends, but then Patrick knocks on her door. He shows Sam his freshly shaven face and then he asks about Rafe. Sam says she'll trace down any lead to find out who's responsible. They promise to work as a team.

Ava and Julian discuss Fluke again at her apartment. Ava says if Franco won't help her, she's worried Fluke will hurt Kiki. Julian agrees that Fluke is a problem and Ava says he's got them both in a stranglehold. However, Ava is comforted by their renewed alliance with Julian and he remarks that they're still family. After Ava shares her weird run-ins with Nina and Sabrina with Julian. Julian says that what Ava did to Carlos probably set Sabrina off, but he thinks Ava has bigger problems to worry about. Then Ava notices Julian looking at his phone and wonders if he's waiting to hear from Alexis. At the end, they order Chinese food and Julian gets one last text from Alexis telling him it's over for good. Meanwhile, we see that Alexis is in tears over sending him that message.

Sonny tells Carly at his office that he thinks Kiki will keep her mouth shut about the night they spent together. Carly isn't so sure so Sonny decides to calm her with a kiss. Carly reminds him again that they "can't do this" and then walks away. After Shawn stops by to chat with Sonny. Sonny tells Shawn that Kiki knows he slept with Carly. Then Shawn tells Sonny that he followed Ava to GH and she was looking for Franco. Sonny wants Ava back under his control. Shawn assures him that he's working on a plan to kidnap Ava again.

Kiki goes to see Franco in the art therapy room and tells him she needs to speak with him. Kiki tells him that she went to see Carly, but before she can say anything Carly walks in. Franco asks Carly where she's been this afternoon. She says she was at the Metro Court and quickly changes the subject to the Lulu and Maxie situation. Kiki gets uncomfortable and quickly makes an exit. After Franco notes how weird Kiki was acting. At the end, he and Carly decide to go home together. 

Patrick tells Sabrina at GH that he spoke with Silas and has a clue about who might have run them off the road. Patrick tells her about the Crichton-Clark card in Rafe's stuff. He explains that it's the place where Robin is working and suggests that her boss might have ordered Rafe to run him down. However, Sabrina doesn't buy it and warns him that he'll have to come clean with Sam about Jason if he pursues this theory. Later Kiki approaches Sabrina at the nurses's station to say how sorry she is about Gabriel. Sabrina is quick to say how unfair it is that Ava is having a baby when hers died. At the end, Sabrina researches Ava on the internet and swears to pay her back!

End of show!

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