Monday, September 15, 2014

Crichton-Clark Blues

Damn you, Liesl!
In this episode Stavros is ready to implant Lulu, NuJason struggles for his freedom and Maxie saves Nathan's life!

Monday's Recap - 

Sonny continues to babysit for Rocco at Dante and Lulu's place when Olivia drops by with groceries. They discuss Dante and Lulu's kidnapping. Sonny is certain Dante will get them out of there. Then Sonny mentions Carly dropping by. Olivia remarks how loyal Carly and Sonny are to each other. Sonny says that Jason would approve of him doing whatever it takes to get Carly away from Franco. Then Sonny talks about how unfair what happened to Jason was, but tells Olivia that Dante won't suffer the same fate.

Stavros informs Dante and Lulu that he's taking Lulu for a procedure at Crichton-Clark. Stavros's doctor says Lulu is ready to receive Stavros's zygote. Then they drag Lulu off as she screams for Dante to save her. Stavros drags Lulu into a surgery room with the aid of his doctor. Lulu starts to get drowsy. Stavros says that's because he drugged her and then she passes out. Later Stavros and his doctor are ready to begin Lulu's procedure. Stavros insists on anesthetizing Lulu himself, but Lulu wakes up and bites him when he tries to. Meanwhile, Anna enters Crichton-Clark with her gun drawn. She runs into armed WSB agents who've come to help her via Robert Scorpio. Together they all begin searching the clinic. Anna hears Dante screaming for help. She finds him and shoots off Dante's handcuff's so he can save Lulu. 

Nathan points a gun at Victor in his office at the clinic. Nathan demands to know where Maxie is, but Victor says he can't shoot, because he's Nathan daddy. Dr. Obrecht confirms it to Nathan. Nathan says he doesn't care about being a Cassadine, he only cares about finding Maxie. Victor tells him that Maxie is probably with Mr. Harrell. Nathan takes off to find her and after Victor gets his DNA test results delivered. To stall for time, Dr. Obrecht says Anna is hot on his tail. However, Victor opens the results anyway. After reviewing them, Victor says, "You lying bitch!" Nathan isn't his son after all. He prepares to shoot Dr. O, but then Anna bursts in with her gun drawn. She shoots Victor in the hand and Victor drops his gun. Anna tries to handcuff him, but then Dr. O picks up his gun, points it at Anna and tells her to stop.

Sam and Patrick wait for take out from Noodle Buddha at Sam's place. Once the food arrives, they debate who will pay. Sam ends up treating, but Patrick agrees he'll pick up the tab next time. Later Sam talks about marrying Jason at Noodle Buddha. Then they open their fortune cookies. Patrick's says, "you have a secret!" Sam's fortune cookie says, "something you lost will be found again!" After they drink beer and compare notes on both not going to prom. At the end, they open more fortune cookies. Sam's new one says, "now is the time to try something new" and Patrick also says, "now is the time to try something new." Sam wonders what that means. 

Meanwhile, NuJason struggles with his bed restraints in the bowels of Crichton-Clark, although we don't see his face. Victor's assistant and NuJason's doctor both agree that he's a fine specimen. The doctor wants to sedate NuJason to stop him from trying to get loose, but Victor's assistant says he has to talk to Victor first. He leaves to go speak with Victor. In the hallway, Dante comes up behind him with a gun. Then Lulu starts screaming out for Dante's help. Dante pistol wipes Victor's assistant and then takes off to save Lulu. After Victor's assistant runs back into NuJason's room, but finds the doctor knocked out and NuJason gone from his hospital bed. 

Peter Harrell Sr. tells Peter/Levi Jr. that he wants the honor of killing Maxie himself in his hospital room at the clinic. Peter Sr. says he wants revenge for what Felicia took from him. He shows Maxie a dagger that he made out of the Aztec jewels and corners her with Peter/Levi Jr. at his side. He's about to stab Maxie when Nathan bursts in and shoots Peter Sr. He drops to the floor, but tells Peter/Levi Jr. to avenge him. Then he dies. Nathan tries to get Maxie out of the there, but Levi attacks him. They start fighting. Levi pulls a gun on Nathan and is ready to shoot, but Maxie grabs the Aztec dagger and stabs him before he can. Levi drops to the floor and also dies. After Maxie and Nathan kiss!

End of show!

Have a great night!

P.S. I'll be watching Antonio Sabato Jr. (Jagger) on Dancing with the Stars tonight, will you?

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  1. Thank god Levi is gone!!! I liked the Crichton-Clark drama today, but couldn't stand Lulu.


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