Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Off the Deep End

True Detectives!
Today's Recap - 

Sam and Patrick tell Lulu, Tracy and Dante that they think Luke is behind the accident that killed baby Gabriel. Tracy doesn't believe it. Sam tells them what Spencer said about Luke. Tracy tells them about finding Luke with Julian the night of Nik's party. Dante informs Sam and Patrick about Anna's investigation into Luke. At the end, Tracy gets a text from Luke in Amsterdam saying he wants to meet up with her. Patrick thinks they all need to head to Amsterdam together.

Sonny and Carly continue to discuss Ava at her place. He assures Carly that he'll find a way to get Ava under his control. Then Sonny reminisces about sharing morning coffee with Carly when they were married. Carly gets annoyed and tells him to stop playing games. It leads to an argument. Then Sonny asks for a kiss, but he gets a call from Shawn before Carly can respond.

Franco tells Nina more about his plans for Carly at GH. He shows Nina an app on his phone that he can use to track Carly via her evil eye necklace. Franco says if Carly behaves he'll go ahead with the wedding, but if not he'll use the dirt he knows to destroy Sonny & Carly. Franco opens the app and they listen in on Carly & Sonny's conversation. Nina take his phone and tells him he needs to stop before he goes off the deep end. Franco ignores her, takes his phone and goes back to watching the app. 

Ava tells Kiki and Morgan that Sonny killed AJ at the Brownstone. Kiki thinks shes's lying, but Ava explains that she got Carlos to take the rap for her. Morgan can't believe it, but Ava says Sonny lost control and has been lying about it ever since. Kiki asks for proof of her claims, but Morgan remembers that Sonny said Ava was holding something over him. Ava says Carly knows about this as well. Kiki wants to tell Michael the truth, but Morgan thinks this would destroy Michael.

Shawn comes to Michael and Rosalie's rescue at Michael's apartment. Rosalie tries to run and it creates a distraction. Michael grabs the gun and he and the henchman struggle. The gun goes off and Fluke's henchman gets shot and dies. Michael tells Shawn to call Sonny for help. Meanwhile Rosalie is traumatized and Michael comforts her. At the end, Sonny and Carly show up. Sonny advises Rosalie to keep quiet and Shawn takes her home. After Carly freaks out about the danger Michael could be in. 

Julian tells Alexis at Ava's place that she lost the right to ask about his business when she dumped him. Alexis says she's asking on Sam's behalf and asks if Luke's his boss. Julian swears that "Luke Spencer" isn't his boss. After Julian asks if Alexis can deny her feelings for him. She can't and they end up making out. However Julian stops it and says he can't sleep with her if she's going to leave him again. Alexis is moved and promises she won't leave this time. Then they get back to fooling around.

End of show!

Have a great night!

Monday, September 29, 2014

Evil Eye

I'm watching you!
In this episode everyone is debating if Fluke is bad or not, Rosalie gets more then she bargained for at Michael's apartment and Franco reveals his plan for Carly!

Today's Show - 

Tracy, Dante and Lulu discuss Fluke at Dante & Lulu's place. Tracy brings up the painting he bought from Julian's art gallery. Dante thinks that could be evidence that Luke is back in the mob. Tracy continues to be reluctant to believe it, as does Lulu. However Lulu agrees with Dante that it doesn't look good. Dante asks Tracy to contact Luke to see what she can find out. Later Tracy calls Luke, leaves a message and asks if they can meet somewhere.

At the gym, Olivia literally falls over Ned as he's working out. They start laughing and Olivia apologizes for not paying attention due to texting. Later they decide to work out together when Ned says Alexis ignored his text to join him. They joke about the marital arts class their about to take and Olivia says her arms are weapons.

Julian warns Jordan about Fluke's henchman looking to kill Michael at Ava's apartment. Jordan says they have to stop him, but Julian tells her to stay out of it. Later Jordan calls Shawn to warn him about Michael, but Shawn hangs up on her. Jordan heads to GH and finds Shawn. She tells him about the hit on Michael and insists Shawn do something immediately.

Sam, Alexis and Patrick discuss Fluke at Sam's place. Sam wants to go to Julian and pump him for information. Alexis thinks that she might be a better option to extract information from Julian instead. Sam says no way, but Alexis heads over to Julian's place anyway. When she arrives Alexis makes a drink as Julian blatantly hits on her. Alexis tells him she wants him, but Julian gets suspicious and asks what she's really up to. Alexis decides to ask Julian point blank if he's working for Luke. Meanwhile, Sam and Patrick go to see Dante and Lulu to talk more about Luke.

Rosalie goes to Michael's place when he's fresh from the shower. She tells him she needs to get something off her chest and apologizes if she caused any trouble between him and Kiki. Then Michael tells her to see herself out when she tries to put her arm on his shoulder. On her way out, Rosalie runs into Fluke's henchman. He tries to get into Michael's apartment, but Rosalie stops him. However the henchmen pushes his way inside and pulls a gun on Rosalie and Michael. He says he's sorry because Rosalie is pretty, but they both have to die. Michael asks who he's working for, but before the man can answer Shawn busts in with his gun drawn.

At Carly's house, Franco can't stop thinking about Carly sleeping with Sonny. He tells Carly that he knows what he needs to do now. Then Franco gives Carly an "evil eye" necklace. He explains that it will protect Carly from anything bad happening to her. Later Sonny stops by to lecture Carly about getting engaged to Franco when she's alone. He thinks Carly is acting out of character. Then tells her about Ava getting away when Shawn tried to kidnap her. Carly thinks if Ava and the baby disappeared all their problems would go away. Carly hopes Ava will take off somewhere, but Sonny thinks Ava will find a way to make them miserable no matter what.

