Friday, September 5, 2014

Miss Venezuela

I miss mommy!
In this episode Emma misses Robin, Nina wants Rosalie to steal Michael from Kiki and Spencer can't stand all the girls liking Cameron!

Today's Show - 

Emma throws a tantrum at Patrick's house by tossing her cereal bowl on the floor. Patrick asks why she did that. Emma says she doesn't want to go to school, because Robin's not there to take her. Seeing how upset Emma is, Patrick tries to call the clinic. He gets voice mail and after tells Emma to trust that Robin loves her. After Liz and Cameron stop by and Patrick says he's taking everyone to breakfast at Kelly's before school. Then Emma hears Liz and Patrick discussing Rafe causing the accident. She hears Liz wonder about who would want to hurt them.

Franco debates texting Nina outside of Kelly's. Meanwhile inside Kelly's, Carly tries to call Kiki, but ends up leaving her a message. Then Franco walks in and kisses Carly. Right then Michael strolls in with Josslyn and Josslyn is grossed out by their kiss. She gives Franco attitude and then Michael brings up Josslyn hiding Spencer at the house. Franco feels defeated that Carly's kids hate him. After Josslyn finds Spencer outside of Kelly's with his new body guard named Chandler. Spencer is annoyed at her for telling on him, but Josslyn swears that she didn't say anything about him hiding at her house. Then she tells Spencer that she's in love with Cameron, which makes Spencer angry. He tells Josslyn to steal Cameron from Emma so he can be with Emma. Later Emma, Cameron, Liz and Patrick show up at Kelly's and Josslyn takes Cameron inside. Liz and Carly remark how big the kids are getting. Meanwhile Spencer gets a moment alone with Emma. Emma tells him that someone is after her family and Spencer thinks he knows who it is.

Nina thinks about Franco telling her that she seems to resent Silas in the art therapy room. Rosalie finds her there and thinks she's looking for Franco, because she likes him. Nina strongly disagrees and swears she's only in the art room to plot her revenge against Kiki. Nina thinks the only thing Kiki has worth taking is her boyfriend. Rosalie thinks Nina is too "mature" for Michael so Nina suggests that Rosalie should seduce Michael instead. Nina says that Rosalie isn't, "Miss Venezuela" but says she does have some charm. Rosalie doesn't like the idea and says she won't do it, because she likes Morgan. Nina tells her that she writes the checks so Rosalie need to step up. At the end, Franco shows up when Nina is alone and insists they speak. He apologizes for putting down her feelings for Silas. He asks if they can stay friends. Nina says that she likes their uncomplicated relationship and agrees.

A shirtless Morgan and Kiki continue their Brownstone renovations, but Morgan can tell Kiki is distracted when she starts painting over the light switch. He asks her what's wrong. Kiki tries to change the subject, but Morgan won't back off. Kiki finally admits that she's got a problem with Carly. Morgan promises to keep whatever it is a secret so Kiki tells him that Carly and Sonny had sex. Morgan wants to tell Michael, but Kiki asks him to keep quiet. Then Michael walks in and asks what Kiki wants to keep from him. She says it's because she painted over the light switch fixture. Michael doesn't care, but tells Morgan to put on a shirt. At the end, Kiki, Michael and Morgan head to GH to see Alice and run into Rosalie. Morgan introduces Rosalie to Michael.

Sam goes to see Silas at GH and overhears him giving good news to one of his patients. When he's done, Sam remarks on his wonderful doctoring skills. Then Sam tells him she hit a dead end in Rafe's case so Silas shows her the Crichton-Clark card he found. Silas wonders why Patrick didn't tell Sam about it already and he asks Sam why she's looking into Nina. Silas isn't pleased to hear that Sam doesn't trust Nina. Sam tells him that just because she didn't find anything, doesn't mean Nina's not up to something. Later Sam runs into Patrick at Kelly's and asks why he didn't tell her that he spoke with Silas about Crichton-Clark.

End of show!

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  1. Do you know when Brad and Lucas will be back on? Love them!

    1. They may not be back on screen for another week or so. See next week preview here

  2. Awww, poor Emma. *Sigh* This viewer misses Robin too. The GH writers have certainly done a number on the Robin character, Scrubs and ScrubsEmma And this tortured viewer. Even with Robin/Kimberly McCullough absences the writers could pen better reasons to explain it.
    Thanks for the recaps. I'll watch GH when Kimberly McCullough is back.

    1. Your welcome and thanks for reading! I'm not a big Robin fan myself, but I agree the writer's ruined scrubs.

  3. This viewer also misses Robin and wants her back with Patrick. Also want little Spencer and Emma to be a little couple. Definitely don't want her with Cameron the kids a sneak and belongs with Josslyn.


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