Friday, September 12, 2014

Sins of the Mother

In today's episode Dr. Obrecht and Anna work together, Felicia gets a reminder of the past and we see glimpse of NuJason!

Friday's Recap - 

Anna prepares to search the Crichton-Clark clinic with Dr. O and her police force behind her. They wait in a van outside the clinic. Dr. Obrecht and Anna start to argue about how to handle the situation. The subject of Victor comes up and Anna tells her that she's plans on using Dr. O's connection to Victor to get inside. Dr. Obrecht asks how Anna plans on getting Nathan out. Anna says she wants to send Dr. O in with a wire. Later, Dr. O agrees and goes into Crichton-Clark with Anna plugged into her ear. At the end, Anna decides to enter Crichton-Clark when she loses contact with Dr. O.

Nathan remains chained at the clinic while he waits for Maxie's aid. Peter/Levi walks in and demands to know where Maxie is. Nathan says he doesn't know and isn't saying a thing. Levi points a gun at him, but says he unfortunately can't kill Nathan because Victor wants him alive. Nathan gives him a piece of his mind for using Maxie and wishes that he stopped Levi when he first met him. Peter/Levi says he didn't, because Nathan was filled with jealousy and doubted his instincts. Peter/Levi admits to sabotaging Maxie's court hearing for Georgie. Then he tells Nathan that he's going to find Maxie and take his aggression out on her and then walks out. Later Nathan manages to get the upper hand when a security guard comes to check on him. Nathan chokes the guy out and unchains himself. Then Nathan takes his gun and goes looking for Maxie.

Victor demands his DNA test results from one of the doctors in his office at the clinic. Then Stavros walks in and says he needs to discuss Lulu. Stavros demands to know if Lulu can bare his child or not and tries to grab the files on Victor's desk. Victor tells him that those files are for Jason Morgan. Stavros asks if Victor can wake up, "mother" meaning Helena, but Victor says he needs to stop this baby nonsense. Victor says he'll give him what he wants if Stavros will be patient. Then he advises Stavros to get some rest, because he's clearly not back at full strength. Stavros oddly agrees and walks out. After Victor gets word that Dr. Obrecht wants to speak with him. Victor tells his assistant to let her in and also asks him to check on Jason Morgan. Then Dr. O walks into Victor office. They start talking and Victor admits that Nathan is his prisoner. Dr. O decides to ignore Anna's warnings not to push and tells him that Nathan is indeed his son. Victor asks how she could keep this from him. Dr. O says because it would have ruined her relationship with Faison. Then Nathan walks in with a gun pointed at Victor looking for Maxie. Victor tells him to put the gun down, because he can't shot his own father.

Lulu and Dante desperately try to free themselves from their chains at the clinic. Lulu is terrified at the idea of being implanted with Stavros's embryo. Dante hopes that Stavros will lose interest if Lulu can't have his child, but Lulu isn't so confident. Later Stavros comes in and says he spoke with one of the doctor's who said Lulu could have his baby with the right hormone injections. He brings in a doctor to give Lulu a needle, but Lulu freaks out. Stavros tells her not to fight him on this or he'll inject Dante with something nasty. Despite Dante imploring her not to listen, Lulu decides to go along with Stavros to save Dante. Then Stavros unchains Lulu and the doctor administers the injection while Lulu screams.

Mac and Felicia get ambushed by reporters at the PCPD. They ask Felicia if Frisco is behind Maxie's disappearance. One reporter brings up Mac's run for Mayor of PC (which I forgot about) and says what will happen to the campaign if Maxie is found dead. Mac punches him and all the reporters snap pictures of it. After Felicia and Mac quickly walk away and into Anna's office. Felicia starts panicking that something bad has happened to Maxie. Mac assures her that Anna will find her. Then Felicia finds a file on Anna's desk for her ex-fiance, Peter Harrell Sr. She looks at his picture and says she hadn't thought of him in forever. It makes her angry and Felicia says she wishes the Aztec Treasure never existed. She says the sins of the mother are being visited on the daughter. Mac tries to convince Felicia it's not her fault. However, Felicia says she didn't trust her instincts about Levi, because she wanted to make up for being a bad mother to Maxie. Mac says that's not true and Maxie adores her. He thinks the love they all share will keep Maxie safe.

Maxie roams the halls of Crichton-Clark looking for an escape. She wanders into a mysterious room and sees a drawn curtain. She hears some noise behind it and decides to pull the curtain open. She finds an older man who's on oxygen laying in a hospital bed. His eyes are closed, but Maxie talks to him anyway and asks for his help getting out of the hospital. The man opens his eyes, looks at Maxie and whispers, "Felicia?" Maxie responds that its her mother name. The man reaches out for her, but Maxie gets scared and takes off. On her way out of the room she's runs into Levi. She tries to get away, but he stops her and points a gun at her. Levi says he needs to introduce her to his father. Levi draws the curtain back and says that his father is sick because of Maxie's parents. Levi explains that although his father recovered from the bullet wound he endured during the original Aztec Treasure, a fragment of the bullet remained in his brain. That fragment slowly drove him crazy and sick over the years. Peter Sr. opens his eyes again and thinks Maxie is Felicia. Levi tells him that Maxie is Felicia'a daughter. He thanks his son for bringing her to him and then tells Levi to kill Maxie. 

At the very end, Victor's assistant goes to visit Jason and learns that Jason had to be restrained because he's been determined to leave. Then we see Jason's arms shackled to a hospital bed as he struggles for freedom!

End of show!

Enjoy the preview for Monday below!

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  1. Thanks for the recap. Anna is going to find everybody except Robin, right? Ugh. This soap. And what's with bringing back obscure characters?

    1. I think Robin is supposed to be back for a few scenes, but whether or not Anna will find her, I'm not sure. Agreed the Peter Harrell stuff is a little obscure, but at least it's something we haven't ever revisited before.


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