Nina overhears Shawn on the phone at GH talking about Ava. She tries to get him to tell her if Ava is missing, but Shawn won't confirm anything and walks away. After Franco finds Nina and tells her that he knows what she told him about Carly and Sonny was true. Nina assumes that means he's breaking it off with Carly, but he says he proposed instead. He admits that he doesn't trust Carly as far as he can throw her, but explains that he's found a way to make sure Carly is trustworthy before he marries her. Then we see that Franco put a camera in Carly's evil eye necklace.

Kiki scares Morgan and Ava at the Brownstone when she comes home unexpectedly. They tell Kiki to keep it secret that Ava is there, because Sonny is after her. Kiki wants to call Michael, but Ava stops her. Kiki feels confident that Michael will cover for them, but Ava insists Michael's the reason Sonny wants her out of the picture. Kiki asks why Sonny really wants Ava dead. At the end, Ava says she saw Sonny kill AJ.

End of show!

Dear lord, Tracy needs a clue! How could one of the smartest ladies on show be so blind???

Have a great night!

Friday, September 26, 2014

The Boss is Never Happy

I'm nobody's bitch!
Today's Show - 

Jordan tries to get information on the man she hit with her car at GH. Shawn finds her there and questions her about the accident. He guesses that Ava was the real driver. Jordan admits it to him, but refuses to tell Shawn where Ava is. He gets annoyed and says hooking up with her was the biggest mistake of his life and he's done with her. However Jordan disagrees and tries to seduce him in the hospital. Shawn doesn't bite and Jordan storms off annoyed.

Julian hears a noise at Ava's apartment door and finds a large security guard standing there. The man tells Julian that he works for Fluke and wants to know where Ava is. Julian holds a gun on him and says he doesn't know where she is. The guard says the boss won't be happy. Julian replies, "the boss is never happy!" After the guard tells Julian to either get dirt on Sonny or kill Michael. Julian won't play ball and says he's not doing Luke's dirty work anymore. The guard says then he'll have to do it himself. Then Jordan shows up and the guard recognizes her. He warns Jordan not to cross Luke and then takes off. At the end, Jordan fills Julian in on Ava's situation.

Ava talks to her baby at the Brownstone about her worries. Morgan brings her breakfast and they talk about Sonny's plans for Ava. Ava says she's going to eat and then take off, but Morgan wants to know Ava's game plan. Ava says she going to see her mother, but Morgan tells her to stay with him. Ava thinks it's a dangerous idea and says she doesn't want Morgan involved. However Morgan talks her into it and promises to protect her.

Lulu and Dante have a relaxing morning in their bed making love. After Tracy comes knocking on the door and she's thrilled to see that Lulu's okay. Tracy and Lulu talk about Luke. Lulu questions Tracy about his whereabouts. Tracy says she doesn't know where Luke is and hasn't seen him since their honeymoon. Dante eavesdrops on their conversation at first, but then joins in. Dante tells them about the investigation Luke is a suspect in. He's hesitant to provide details, but says Anna thinks Luke is the head of the Jerome crime family. At the end, Tracy confirms that she saw Luke and Julian together at Nik and Britt's engagement party.

Sam opens her penthouse door in a towel thinking Alexis is coming in, but she finds Patrick there instead. Patrick blushes at the sight of her so Sam tells him to wait while she gets dressed. Then Alexis arrives and once Sam is dressed, her and Patrick tell Alexis their suspicions about Luke. They tell Alexis about Spencer's claims and Anna's investigation into him. Alexis says that she thinks Julian might have met with Luke the night of Nikolas and Britt's party.

At Michael's apartment, Kiki worries about not telling him about Carly and Sonny's affair. Michael comes to talk to her and asks if she and Morgan are hiding anything from him. Kiki says she was talking to Morgan about Ava. After Kiki shows Michael a card trick and tells him that he's the ace of her heart. Then they end up having sex on the couch. At the end, Kiki heads back to the Brownstone and surprises Morgan and Ava. Meanwhile Michael's alone at his place and gets a visit from an unknown person.

End of show!

Uneventful Friday!

Have a great weekend!

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Overgrown Preppy

What's Your Name?
In today's episode Britt sports a cute new hairdo, Morgan agrees to hide Ava and
Liz comes to NuJason's rescue!

Thursday's Recap - 

Olivia is overjoyed to see Dante and Lulu return at their apartment. Nikolas is there and puts Rocco in Lulu's arms. All of them discuss Victor's actions. Lulu and Dante inform Nik about Stavros's revival and subsequent death. Nikolas feels horrible, but Lulu says it's time to move on. After Nikolas debates telling them about his suspicions about Luke, but decides not to worry them needlessly. Then Nik and Olivia leave to let Dante and Lulu relax with Rocco. Later Lulu, Dante and Rocco snuggle in bed and talk about their plans to be normal for awhile. They agree to wait to have another baby.

Felicia and Mac wait at the PCPD for Maxie to return. Mac tells Felicia to turn around and there Maxie is. Her and Felicia hug and after the three of them discuss what happened with Levi. Felicia can't believe that Peter Harrell and the Aztec treasure came back to hurt Maxie. Maxie hands her the Aztec dagger and explains that she killed Levi with it. After she tells Mac and Felicia about Nathan's feelings for her. However, Maxie says she doesn't trust herself yet. Felicia tells her to go for it.

Nearby Nathan and Britt hug and talk about what happened at Crichton-Clark. Nathan tells her that Dr. Obrecht is in custody and that Victor was his father. Nathan is torn that he learned he's a Cassadine and then Victor died. After Britt asks if he finally told Maxie his feelings for her. Nathan explains that he did tell her his feelings, but Maxie wasn't ready to admit how she feels about him yet. Britt gets annoyed and says Maxie is nuts if she doesn't see how great he is. Nathan thinks of his first kiss with Maxie and tells Britt he's not giving on her. Later Nik comes to the PCPD to take Britt home. He tells Nathan they can catch up on being cousins sometime in the future. At the end, Nathan and Maxie talk and she agrees to let him move back into her apartment. Then Nathan asks her on a dinner date and Maxie says yes.

