Tuesday, September 16, 2014

I Love Danger

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In this episode the Crichton-Clark hospital of horrors continues with bullet's flying, dead bodies and a even bomb!

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Tracy visits Michael at his apartment and wants to know what he knows about the search for Lulu. Michael says he doesn't know anything, but Tracy thinks Sonny must know something. Then Tracy brings up Fluke and says that she doesn't think he's looking for Lulu. Tracy thinks Luke will never forgive himself if anything happens to her.

Sam and Patrick debate the meaning of their identical fortune cookies at her place. Patrick decides to kiss her instead of over analyzing. They end up making out on the couch and Patrick is ready to go all the way. However, Sam stops him and says they can't do this. Patrick apologizes if he picked up on the wrong vibe, but Sam says he didn't. She admits that she's been thinking about kissing him for awhile. She goes on to explain that she doesn't think she's ready for whatever is going on between them. Sam says that Jason's birthday is tomorrow and Patrick's not even divorced from Robin yet. She suggests that they postpone their feelings until they finish investigating Rafe's case. Patrick agrees and decides to head out.

At Crichton-Clark in Victor's office, Dr. Obrecht stops Anna from arresting Victor. She points a gun at Anna and says they have unfinished business. Anna tells her to think of Nathan, but Dr. O says she is thinking of Nathan. Then she shoots Victor instead. Anna is appalled and asks what Dr. O was thinking. Liesl answers that she had to protect Nathan. Then one of Robert's WSB guards comes looking for Anna and says they need her help. Anna tells Dr. O to stay put and takes off. After Dr. Obrecht cries over Victor and apologizes for killing him. However she finds a pulse and then Victor opens his eyes. Dr. O explains that she shot him to save Nathan. She says Nathan needs to believe Victor is his father, because the truth is far worse. Victor realizes that he's going to die soon and triggers an alarm in his jacket pocket. He tells Liesl that the clinic has a destructive device capable of destroying the clinic so no one can ever get the secrets kept there. Victors tells Dr. O to run for it and save Nathan if she can. Dr. Obrecht decides to run and at the end, it appears that Victor dies on the floor.

Lulu screams for Dante as Stavros and his doctor try to force the zygote procedure on her. Dante bursts in with his gun drawn and Stavros puts a surgical knife to Lulu's throat. Dante decides to lower his weapon to prevent Lulu from getting stabbed. When he does, Lulu elbows Stavros in the groin. Dante attacks him and Lulu tackles the lady doctor. Then Robert's WSB men run over and try to help them, but Stavros manages to get the upper hand and locks Dante and Lulu in. Stavros is ready to shoot Dante, but Lulu throws herself in front of Dante. Stavros says he'll shoot her, because he can use a surrogate. Dante decides to attack Stavros again and gets the his gun. Then Anna and the WSB guys burst in. Anna finds Stavros on the floor presumed dead and then the alarms start going off. Anna decides to head off and keep looking for Maxie and Nathan. She tells Dante and Lulu to get out while they can.

Maxie and Nathan share their first kiss in the wake of Levi's death. After they decide to make their escape from the hospital, but not before Nathan gives Maxie a quick lesson in handling a gun. Maxie takes a practice shot at the wall and then grabs the Aztec dagger before her and Nathan leave. They start searching for Dante and Lulu, during which Maxie says, "I love danger!" Then they find Victor's assistant and NuJason's doctor unconscious in one of the rooms. Nathan wakes the assistant up and demands to know where Dante and Lulu are. The assistant says another patient was in this room, but he knows where Dante and Lulu are. Then they hear the alarms going off and the assistant tells them they have to leave before the building blows up.

NuJason makes an escape, but we still don't see his face. He manages to get a gun left behind from the WSB men's shoot out. Then he begins searching the hospital and finds Robin handcuffed in one of the hospital rooms. Robin is thrilled to see him and NuJason gestures to her that he can't talk. Robin tells him that Victor double crossed her and locked in her in the room. NuJason shoots her handcuffs and frees her. Then they hear the alarms start going off. Robin thinks they should make a run for it just as it appears Anna is trying to open the door to the room their in.

End of show!

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  1. It been an action-packed week on GH and I'm really loving it!


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