Thursday, September 18, 2014

Happy Birthday, Franco!

I love Richard Simmons!
Here's What Happened - 

Carly wakes Franco up with breakfast and balloon's. She says, "Happy Birthday, Franco!" He says it's not likely that he shares the same birthday as Jason. Carly says it doesn't matter and tells him to blow out his birthday muffin. He makes a wish and says he wished that he didn't accuse her of sleeping with Sonny. Franco lays it on thick and Carly feels guilty. She decides to seduce him with a sexy nightie to prove Franco's the only man for her. However she thinks of her tryst with Sonny while they kiss. After Carly says she wants to have birthday party for him later. Franco insists that they invite Kiki. Carly isn't pleased but says okay. Then she suggests that he invite Nina. At the end, Franco thanks Carly for being so sweet to him. 

Kiki meets Silas at the Metro Court and they have a chat about Nina. Silas says he thinks Nina is spending time with Franco. Kiki has a lot of positive things to say about Franco. Silas admires Kiki devotion to him. Kiki says she's been a bad friend to Franco, because she's keeping a secret from him. Kiki also says she confided this secret with Morgan instead of Michael. Silas asks if something is going on with Morgan, but Kiki assures him that Michael is her man of choice. Then Kiki mentions that Rosalie and Morgan have a thing. Silas says he doesn't trust Rosalie as far as he can throw her. At the end, Carly finds Kiki and invites her to the party. However Carly warns her to keep her mouth shut.

Nina works out in some saucy pink exercise gear in Franco's art room. Rosalie comes in and asks what she's doing. Nina says the wheelchair isn't good for her butt. She also mentions that Richard Simmons used to live in PC and she used to love watching him on TV. After they get into a discussion about Michael. Nina wants to know if Rosalie slept with him yet. Rosalie tells her they just talked, but she planted seeds of doubt about Morgan's bond with Kiki. Then Rosalie tells Nina that Kiki knows Franco's girlfriend is sleeping with Sonny. Nina feels bad for Franco and says Carly is making a fool out of Franco. At the end, Franco arrives in the art room when Nina is alone. He starts gushing about Carly so Nina stops him and says she's got a secret to tell him.

At the Brownstone, Michael stops by looking for Kiki but finds Morgan instead. Morgan says Kiki went to meet her father. Michael says he needs to wait for the contractor and while waiting, Morgan talks about the good team he and Kiki make. Michael mentions that Rosalie thinks something is going on between Morgan and Kiki. Morgan asks if Michael is jealous. Michael says he's not, but he could see why Rosalie has a problem with it. At the end, Michael waits alone for the contractor when Rosalie walks in wearing sexy dress.

Sonny and Shawn discuss Ava's baby scare in Sonny's office. Shawn explains that Jordan took Ava to GH the night before, but everything seems to be okay. After Olivia runs in and tells Sonny that Dante and Lulu are okay and they're coming home. Sonny decides to call Michael and Morgan to tell them the good news. After Sonny is pleased that Morgan was pleasant to him. Olivia says she hopes he and Morgan can mend their fences. Olivia hugs Sonny and then heads out to get back to Rocco. At the end, Sonny tells Shawn he needs Ava under control and then his family will be complete.

Ava talks to her baby while she lays on the couch in her apartment. Then she gets a surprise visit from Sabrina. Ava wants her guard to make Sabrina leave, but Sabrina says she has something important to tell her. Sabrina apologizes for her bad behavior when Ava was at the hospital. Sabrina admits that she was taking out what happened to Gabriel on her and asks for Ava's forgiveness. Ava says okay and wants to leave it in the past. Then Sabrina gives her medicine for the baby. She claims that the doctor forgot to give it to Ava the night before. Ava take the pills and thanks her. At the end, Sabrina tells Ava's guard everything went as she planned as she walks out the door with a smile. Meanwhile inside in the apartment, Ava is ready to take the pills!

End of show!

The dialogue between Nina and Rosalie was fun today!

Have a great night!

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