Julian goes to Sonny's house looking for Ava. However Sonny greets him with a gun. They argue about Ava and Julian demands to know if Sonny killed her. Sonny doesn't answer him, but they exchange threats. Then Julian storms out. After Sonny and Shawn decide to search for Jordan in the hopes of finding Ava. Shawn says he'll handle it personally.

Alexis meets up with Ned at the Metro Court for their date. They enjoy martini's and Ned wonders if he's just a substitute for Julian. Alexis assures him that's not the case, but it leads into a conversation about Olivia. Alexis notices that he seems to like her. They decide to focus on their date with each other. However Julian walks in and interrupts them. Ned gets annoyed and gives Julian a piece of his mind. Julian asks Alexis for two minutes of private time. Alexis reluctantly agrees and once in private Julian asks what she knows about Sonny's plans for Ava. Alexis says she doesn't know anything about it. Julian asks her to talk to Sonny on his behalf. She agrees and then he asks if she's seriously dating that "overgrown preppy" meaning Ned. He tells Alexis that Ned will never love her like he does. Alexis tells him he's arrogant, but clearly is attracted to his confidence. Meanwhile, Olivia comes into the Metro Court and sees Ned sitting alone. She sits down and starts chatting Ned up, but then Alexis returns and Olivia realizes their on a date. She quickly excuses herself, but looks disappointed to see Ned with another.

Ava goes to the Brownstone and asks Morgan to help her. Morgan asks what's going on and Ava flashes to the accident and her cover up with Jordan. Ava tells Morgan about the botched kidnapping, but not the accident. Ava says Sonny is after her, because he wants to kill her after the baby is born. Morgan doesn't believe her, but Ava pleads with him to hide her before it's too late. Morgan agrees and tells Ava he'll take care of her.

At the hospital, Sabrina wonders why Ava hasn't been admitted for premature labor yet. Liz comes over to her and says they have an accident victim coming in. Right after NuJason comes into the ER. Liz immediately begins to work on him with a team of doctors. She talks to NuJason and tries to revive him. She asks if he can tell her his name. NuJason starts to crash so they administer CPR. Meanwhile, Sabrina talks to Jordan at the nurse's station. Sabrina starts asking about Ava, but Jordan says she's only there because she hit someone. Sabrina tries to help her identify the man in question, but then Jordan gets a call from Shawn. She answers and tells Shawn he'll never find Ava. Then Sabrina finds Ava's pills in Jordan's possession and demands to know what she's doing with them. Sabrina insists that Jordan get the pills to Ava as soon as possible. 

At the end, NuJason comes to and squeezes Liz's hand. He's rushed into surgery and Liz promises to get him through it!

End of show!

Do you think Liz will have the same chemistry with this Jason?

Have a great night!

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Hit & Run

Girl bonding!
In today's show Carly and Franco set a wedding date, Robin lies to Patrick and Anna, plus Jordan covers for Ava!

Here's What Happened - 

Helena breaks it to Robin that she's got big plans for her and Jason in Anna's hotel room. She insists that Robin cooperate for the well being of her family. After when Helena is alone, her guards come to tell her that Jason got away. Helena isn't pleased to hear it. In anger she shoots and kills one of the guards. The other pleads for his life and says Jason just disappeared. She decides to spare his life so he can help dispose of the other guard's body.

Patrick fills Anna in on what he knows about Robin working at Crichton-Clark at his house. He says Robin was working there because of Jason. He goes on to explain Victor's role and how he was sworn to secrecy. Anna wants to know why Robin won't just come home if Jason is dead. They decide to Skype Robin to make sure she's okay. Much to their relief, Robin answers. Robin tells them that she's in Paris for some personal time. Anna and Patrick tell her to come home for Emma. Robin says she can't and needs distance, because she's broken. At the end, Patrick and Anna can't believe how weird Robin seemed. Meanwhile, Helena tells Robin that they're going to Paris afterall. Helena also says that Jason escaped. Robin is thrilled to hear it and hopes Jason will come after them. Helena promises that she'll kill Jason when the time comes.

At the Metro Court, Franco and Carly sit alone and discuss their engagement. Franco thinks Carly was hesitant to say yes, but she tells him he just caught her off guard. Then Carly tells him that now that they're getting married, she's an open book and doesn't want secrets between them. Franco asks if she has any last secrets to tell him, but Carly says no. After Franco is ready to get married soon and suggests Halloween for a date. At first Carly thinks he's crazy, but then he reminds her that last Halloween is when they started dating. We get a flashback of their first kiss. Then Carly changes her mind and says she likes the idea afterall.

Michael goes to visit Sonny at his house and tells Sonny about Franco's proposal to Carly. Sonny isn't pleased when he learns that Carly said yes. Michael tells Sonny that he would prefer Sonny with Carly over Franco any day. Then Shawn interrupts to tell Sonny about what happened with Ava and Jordan. Michael takes off and after Shawn explains that he screwed up and Ava got away.

Kiki returns to the Brownstone and fills Morgan in on Franco's birthday party. She explains that Rosalie told Nina, who then told Franco that Sonny and Carly slept together. Kiki says when Franco asked her, she couldn't lie to him. Then she tells Morgan that Franco proposed and Carly said yes. Morgan doesn't like that Carly is in the dark about Franco knowing she slept with Sonny, but Kiki asks him to keep quiet. Kiki is worried about Michael not knowing. Then Michael walks in and asks Kiki to come spend the night with him. She agrees and they take off.

Ava runs downs a hooded NuJason on the Port Charles highway. Ava is shocked, but gets out to see if he's alive. NuJason just lays face down on the pavement. Ava thinks about calling 911, but decides Sonny will find her if she does. Instead she calls Jordan for help. When Jordan arrives she decides to take responsibility for the accident and tells Ava to take off. At the end, Ava heads to the Brownstone and asks Morgan to help her. Meanwhile the paramedics come to take NuJason to the hospital.

End of show!

Have a great night!

