Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Hello Little Robin

I'm not up to something!
In this episode Carly gets a shock at Franco's birthday party, Jordan and Shawn come to blows over Ava and NuJason gets run down!

Today's Show - 

After a botched kidnapping attempt, Ava goes into premature labor at her apartment. Max and Shawn don't know if she's for real or not, but right then Ava makes a grab for Max's gun. Shawn gets annoyed and tells Ava it's time to stop playing games and go to Sonny's. However she insists that they let her get her pills before leaving. Max heads out to give Sonny an update. After Jordan walks in. Shawn tells her to get out and he grabs Ava at gunpoint, but then Jordan pulls her gun and orders him to let Ava go. They have a gun stand off, but Jordan calls Shawn's bluff and orders Ava to run. Shawn doesn't shoot and Ava takes off. After Shawn and Jordan argue. Shawn says Ava is a cold blooded killer. Meanwhile Ava makes a desperate call to Julian while driving away.

At the Metro Court, Franco responds to Carly's loving birthday toast with a toast of his own. He makes an uncomfortable speech about how Carly and Bobby have been there for him. Then Franco says Michael will be effected by what he says next. Franco says he knows Michael hates him so he appreciates him coming to the party. He starts to ramble, but then out of nowhere Franco asks Carly to marry him. Carly is clearly shocked, but then he gets down on one knee and asks her again. She impulsively answers yes. Everyone at the dinner is surprised, but Scott quickly congratulates him. After Michael and Carly chat in private and Michael asks if she's sure about marrying Franco. Later Bobby also questions Carly's thinking. Meanwhile Kiki talks to Franco in private and asks what's he's up to since he knows Carly slept with Sonny. Franco says he really loves Carly. Then he winks at Kiki while asking her to keep the Sonny/Carly sex a secret.

NuJason makes his way up to Sonny's door, while Sam and Sonny chat inside. However, before he can open the door one of Helena's guards grabs him at gun point. The guard tells Jason that Sam is inside and he'll kill her if he doesn't come along quietly. Meanwhile Sam tells Sonny inside that she can't believe she's not over Jason even after 2 years. One of Sonny's guards interrupts to update him on Ava. Sonny decides Sam should head out and when they open the front door they find a scalpel on the ground. Sonny tells Sam he'll look into it and she leaves. Later we see Helena's guard driving with a hooded NuJason. They hold him at gun point, but he grabs the gun and a scuffle unfolds. Then NuJason opens the car door and jumps out. Back at Sonny's house, Max returns to update Sonny on Ava and they end up remembering Jason. At the end, they have a drink and toast to Jason's birthday.

Patrick and Emma chat at their house. Emma wants to sleep in bed with Patrick, but he tells her she has to sleep in her own bed. Then Emma brings up his divorce from Robin. She tells him that she heard his conversation with Elizabeth talking about how Robin never sent back the papers. Emma wonders if that means Robin wants to stay married and come home. Later Anna stops by and tries to comfort Emma. She agrees to read Emma a book if she sleeps in her own bed. Emma agrees and Patrick tells her that he's sorry she misses Robin so much. After Anna and Patrick chat alone. Sam stops by and the three of them discuss the potential of Luke being bad. Anna is skeptical, but says that Luke is the subject of on-going investigation. Later Sam heads out and Anna fills Patrick in on what happened at Crichton-Clark. After hearing about the explosion, Patrick panics about Robin and tells Anna that Robin was in there.

Robin goes looking for Anna at the Metro Court, but finds Helena in Anna's room instead. Helena says, "Hello little Robin!" Robin demands to know where Anna and Duke are. Helena tells her that their fine, because she waited for them to leave before entering. Robin wants to call the police, but Helena warns her that if she does, she can say goodbye to Patrick and Emma. Helena shows Robin that she has a camera in Patrick's house. She shows her the camera feed on a tablet. After Robin is hopeful that Jason will rescue her, but Helena breaks it to her that her guards already snagged him. Robin is frustrated and asks why Helena won't just let her go. Helena says she grand plans her and Jason. Meanwhile, we see Ava driving frantically. At the end it appears that she drives into Jason!

End of show!

So I guess NuJason's face will be explained by getting smashed with Ava's car!

Have a great night!

P.S. In case you missed yesterday's show, you can catch up here -- > GH 09/22/14

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