Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Off the Deep End

True Detectives!
Today's Recap - 

Sam and Patrick tell Lulu, Tracy and Dante that they think Luke is behind the accident that killed baby Gabriel. Tracy doesn't believe it. Sam tells them what Spencer said about Luke. Tracy tells them about finding Luke with Julian the night of Nik's party. Dante informs Sam and Patrick about Anna's investigation into Luke. At the end, Tracy gets a text from Luke in Amsterdam saying he wants to meet up with her. Patrick thinks they all need to head to Amsterdam together.

Sonny and Carly continue to discuss Ava at her place. He assures Carly that he'll find a way to get Ava under his control. Then Sonny reminisces about sharing morning coffee with Carly when they were married. Carly gets annoyed and tells him to stop playing games. It leads to an argument. Then Sonny asks for a kiss, but he gets a call from Shawn before Carly can respond.

Franco tells Nina more about his plans for Carly at GH. He shows Nina an app on his phone that he can use to track Carly via her evil eye necklace. Franco says if Carly behaves he'll go ahead with the wedding, but if not he'll use the dirt he knows to destroy Sonny & Carly. Franco opens the app and they listen in on Carly & Sonny's conversation. Nina take his phone and tells him he needs to stop before he goes off the deep end. Franco ignores her, takes his phone and goes back to watching the app. 

Ava tells Kiki and Morgan that Sonny killed AJ at the Brownstone. Kiki thinks shes's lying, but Ava explains that she got Carlos to take the rap for her. Morgan can't believe it, but Ava says Sonny lost control and has been lying about it ever since. Kiki asks for proof of her claims, but Morgan remembers that Sonny said Ava was holding something over him. Ava says Carly knows about this as well. Kiki wants to tell Michael the truth, but Morgan thinks this would destroy Michael.

Shawn comes to Michael and Rosalie's rescue at Michael's apartment. Rosalie tries to run and it creates a distraction. Michael grabs the gun and he and the henchman struggle. The gun goes off and Fluke's henchman gets shot and dies. Michael tells Shawn to call Sonny for help. Meanwhile Rosalie is traumatized and Michael comforts her. At the end, Sonny and Carly show up. Sonny advises Rosalie to keep quiet and Shawn takes her home. After Carly freaks out about the danger Michael could be in. 

Julian tells Alexis at Ava's place that she lost the right to ask about his business when she dumped him. Alexis says she's asking on Sam's behalf and asks if Luke's his boss. Julian swears that "Luke Spencer" isn't his boss. After Julian asks if Alexis can deny her feelings for him. She can't and they end up making out. However Julian stops it and says he can't sleep with her if she's going to leave him again. Alexis is moved and promises she won't leave this time. Then they get back to fooling around.

End of show!

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