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Hello Little Robin

I'm not up to something!
In this episode Carly gets a shock at Franco's birthday party, Jordan and Shawn come to blows over Ava and NuJason gets run down!

Today's Show - 

After a botched kidnapping attempt, Ava goes into premature labor at her apartment. Max and Shawn don't know if she's for real or not, but right then Ava makes a grab for Max's gun. Shawn gets annoyed and tells Ava it's time to stop playing games and go to Sonny's. However she insists that they let her get her pills before leaving. Max heads out to give Sonny an update. After Jordan walks in. Shawn tells her to get out and he grabs Ava at gunpoint, but then Jordan pulls her gun and orders him to let Ava go. They have a gun stand off, but Jordan calls Shawn's bluff and orders Ava to run. Shawn doesn't shoot and Ava takes off. After Shawn and Jordan argue. Shawn says Ava is a cold blooded killer. Meanwhile Ava makes a desperate call to Julian while driving away.

At the Metro Court, Franco responds to Carly's loving birthday toast with a toast of his own. He makes an uncomfortable speech about how Carly and Bobby have been there for him. Then Franco says Michael will be effected by what he says next. Franco says he knows Michael hates him so he appreciates him coming to the party. He starts to ramble, but then out of nowhere Franco asks Carly to marry him. Carly is clearly shocked, but then he gets down on one knee and asks her again. She impulsively answers yes. Everyone at the dinner is surprised, but Scott quickly congratulates him. After Michael and Carly chat in private and Michael asks if she's sure about marrying Franco. Later Bobby also questions Carly's thinking. Meanwhile Kiki talks to Franco in private and asks what's he's up to since he knows Carly slept with Sonny. Franco says he really loves Carly. Then he winks at Kiki while asking her to keep the Sonny/Carly sex a secret.

NuJason makes his way up to Sonny's door, while Sam and Sonny chat inside. However, before he can open the door one of Helena's guards grabs him at gun point. The guard tells Jason that Sam is inside and he'll kill her if he doesn't come along quietly. Meanwhile Sam tells Sonny inside that she can't believe she's not over Jason even after 2 years. One of Sonny's guards interrupts to update him on Ava. Sonny decides Sam should head out and when they open the front door they find a scalpel on the ground. Sonny tells Sam he'll look into it and she leaves. Later we see Helena's guard driving with a hooded NuJason. They hold him at gun point, but he grabs the gun and a scuffle unfolds. Then NuJason opens the car door and jumps out. Back at Sonny's house, Max returns to update Sonny on Ava and they end up remembering Jason. At the end, they have a drink and toast to Jason's birthday.

Patrick and Emma chat at their house. Emma wants to sleep in bed with Patrick, but he tells her she has to sleep in her own bed. Then Emma brings up his divorce from Robin. She tells him that she heard his conversation with Elizabeth talking about how Robin never sent back the papers. Emma wonders if that means Robin wants to stay married and come home. Later Anna stops by and tries to comfort Emma. She agrees to read Emma a book if she sleeps in her own bed. Emma agrees and Patrick tells her that he's sorry she misses Robin so much. After Anna and Patrick chat alone. Sam stops by and the three of them discuss the potential of Luke being bad. Anna is skeptical, but says that Luke is the subject of on-going investigation. Later Sam heads out and Anna fills Patrick in on what happened at Crichton-Clark. After hearing about the explosion, Patrick panics about Robin and tells Anna that Robin was in there.

Robin goes looking for Anna at the Metro Court, but finds Helena in Anna's room instead. Helena says, "Hello little Robin!" Robin demands to know where Anna and Duke are. Helena tells her that their fine, because she waited for them to leave before entering. Robin wants to call the police, but Helena warns her that if she does, she can say goodbye to Patrick and Emma. Helena shows Robin that she has a camera in Patrick's house. She shows her the camera feed on a tablet. After Robin is hopeful that Jason will rescue her, but Helena breaks it to her that her guards already snagged him. Robin is frustrated and asks why Helena won't just let her go. Helena says she grand plans her and Jason. Meanwhile, we see Ava driving frantically. At the end it appears that she drives into Jason!

End of show!

So I guess NuJason's face will be explained by getting smashed with Ava's car!

Have a great night!

P.S. In case you missed yesterday's show, you can catch up here -- > GH 09/22/14

Monday, September 22, 2014

Port Charles or Bust!

Drive like hell!
No official recap today. I'll be back tomorrow. In the meantime, here are the highlights from today's episode via General Hospital Happenings!

Franco tries to coax information from Kiki.

Shawn and Max try to bring Ava to Sonny.

Lucy continues to pressure Scott to make a choice.

Franco receives a loving birthday toast from Carly.

Sonny and Carly continue their remembrance of Jason.

Robin takes action to get out of a dangerous situation.

Robin and Jason begin to try make their way back to Port Charles.

Have a great night!

P.S. You can watch today's show here --- > GH 09/22/14

Friday, September 19, 2014

Party Pooper

Let's be friends!
No official recap today. I'm off to Boston for my friend's wedding this weekend.

According to General Hospital Happenings, here is what's on tap for today's show!

Ava and Morgan discuss her baby to be.

Sonny and Carly reminisce about Jason during Franco's birthday party.

Nina has a bit of info to share with Franco and it is not good!

Shawn tries to snatch Ava from the penthouse.

Have a great weekend!

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Happy Birthday, Franco!

I love Richard Simmons!
Here's What Happened - 

Carly wakes Franco up with breakfast and balloon's. She says, "Happy Birthday, Franco!" He says it's not likely that he shares the same birthday as Jason. Carly says it doesn't matter and tells him to blow out his birthday muffin. He makes a wish and says he wished that he didn't accuse her of sleeping with Sonny. Franco lays it on thick and Carly feels guilty. She decides to seduce him with a sexy nightie to prove Franco's the only man for her. However she thinks of her tryst with Sonny while they kiss. After Carly says she wants to have birthday party for him later. Franco insists that they invite Kiki. Carly isn't pleased but says okay. Then she suggests that he invite Nina. At the end, Franco thanks Carly for being so sweet to him. 

