Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Hit & Run

Girl bonding!
In today's show Carly and Franco set a wedding date, Robin lies to Patrick and Anna, plus Jordan covers for Ava!

Here's What Happened - 

Helena breaks it to Robin that she's got big plans for her and Jason in Anna's hotel room. She insists that Robin cooperate for the well being of her family. After when Helena is alone, her guards come to tell her that Jason got away. Helena isn't pleased to hear it. In anger she shoots and kills one of the guards. The other pleads for his life and says Jason just disappeared. She decides to spare his life so he can help dispose of the other guard's body.

Patrick fills Anna in on what he knows about Robin working at Crichton-Clark at his house. He says Robin was working there because of Jason. He goes on to explain Victor's role and how he was sworn to secrecy. Anna wants to know why Robin won't just come home if Jason is dead. They decide to Skype Robin to make sure she's okay. Much to their relief, Robin answers. Robin tells them that she's in Paris for some personal time. Anna and Patrick tell her to come home for Emma. Robin says she can't and needs distance, because she's broken. At the end, Patrick and Anna can't believe how weird Robin seemed. Meanwhile, Helena tells Robin that they're going to Paris afterall. Helena also says that Jason escaped. Robin is thrilled to hear it and hopes Jason will come after them. Helena promises that she'll kill Jason when the time comes.

At the Metro Court, Franco and Carly sit alone and discuss their engagement. Franco thinks Carly was hesitant to say yes, but she tells him he just caught her off guard. Then Carly tells him that now that they're getting married, she's an open book and doesn't want secrets between them. Franco asks if she has any last secrets to tell him, but Carly says no. After Franco is ready to get married soon and suggests Halloween for a date. At first Carly thinks he's crazy, but then he reminds her that last Halloween is when they started dating. We get a flashback of their first kiss. Then Carly changes her mind and says she likes the idea afterall.

Michael goes to visit Sonny at his house and tells Sonny about Franco's proposal to Carly. Sonny isn't pleased when he learns that Carly said yes. Michael tells Sonny that he would prefer Sonny with Carly over Franco any day. Then Shawn interrupts to tell Sonny about what happened with Ava and Jordan. Michael takes off and after Shawn explains that he screwed up and Ava got away.

Kiki returns to the Brownstone and fills Morgan in on Franco's birthday party. She explains that Rosalie told Nina, who then told Franco that Sonny and Carly slept together. Kiki says when Franco asked her, she couldn't lie to him. Then she tells Morgan that Franco proposed and Carly said yes. Morgan doesn't like that Carly is in the dark about Franco knowing she slept with Sonny, but Kiki asks him to keep quiet. Kiki is worried about Michael not knowing. Then Michael walks in and asks Kiki to come spend the night with him. She agrees and they take off.

Ava runs downs a hooded NuJason on the Port Charles highway. Ava is shocked, but gets out to see if he's alive. NuJason just lays face down on the pavement. Ava thinks about calling 911, but decides Sonny will find her if she does. Instead she calls Jordan for help. When Jordan arrives she decides to take responsibility for the accident and tells Ava to take off. At the end, Ava heads to the Brownstone and asks Morgan to help her. Meanwhile the paramedics come to take NuJason to the hospital.

End of show!

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  1. I don't know about his face but nujason's butt looks great! lol


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