Monday, September 1, 2014

GH September 2014 News, Rumors & Spoilers

According to General Hospital Happenings here's what's on tap this September!

The News - 

GH is returning to the 3pm EST/2pm PST timeslot on Monday, September 8, in the following eight markets: San Antonio, New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Philadelphia, San Francisco, Houston and Raleigh-Durham.

Heather Webber is returning to GH soon, but her first air-date is unknown. 

Update: It's been confirmed that Billy Miller is joining GH. Read here -- > NuJason

The characters of Robin and Helena are taping scenes together that should air around Sept. 19th or the following 

Some parts of the Julian/Alexis story (such as their wedding) may be delayed due to Tony Geary's (Luke/Fluke) slow recovery from back surgery. This could possibly delay Ric's return as well. 

The Rumors - 

Could Frisco (Jack Wagner) be making another return this fall?

If Nina can't have Silas' baby, she may go after the next best thing...Ava's.

Will Dr. Obrecht tell Anna that Robin is working at the clinic (and that Victor is involved and why)? 

Will Carlos become a casualty of Sabrina's investigation? Someone definitely will.

Remember the compass necklace Jason once gave Sam? It may reappear, albeit a bit "buggy".

Jason may first appear in Port Charles on his birthday, Thursday, September 14th. 

The Spoilers - 

Despite Sabrina's outward appearance, she may not be as stable as she seems.

There is another villain that will factor into Levi's (Peter) plans. Expect a lot of twists and turns with multiple villains.

Tracy goes on the hunt for Luke and she teams up with some unexpected people to find him.

Anna is determined to take Julian down, says Carlivati, "she has a blind spot" as far as he is concerned. However, with rampant crime going on right now she has her hands full.

The fact that Nina has Kiki on her list will be an issue for Morgan and Rosalie , and down the road for Franco (and his friendship with Nina) as well, since he cares about Kiki.

Michael and Kiki are still on a bumpy road. Kiki is confiding more in Morgan and not so much in Michael because she worries about how he will react.

Michael is still a pawn in the mob wars, and remains in the dark about Sonny shooting AJ. Sooner of later, that has to blow up.

Olivia has been saying she is not ready for romance, but somebody else is going to come into the story that may have her thinking she should have grabbed Ned when she had the chance.

What will happen when TJ eventually learns that his mom is really one of the good guys, AND the big secret Shawn and Jordan have been keeping regarding his father?

When Madeline returns will she expose Nina or team up with her?

Britt makes more headway with Nikolas. (However, don't forget she has kept yet another secret from him).

Patrick and Sam continue to bond. Head writer, Ron Carlivati, in SID says, "We want the biggest impact possible should Jason come back to the canvas."

Nina has separate plans for both Ava and Kiki which will "unfold at the same time".

Carly and Sonny can't seem to stay away from each other. Franco takes desperate measures to keep Sonny and Carly apart.

Alexis tries to resist her pull towards Julian. Their reconnecting could be a dangerous proposition for both.

Just what is Victor planning for Jason?

Lives are endangered as Sabrina continues her quest for answers. Sabrina's investigation ties several storylines together. There are hints that the Nathan/Dante/Levi/Lulu/Maxie story will eventually tie into the characters involved with the clinic storyline.

Happy September!

Yes, thank you!

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