Kiki meets Silas at the Metro Court and they have a chat about Nina. Silas says he thinks Nina is spending time with Franco. Kiki has a lot of positive things to say about Franco. Silas admires Kiki devotion to him. Kiki says she's been a bad friend to Franco, because she's keeping a secret from him. Kiki also says she confided this secret with Morgan instead of Michael. Silas asks if something is going on with Morgan, but Kiki assures him that Michael is her man of choice. Then Kiki mentions that Rosalie and Morgan have a thing. Silas says he doesn't trust Rosalie as far as he can throw her. At the end, Carly finds Kiki and invites her to the party. However Carly warns her to keep her mouth shut.

Nina works out in some saucy pink exercise gear in Franco's art room. Rosalie comes in and asks what she's doing. Nina says the wheelchair isn't good for her butt. She also mentions that Richard Simmons used to live in PC and she used to love watching him on TV. After they get into a discussion about Michael. Nina wants to know if Rosalie slept with him yet. Rosalie tells her they just talked, but she planted seeds of doubt about Morgan's bond with Kiki. Then Rosalie tells Nina that Kiki knows Franco's girlfriend is sleeping with Sonny. Nina feels bad for Franco and says Carly is making a fool out of Franco. At the end, Franco arrives in the art room when Nina is alone. He starts gushing about Carly so Nina stops him and says she's got a secret to tell him.

At the Brownstone, Michael stops by looking for Kiki but finds Morgan instead. Morgan says Kiki went to meet her father. Michael says he needs to wait for the contractor and while waiting, Morgan talks about the good team he and Kiki make. Michael mentions that Rosalie thinks something is going on between Morgan and Kiki. Morgan asks if Michael is jealous. Michael says he's not, but he could see why Rosalie has a problem with it. At the end, Michael waits alone for the contractor when Rosalie walks in wearing sexy dress.

Sonny and Shawn discuss Ava's baby scare in Sonny's office. Shawn explains that Jordan took Ava to GH the night before, but everything seems to be okay. After Olivia runs in and tells Sonny that Dante and Lulu are okay and they're coming home. Sonny decides to call Michael and Morgan to tell them the good news. After Sonny is pleased that Morgan was pleasant to him. Olivia says she hopes he and Morgan can mend their fences. Olivia hugs Sonny and then heads out to get back to Rocco. At the end, Sonny tells Shawn he needs Ava under control and then his family will be complete.

Ava talks to her baby while she lays on the couch in her apartment. Then she gets a surprise visit from Sabrina. Ava wants her guard to make Sabrina leave, but Sabrina says she has something important to tell her. Sabrina apologizes for her bad behavior when Ava was at the hospital. Sabrina admits that she was taking out what happened to Gabriel on her and asks for Ava's forgiveness. Ava says okay and wants to leave it in the past. Then Sabrina gives her medicine for the baby. She claims that the doctor forgot to give it to Ava the night before. Ava take the pills and thanks her. At the end, Sabrina tells Ava's guard everything went as she planned as she walks out the door with a smile. Meanwhile inside in the apartment, Ava is ready to take the pills!

End of show!

The dialogue between Nina and Rosalie was fun today!

Have a great night!

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Crichton No More

The undead!
In this episode Samtrick wonders about their potential, Nikolas believes Spencer might be right about Fluke and Crichton-Clark has a few more surprises before it goes BOOM!

Wednesday's Recap - 

Sam thinks about her make out session with Patrick at her place. Alexis wakes up and comes downstairs to keep her company. Alexis says she can't sleep, because she keeps thinking of Julian. She tells Sam that she's going on a date with Ned to get her mind off Julian. Then Sam talks about the kissing that took place between her and Patrick. She shows Alexis her fortune, but says she's not ready to move on. She explains that after what happened with Silas, she doesn't think love is enough. Then Sam says that she's still not over Jason. Alexis is concerned that Sam might be holding herself back. She thinks Sam and Patrick can relate to each other with all their history and says it could bring them closer then ever. 

Nik tells Britt at Windermere that something is off at Crichton-Clark. Britt thinks Dr. Obrecht will get Nathan out. It leads into a conversation about sibling love and Nik talks about the past. He tells Britt the story of how he came to PC to give Lulu a bone marrow transplant. Britt hugs him. After Nik speculates that Victor is up to no good. Spencer walks in and asks what they're talking about. Nik says he's not sure, but Victor might not be the man Spencer thinks he is. It leads into a conversation about Fluke. Spencer tries to convince Nik that Luke's gone bad. Later Nikolas calls Patrick to ask him about Spencer's theory on Luke. Nik tells Patrick that he thinks Spencer is telling the truth. At the end, Britt continues to comfort Nik while he worries about Lulu.

Patrick comes home to find Liz asleep on his couch. He wakes her and Liz says Emma was upset and didn't want to sleep at her house. Elizabeth thinks Emma misses Robin. It leads into a conversation about Patrick and Robin's marriage. Liz is hopeful that he and Robin can work things out, but Patrick doesn't think it's possible. Then he tells Liz that he kissed Sam. Patrick says that he'll always love Robin, but their marriage is over. He also says he and Sabrina are just friends now so he thinks there could be something between him and Sam. Later after speaking with Nikolas, Patrick asks Liz about Luke killing Jake. Liz gets uncomfortable and says Luke just made a mistake.

Over at the clinic, Maxie and Nathan find Lulu and Dante. Nathan tells them the whole place is about to blow up. Meanwhile Anna and the WSB team search the clinic and run into Dr. O in the hallway. Liesl is panicked about where Nathan is and tells Anna about Victor's bomb. However Dante, Lulu, Maxie and Nathan meet up with them in the hallway. Dr. O is thrilled to see Nathan and they all search for a way out. Nathan asks where Victor is. Anna tells him that Victor is dead. Dr. Obrecht insists that they stop talking and find a way out. Then they get stuck, because all the exits are sealed. Dante, Anna and Nathan wonder if they can shoot the lock open. Then they take aim and fire repeatedly, even Maxie and Lulu. It works and they all escape the building.

