Thursday, September 11, 2014

Get with the Program

Mad Nurse!
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Rosalie gets a message from Morgan asking her to dinner while at Silas's apartment. Nina reminds her that she needs to focus on Michael, not Morgan. Nina says, "get with the program" to Rosalie. To appease her, Rosalie texts Morgan that she's coming. Then Rosalie asks Nina what she'll have to do once she's crossed all the names off her list. Nina tells her not to worry about that. Later Silas comes home and Rosalie heads out. After Silas says he overheard them discussing a "list" and asks what it's about. Nina wants to know why he's questioning her. Silas says he spoke with Sam earlier and tells Nina that Sam's been checking on her at Crichton-Clark. Nina gets worked up and says Sam investigating her is harassment. Nina also mentions that Sam and Patrick's relationship is like a bad version of the old TV show Hart to Hart. Silas doesn't know what she's talking about, but they agree to watch episodes online together. Later in private, Nina talks to herself and says Sam is back on her list. She also stares at Ava's name and says Ava is first in line for her wrath.

Morgan, Kiki and Michael have dinner at Kelly's. Morgan is distracted by his cell phone. He tells them that he asked Rosalie to join them and is waiting to hear back from her. Kiki thinks Rosalie has a bad attitude. Then Morgan gets a response from Rosalie that she's coming and he asks Kiki and Michael to be nice to her. They promise to be nice and say they're glad he's trying to move on. It leads to a conversation about Ava and Kiki advises Morgan to spend time with Ava to make peace for the baby's sake. It annoys Morgan and he storms off. Kiki goes after him and they talk it out. Meanwhile, outside of Kelly's Rosalie walks up to Michael. They talk about the situation with Ava's baby and Kiki's past with Morgan. Rosalie tries to plant doubt in Michael's mind about the nature of Morgan and Kiki's relationship. Later Rosalie's eavesdrops on Kiki and Morgan talking and hears Kiki say Carly and Sonny slept together.

Sam and Patrick make plans to hang out at her place to go over Rafe's case. They wonder what to do about what Spencer told them about Luke. Sam thinks Spencer's word isn't enough to prove anything to the police. They think the key is finding out who's after Sonny. While they're talking, Danny comes down and surprises them. Patrick plays cars with Danny and mentions that he had boy toys for baby Gabriel that he never got to use. Sam says she wishes Jason was around to play with Danny and do boy things. Later Patrick agrees to stay for dinner with them.

Felix finds Sabrina with Ava's medical file at GH. Sabrina talks about how it's not fair that Ava's pregnant. Felix tries to change the subject and asks if Patrick's made any progress in Rafe's case. Meanwhile at Ava's apartment, Ava gets stomach pains while Jordan is there. Jordan orders Ava's guards to take them to the hospital. Later Ava and Jordan arrive at the hospital and need Felix and Sabrina's help. Felix and Sabrina take Ava into one of the exam rooms. Felix leaves the room to chat with Jordan. He gives Jordan attitude and calls her a drug dealer. Once alone, Sabrina gets creepy with Ava. Sabrina lets Ava suffer with cramps while she takes her time getting help. Sabrina taunts her that she could be having a miscarriage. Then the doctor comes in and settles Ava's cramps down. At the end, Sabrina watches Ava, Jordan and Ava's guards leave the hospital. Ava thinks she good to go, but Sabrina whispers that Ava's only safe for now.

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