Thursday, September 25, 2014

Overgrown Preppy

What's Your Name?
In today's episode Britt sports a cute new hairdo, Morgan agrees to hide Ava and
Liz comes to NuJason's rescue!

Thursday's Recap - 

Olivia is overjoyed to see Dante and Lulu return at their apartment. Nikolas is there and puts Rocco in Lulu's arms. All of them discuss Victor's actions. Lulu and Dante inform Nik about Stavros's revival and subsequent death. Nikolas feels horrible, but Lulu says it's time to move on. After Nikolas debates telling them about his suspicions about Luke, but decides not to worry them needlessly. Then Nik and Olivia leave to let Dante and Lulu relax with Rocco. Later Lulu, Dante and Rocco snuggle in bed and talk about their plans to be normal for awhile. They agree to wait to have another baby.

Felicia and Mac wait at the PCPD for Maxie to return. Mac tells Felicia to turn around and there Maxie is. Her and Felicia hug and after the three of them discuss what happened with Levi. Felicia can't believe that Peter Harrell and the Aztec treasure came back to hurt Maxie. Maxie hands her the Aztec dagger and explains that she killed Levi with it. After she tells Mac and Felicia about Nathan's feelings for her. However, Maxie says she doesn't trust herself yet. Felicia tells her to go for it.

Nearby Nathan and Britt hug and talk about what happened at Crichton-Clark. Nathan tells her that Dr. Obrecht is in custody and that Victor was his father. Nathan is torn that he learned he's a Cassadine and then Victor died. After Britt asks if he finally told Maxie his feelings for her. Nathan explains that he did tell her his feelings, but Maxie wasn't ready to admit how she feels about him yet. Britt gets annoyed and says Maxie is nuts if she doesn't see how great he is. Nathan thinks of his first kiss with Maxie and tells Britt he's not giving on her. Later Nik comes to the PCPD to take Britt home. He tells Nathan they can catch up on being cousins sometime in the future. At the end, Nathan and Maxie talk and she agrees to let him move back into her apartment. Then Nathan asks her on a dinner date and Maxie says yes.

Julian goes to Sonny's house looking for Ava. However Sonny greets him with a gun. They argue about Ava and Julian demands to know if Sonny killed her. Sonny doesn't answer him, but they exchange threats. Then Julian storms out. After Sonny and Shawn decide to search for Jordan in the hopes of finding Ava. Shawn says he'll handle it personally.

Alexis meets up with Ned at the Metro Court for their date. They enjoy martini's and Ned wonders if he's just a substitute for Julian. Alexis assures him that's not the case, but it leads into a conversation about Olivia. Alexis notices that he seems to like her. They decide to focus on their date with each other. However Julian walks in and interrupts them. Ned gets annoyed and gives Julian a piece of his mind. Julian asks Alexis for two minutes of private time. Alexis reluctantly agrees and once in private Julian asks what she knows about Sonny's plans for Ava. Alexis says she doesn't know anything about it. Julian asks her to talk to Sonny on his behalf. She agrees and then he asks if she's seriously dating that "overgrown preppy" meaning Ned. He tells Alexis that Ned will never love her like he does. Alexis tells him he's arrogant, but clearly is attracted to his confidence. Meanwhile, Olivia comes into the Metro Court and sees Ned sitting alone. She sits down and starts chatting Ned up, but then Alexis returns and Olivia realizes their on a date. She quickly excuses herself, but looks disappointed to see Ned with another.

Ava goes to the Brownstone and asks Morgan to help her. Morgan asks what's going on and Ava flashes to the accident and her cover up with Jordan. Ava tells Morgan about the botched kidnapping, but not the accident. Ava says Sonny is after her, because he wants to kill her after the baby is born. Morgan doesn't believe her, but Ava pleads with him to hide her before it's too late. Morgan agrees and tells Ava he'll take care of her.

At the hospital, Sabrina wonders why Ava hasn't been admitted for premature labor yet. Liz comes over to her and says they have an accident victim coming in. Right after NuJason comes into the ER. Liz immediately begins to work on him with a team of doctors. She talks to NuJason and tries to revive him. She asks if he can tell her his name. NuJason starts to crash so they administer CPR. Meanwhile, Sabrina talks to Jordan at the nurse's station. Sabrina starts asking about Ava, but Jordan says she's only there because she hit someone. Sabrina tries to help her identify the man in question, but then Jordan gets a call from Shawn. She answers and tells Shawn he'll never find Ava. Then Sabrina finds Ava's pills in Jordan's possession and demands to know what she's doing with them. Sabrina insists that Jordan get the pills to Ava as soon as possible. 

At the end, NuJason comes to and squeezes Liz's hand. He's rushed into surgery and Liz promises to get him through it!

End of show!

Do you think Liz will have the same chemistry with this Jason?

Have a great night!

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