Monday, September 29, 2014

Evil Eye

I'm watching you!
In this episode everyone is debating if Fluke is bad or not, Rosalie gets more then she bargained for at Michael's apartment and Franco reveals his plan for Carly!

Today's Show - 

Tracy, Dante and Lulu discuss Fluke at Dante & Lulu's place. Tracy brings up the painting he bought from Julian's art gallery. Dante thinks that could be evidence that Luke is back in the mob. Tracy continues to be reluctant to believe it, as does Lulu. However Lulu agrees with Dante that it doesn't look good. Dante asks Tracy to contact Luke to see what she can find out. Later Tracy calls Luke, leaves a message and asks if they can meet somewhere.

At the gym, Olivia literally falls over Ned as he's working out. They start laughing and Olivia apologizes for not paying attention due to texting. Later they decide to work out together when Ned says Alexis ignored his text to join him. They joke about the marital arts class their about to take and Olivia says her arms are weapons.

Julian warns Jordan about Fluke's henchman looking to kill Michael at Ava's apartment. Jordan says they have to stop him, but Julian tells her to stay out of it. Later Jordan calls Shawn to warn him about Michael, but Shawn hangs up on her. Jordan heads to GH and finds Shawn. She tells him about the hit on Michael and insists Shawn do something immediately.

Sam, Alexis and Patrick discuss Fluke at Sam's place. Sam wants to go to Julian and pump him for information. Alexis thinks that she might be a better option to extract information from Julian instead. Sam says no way, but Alexis heads over to Julian's place anyway. When she arrives Alexis makes a drink as Julian blatantly hits on her. Alexis tells him she wants him, but Julian gets suspicious and asks what she's really up to. Alexis decides to ask Julian point blank if he's working for Luke. Meanwhile, Sam and Patrick go to see Dante and Lulu to talk more about Luke.

Rosalie goes to Michael's place when he's fresh from the shower. She tells him she needs to get something off her chest and apologizes if she caused any trouble between him and Kiki. Then Michael tells her to see herself out when she tries to put her arm on his shoulder. On her way out, Rosalie runs into Fluke's henchman. He tries to get into Michael's apartment, but Rosalie stops him. However the henchmen pushes his way inside and pulls a gun on Rosalie and Michael. He says he's sorry because Rosalie is pretty, but they both have to die. Michael asks who he's working for, but before the man can answer Shawn busts in with his gun drawn.

At Carly's house, Franco can't stop thinking about Carly sleeping with Sonny. He tells Carly that he knows what he needs to do now. Then Franco gives Carly an "evil eye" necklace. He explains that it will protect Carly from anything bad happening to her. Later Sonny stops by to lecture Carly about getting engaged to Franco when she's alone. He thinks Carly is acting out of character. Then tells her about Ava getting away when Shawn tried to kidnap her. Carly thinks if Ava and the baby disappeared all their problems would go away. Carly hopes Ava will take off somewhere, but Sonny thinks Ava will find a way to make them miserable no matter what.

Nina overhears Shawn on the phone at GH talking about Ava. She tries to get him to tell her if Ava is missing, but Shawn won't confirm anything and walks away. After Franco finds Nina and tells her that he knows what she told him about Carly and Sonny was true. Nina assumes that means he's breaking it off with Carly, but he says he proposed instead. He admits that he doesn't trust Carly as far as he can throw her, but explains that he's found a way to make sure Carly is trustworthy before he marries her. Then we see that Franco put a camera in Carly's evil eye necklace.

Kiki scares Morgan and Ava at the Brownstone when she comes home unexpectedly. They tell Kiki to keep it secret that Ava is there, because Sonny is after her. Kiki wants to call Michael, but Ava stops her. Kiki feels confident that Michael will cover for them, but Ava insists Michael's the reason Sonny wants her out of the picture. Kiki asks why Sonny really wants Ava dead. At the end, Ava says she saw Sonny kill AJ.

End of show!

Dear lord, Tracy needs a clue! How could one of the smartest ladies on show be so blind???

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  1. I had to order my own Evil Eye necklace, because I LOVE the symbolism.

  2. is it to represent satan`s all seeing eye?


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