Robin and NuJason try to get out of the room their in, but find that Robin's key card won't open the door. NuJason decides to hot wire the circuit with a screwdriver. Meanwhile an unseen person finds Stavros's and Lulu's zygote/fanny pack in the surgical room. This person continues to roam the hospital and walks into the room where Robin and Jason are. Robin looks at the face and it's...HELENA! Behind Helena are her guards, who quickly knock Jason out. Helena thanks Robin for bringing her back to life, but Robin is quick to say that Victor forced her to and she would have let Helena and Stavros die. Helena shows Robin the zygote. She says Stavros will live on, despite his unfortunate end. Then Helena informs Robin that Anna, Maxie and the gang are in the building and it's about to blow. Helena insists that Robin and Jason come with her. However, Jason wakes up, grabs a gun and shoots Helena's guards. Then he grabs Robin and they make a run for it. After Helena takes the zygote and walks out. At the end, Crichton-Clark explodes killing anyone left inside!

End of show!

GH has been terrific this week!

Have a great night! 

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

I Love Danger

Who am I?
In this episode the Crichton-Clark hospital of horrors continues with bullet's flying, dead bodies and a even bomb!

Today's Show - 

Tracy visits Michael at his apartment and wants to know what he knows about the search for Lulu. Michael says he doesn't know anything, but Tracy thinks Sonny must know something. Then Tracy brings up Fluke and says that she doesn't think he's looking for Lulu. Tracy thinks Luke will never forgive himself if anything happens to her.

Sam and Patrick debate the meaning of their identical fortune cookies at her place. Patrick decides to kiss her instead of over analyzing. They end up making out on the couch and Patrick is ready to go all the way. However, Sam stops him and says they can't do this. Patrick apologizes if he picked up on the wrong vibe, but Sam says he didn't. She admits that she's been thinking about kissing him for awhile. She goes on to explain that she doesn't think she's ready for whatever is going on between them. Sam says that Jason's birthday is tomorrow and Patrick's not even divorced from Robin yet. She suggests that they postpone their feelings until they finish investigating Rafe's case. Patrick agrees and decides to head out.

At Crichton-Clark in Victor's office, Dr. Obrecht stops Anna from arresting Victor. She points a gun at Anna and says they have unfinished business. Anna tells her to think of Nathan, but Dr. O says she is thinking of Nathan. Then she shoots Victor instead. Anna is appalled and asks what Dr. O was thinking. Liesl answers that she had to protect Nathan. Then one of Robert's WSB guards comes looking for Anna and says they need her help. Anna tells Dr. O to stay put and takes off. After Dr. Obrecht cries over Victor and apologizes for killing him. However she finds a pulse and then Victor opens his eyes. Dr. O explains that she shot him to save Nathan. She says Nathan needs to believe Victor is his father, because the truth is far worse. Victor realizes that he's going to die soon and triggers an alarm in his jacket pocket. He tells Liesl that the clinic has a destructive device capable of destroying the clinic so no one can ever get the secrets kept there. Victors tells Dr. O to run for it and save Nathan if she can. Dr. Obrecht decides to run and at the end, it appears that Victor dies on the floor.

Lulu screams for Dante as Stavros and his doctor try to force the zygote procedure on her. Dante bursts in with his gun drawn and Stavros puts a surgical knife to Lulu's throat. Dante decides to lower his weapon to prevent Lulu from getting stabbed. When he does, Lulu elbows Stavros in the groin. Dante attacks him and Lulu tackles the lady doctor. Then Robert's WSB men run over and try to help them, but Stavros manages to get the upper hand and locks Dante and Lulu in. Stavros is ready to shoot Dante, but Lulu throws herself in front of Dante. Stavros says he'll shoot her, because he can use a surrogate. Dante decides to attack Stavros again and gets the his gun. Then Anna and the WSB guys burst in. Anna finds Stavros on the floor presumed dead and then the alarms start going off. Anna decides to head off and keep looking for Maxie and Nathan. She tells Dante and Lulu to get out while they can.

Maxie and Nathan share their first kiss in the wake of Levi's death. After they decide to make their escape from the hospital, but not before Nathan gives Maxie a quick lesson in handling a gun. Maxie takes a practice shot at the wall and then grabs the Aztec dagger before her and Nathan leave. They start searching for Dante and Lulu, during which Maxie says, "I love danger!" Then they find Victor's assistant and NuJason's doctor unconscious in one of the rooms. Nathan wakes the assistant up and demands to know where Dante and Lulu are. The assistant says another patient was in this room, but he knows where Dante and Lulu are. Then they hear the alarms going off and the assistant tells them they have to leave before the building blows up.

NuJason makes an escape, but we still don't see his face. He manages to get a gun left behind from the WSB men's shoot out. Then he begins searching the hospital and finds Robin handcuffed in one of the hospital rooms. Robin is thrilled to see him and NuJason gestures to her that he can't talk. Robin tells him that Victor double crossed her and locked in her in the room. NuJason shoots her handcuffs and frees her. Then they hear the alarms start going off. Robin thinks they should make a run for it just as it appears Anna is trying to open the door to the room their in.

End of show!

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Monday, September 15, 2014

Crichton-Clark Blues

Damn you, Liesl!
In this episode Stavros is ready to implant Lulu, NuJason struggles for his freedom and Maxie saves Nathan's life!

Monday's Recap - 

Sonny continues to babysit for Rocco at Dante and Lulu's place when Olivia drops by with groceries. They discuss Dante and Lulu's kidnapping. Sonny is certain Dante will get them out of there. Then Sonny mentions Carly dropping by. Olivia remarks how loyal Carly and Sonny are to each other. Sonny says that Jason would approve of him doing whatever it takes to get Carly away from Franco. Then Sonny talks about how unfair what happened to Jason was, but tells Olivia that Dante won't suffer the same fate.

