Monday, September 8, 2014

Sight for Sore Eyes

This isn't over!
In today's show Anna gets questioned about Faison, Victor wants to know if he's Nathan's daddy and Lulu gets a surprise in captivity!

Monday's Recap - 

Spencer tells Emma outside of Kelly's that he thinks he knows who told Rafe to run Patrick off the road. Emma pressures him for a name, but then Spencer clams up and walks into Kelly's. Emma follows him and demands an answer. Spencer asks Emma to please forget what he said. Nearby Sam wants to know why Patrick kept his knowledge of Crichton-Clark from her. Patrick says he didn't think it was that important and that he assumed Nina or Rosalie was behind it. Then Patrick gets slightly exasperated and Sam asks him what he's not telling her. Before he an can answer, Emma runs up to them saying Spencer knows who ordered Rafe to hit them. When Patrick asks Spencer, Spencer claims he made it up. Emma accuses Spencer of lying so Sam decides to talk to him cousin to cousin. She asks why Spencer doesn't trust his dad or family enough to confide the truth. Finally at the end, Spencer says it was Luke Spencer. 

Anna feels pressured to find Maxie and Lulu in her office at the PCPD. Then Dr. Obrecht storms in and accuses Anna of putting Nathan in harm's way on purpose. Anna denies it and they start arguing about Faison. Dr. O says Anna killed him, but Anna say that's not what happened. Dr. Obrecht gets emotional and pleads with Anna to give her closure regarding Faison. Anna doesn't clearly deny it, but won't say she killed Faison either. They start arguing again about Nathan and Anna orders Dr. O out of her office. Dr. Obrecht promises Anna, "this isn't over" before she walks out. After Anna makes a call to Robert to get his help finding Frisco

Nik and Britt chat in the PCPD about Maxie and Lulu's disappearance and then Dr. Obrecht's bizarre obsession with Faison. Britt feels that Dr. O genuinely cares for Nathan and wonders if that has humanized her a little. It leads into a conversation about Victor. Britt tells Nikolas that she suspects Victor is Nathan's father. Nik agrees that it's possible. Then they debate whether that makes them related or not, but Britt says their safe. Then Dr. Obrecht storms past them saying if Anna won't help find Nathan she's going to find someone who will. After Nik and Britt speak with Anna. Britt questions Anna about what happened with Faison.

We see Maxie is chained in what looks to be an exercise room at Crichton-Clark. Nathan is outside her door blindfolded and being manhandled by Victor's security guards. Maxie calls out for Nathan and when Nathan hears her he tries to break free. He gets beaten up for his efforts. Then Victor approaches him and removes Nathan's blindfold. Nathan asks to see Maxie so Victor has his guards bring him into Maxie's room. They punch Nathan in stomach again before leaving him alone with Maxie. After Nathan says Maxie is a sight for sore eyes. He also says he thinks they're being held at Crichton-Clark. Maxie thinks the whole situation is her fault and asks if Nathan can ever forgive her. Nathan tells her to stop being herself up. Then Maxie admits that she didn't want to marry Levi because of him.

Later at the PCPD, Dr. O calls Victor just as he is wondering who Nathan's father is. Dr. Obrecht asks Victor to find a police officer for her named, Nathan West. Victor decides to be point blank and asks if Nathan is his son. She won't answer him so Victor threatens to get revenge if he finds out she kept Nathan from him all these years. Victor says he going to run a DNA test. Dr. O asks how he was able to get Nathan's DNA. Victor says he got it because he's the head of the WSB. After Dr. O heads back to Anna's office just as Anna is about to tell Britt what she did to Faison. Dr. O tells them that she thinks she knows where Nathan and the gang are being held.

Dante and Lulu are also chained to a wall in one of the exam rooms at Crichton-Clark. They wake up and try to figure out how they got there. Lulu is worried about being away from Rocco and they tell each other they love one another. After they discuss Levi/Peter Harrell and wonder why he wanted revenge against Lulu. Lulu assumes it's because of Luke's past involvement in the Aztec treasure. Dante wonders if maybe there been something Luke has done more recently to insight anger in people. Lulu doesn't buy it, but Dante feels something is off. He tells Lulu that Luke is currently a person of interest in case Anna has him working on. Right then an unseen person walks in the room. Lulu is shocked when she looks at the mystery person's face!

End of show!

Did Lulu see Stavros?

Have a great night!


  1. Absolutely love Spencer. Hope TPTB make sure he gets the love of his life little Emma Drake. Those two are so adorable together. TPTB can hook up Cameron and Josslyn those two little sneaks belong together. Definitely want to see more of Prince Nikolas. Hopefully they will have Britt change her ways and behave and let the Prince and Britt be together. Don't want him with Elizabeth she plays to many games and she is not very nice to little Spencer. This was a good episode.

  2. It was a good episode. Spencer is the best child actor on GH, in my opinion.

  3. I agree. Love that little kid. Like I stated above I hope he gets paired with Emma. And they let Cameron and Joss be paired.

    Love to see a Cassadine/Scorpio/Drake romance when they are older. (I know it is a bit premature).


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