Stavros informs Dante and Lulu that he's taking Lulu for a procedure at Crichton-Clark. Stavros's doctor says Lulu is ready to receive Stavros's zygote. Then they drag Lulu off as she screams for Dante to save her. Stavros drags Lulu into a surgery room with the aid of his doctor. Lulu starts to get drowsy. Stavros says that's because he drugged her and then she passes out. Later Stavros and his doctor are ready to begin Lulu's procedure. Stavros insists on anesthetizing Lulu himself, but Lulu wakes up and bites him when he tries to. Meanwhile, Anna enters Crichton-Clark with her gun drawn. She runs into armed WSB agents who've come to help her via Robert Scorpio. Together they all begin searching the clinic. Anna hears Dante screaming for help. She finds him and shoots off Dante's handcuff's so he can save Lulu. 

Nathan points a gun at Victor in his office at the clinic. Nathan demands to know where Maxie is, but Victor says he can't shoot, because he's Nathan daddy. Dr. Obrecht confirms it to Nathan. Nathan says he doesn't care about being a Cassadine, he only cares about finding Maxie. Victor tells him that Maxie is probably with Mr. Harrell. Nathan takes off to find her and after Victor gets his DNA test results delivered. To stall for time, Dr. Obrecht says Anna is hot on his tail. However, Victor opens the results anyway. After reviewing them, Victor says, "You lying bitch!" Nathan isn't his son after all. He prepares to shoot Dr. O, but then Anna bursts in with her gun drawn. She shoots Victor in the hand and Victor drops his gun. Anna tries to handcuff him, but then Dr. O picks up his gun, points it at Anna and tells her to stop.

Sam and Patrick wait for take out from Noodle Buddha at Sam's place. Once the food arrives, they debate who will pay. Sam ends up treating, but Patrick agrees he'll pick up the tab next time. Later Sam talks about marrying Jason at Noodle Buddha. Then they open their fortune cookies. Patrick's says, "you have a secret!" Sam's fortune cookie says, "something you lost will be found again!" After they drink beer and compare notes on both not going to prom. At the end, they open more fortune cookies. Sam's new one says, "now is the time to try something new" and Patrick also says, "now is the time to try something new." Sam wonders what that means. 

Meanwhile, NuJason struggles with his bed restraints in the bowels of Crichton-Clark, although we don't see his face. Victor's assistant and NuJason's doctor both agree that he's a fine specimen. The doctor wants to sedate NuJason to stop him from trying to get loose, but Victor's assistant says he has to talk to Victor first. He leaves to go speak with Victor. In the hallway, Dante comes up behind him with a gun. Then Lulu starts screaming out for Dante's help. Dante pistol wipes Victor's assistant and then takes off to save Lulu. After Victor's assistant runs back into NuJason's room, but finds the doctor knocked out and NuJason gone from his hospital bed. 

Peter Harrell Sr. tells Peter/Levi Jr. that he wants the honor of killing Maxie himself in his hospital room at the clinic. Peter Sr. says he wants revenge for what Felicia took from him. He shows Maxie a dagger that he made out of the Aztec jewels and corners her with Peter/Levi Jr. at his side. He's about to stab Maxie when Nathan bursts in and shoots Peter Sr. He drops to the floor, but tells Peter/Levi Jr. to avenge him. Then he dies. Nathan tries to get Maxie out of the there, but Levi attacks him. They start fighting. Levi pulls a gun on Nathan and is ready to shoot, but Maxie grabs the Aztec dagger and stabs him before he can. Levi drops to the floor and also dies. After Maxie and Nathan kiss!

End of show!

Have a great night!

P.S. I'll be watching Antonio Sabato Jr. (Jagger) on Dancing with the Stars tonight, will you?

Friday, September 12, 2014

Sins of the Mother

In today's episode Dr. Obrecht and Anna work together, Felicia gets a reminder of the past and we see glimpse of NuJason!

Friday's Recap - 

Anna prepares to search the Crichton-Clark clinic with Dr. O and her police force behind her. They wait in a van outside the clinic. Dr. Obrecht and Anna start to argue about how to handle the situation. The subject of Victor comes up and Anna tells her that she's plans on using Dr. O's connection to Victor to get inside. Dr. Obrecht asks how Anna plans on getting Nathan out. Anna says she wants to send Dr. O in with a wire. Later, Dr. O agrees and goes into Crichton-Clark with Anna plugged into her ear. At the end, Anna decides to enter Crichton-Clark when she loses contact with Dr. O.

Nathan remains chained at the clinic while he waits for Maxie's aid. Peter/Levi walks in and demands to know where Maxie is. Nathan says he doesn't know and isn't saying a thing. Levi points a gun at him, but says he unfortunately can't kill Nathan because Victor wants him alive. Nathan gives him a piece of his mind for using Maxie and wishes that he stopped Levi when he first met him. Peter/Levi says he didn't, because Nathan was filled with jealousy and doubted his instincts. Peter/Levi admits to sabotaging Maxie's court hearing for Georgie. Then he tells Nathan that he's going to find Maxie and take his aggression out on her and then walks out. Later Nathan manages to get the upper hand when a security guard comes to check on him. Nathan chokes the guy out and unchains himself. Then Nathan takes his gun and goes looking for Maxie.

Victor demands his DNA test results from one of the doctors in his office at the clinic. Then Stavros walks in and says he needs to discuss Lulu. Stavros demands to know if Lulu can bare his child or not and tries to grab the files on Victor's desk. Victor tells him that those files are for Jason Morgan. Stavros asks if Victor can wake up, "mother" meaning Helena, but Victor says he needs to stop this baby nonsense. Victor says he'll give him what he wants if Stavros will be patient. Then he advises Stavros to get some rest, because he's clearly not back at full strength. Stavros oddly agrees and walks out. After Victor gets word that Dr. Obrecht wants to speak with him. Victor tells his assistant to let her in and also asks him to check on Jason Morgan. Then Dr. O walks into Victor office. They start talking and Victor admits that Nathan is his prisoner. Dr. O decides to ignore Anna's warnings not to push and tells him that Nathan is indeed his son. Victor asks how she could keep this from him. Dr. O says because it would have ruined her relationship with Faison. Then Nathan walks in with a gun pointed at Victor looking for Maxie. Victor tells him to put the gun down, because he can't shot his own father.

Lulu and Dante desperately try to free themselves from their chains at the clinic. Lulu is terrified at the idea of being implanted with Stavros's embryo. Dante hopes that Stavros will lose interest if Lulu can't have his child, but Lulu isn't so confident. Later Stavros comes in and says he spoke with one of the doctor's who said Lulu could have his baby with the right hormone injections. He brings in a doctor to give Lulu a needle, but Lulu freaks out. Stavros tells her not to fight him on this or he'll inject Dante with something nasty. Despite Dante imploring her not to listen, Lulu decides to go along with Stavros to save Dante. Then Stavros unchains Lulu and the doctor administers the injection while Lulu screams.

Mac and Felicia get ambushed by reporters at the PCPD. They ask Felicia if Frisco is behind Maxie's disappearance. One reporter brings up Mac's run for Mayor of PC (which I forgot about) and says what will happen to the campaign if Maxie is found dead. Mac punches him and all the reporters snap pictures of it. After Felicia and Mac quickly walk away and into Anna's office. Felicia starts panicking that something bad has happened to Maxie. Mac assures her that Anna will find her. Then Felicia finds a file on Anna's desk for her ex-fiance, Peter Harrell Sr. She looks at his picture and says she hadn't thought of him in forever. It makes her angry and Felicia says she wishes the Aztec Treasure never existed. She says the sins of the mother are being visited on the daughter. Mac tries to convince Felicia it's not her fault. However, Felicia says she didn't trust her instincts about Levi, because she wanted to make up for being a bad mother to Maxie. Mac says that's not true and Maxie adores her. He thinks the love they all share will keep Maxie safe.

Maxie roams the halls of Crichton-Clark looking for an escape. She wanders into a mysterious room and sees a drawn curtain. She hears some noise behind it and decides to pull the curtain open. She finds an older man who's on oxygen laying in a hospital bed. His eyes are closed, but Maxie talks to him anyway and asks for his help getting out of the hospital. The man opens his eyes, looks at Maxie and whispers, "Felicia?" Maxie responds that its her mother name. The man reaches out for her, but Maxie gets scared and takes off. On her way out of the room she's runs into Levi. She tries to get away, but he stops her and points a gun at her. Levi says he needs to introduce her to his father. Levi draws the curtain back and says that his father is sick because of Maxie's parents. Levi explains that although his father recovered from the bullet wound he endured during the original Aztec Treasure, a fragment of the bullet remained in his brain. That fragment slowly drove him crazy and sick over the years. Peter Sr. opens his eyes again and thinks Maxie is Felicia. Levi tells him that Maxie is Felicia'a daughter. He thanks his son for bringing her to him and then tells Levi to kill Maxie. 

At the very end, Victor's assistant goes to visit Jason and learns that Jason had to be restrained because he's been determined to leave. Then we see Jason's arms shackled to a hospital bed as he struggles for freedom!

End of show!

Enjoy the preview for Monday below!

Have a great weekend!

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Get with the Program

Mad Nurse!
Today's Show - 

Rosalie gets a message from Morgan asking her to dinner while at Silas's apartment. Nina reminds her that she needs to focus on Michael, not Morgan. Nina says, "get with the program" to Rosalie. To appease her, Rosalie texts Morgan that she's coming. Then Rosalie asks Nina what she'll have to do once she's crossed all the names off her list. Nina tells her not to worry about that. Later Silas comes home and Rosalie heads out. After Silas says he overheard them discussing a "list" and asks what it's about. Nina wants to know why he's questioning her. Silas says he spoke with Sam earlier and tells Nina that Sam's been checking on her at Crichton-Clark. Nina gets worked up and says Sam investigating her is harassment. Nina also mentions that Sam and Patrick's relationship is like a bad version of the old TV show Hart to Hart. Silas doesn't know what she's talking about, but they agree to watch episodes online together. Later in private, Nina talks to herself and says Sam is back on her list. She also stares at Ava's name and says Ava is first in line for her wrath.

Morgan, Kiki and Michael have dinner at Kelly's. Morgan is distracted by his cell phone. He tells them that he asked Rosalie to join them and is waiting to hear back from her. Kiki thinks Rosalie has a bad attitude. Then Morgan gets a response from Rosalie that she's coming and he asks Kiki and Michael to be nice to her. They promise to be nice and say they're glad he's trying to move on. It leads to a conversation about Ava and Kiki advises Morgan to spend time with Ava to make peace for the baby's sake. It annoys Morgan and he storms off. Kiki goes after him and they talk it out. Meanwhile, outside of Kelly's Rosalie walks up to Michael. They talk about the situation with Ava's baby and Kiki's past with Morgan. Rosalie tries to plant doubt in Michael's mind about the nature of Morgan and Kiki's relationship. Later Rosalie's eavesdrops on Kiki and Morgan talking and hears Kiki say Carly and Sonny slept together.

Sam and Patrick make plans to hang out at her place to go over Rafe's case. They wonder what to do about what Spencer told them about Luke. Sam thinks Spencer's word isn't enough to prove anything to the police. They think the key is finding out who's after Sonny. While they're talking, Danny comes down and surprises them. Patrick plays cars with Danny and mentions that he had boy toys for baby Gabriel that he never got to use. Sam says she wishes Jason was around to play with Danny and do boy things. Later Patrick agrees to stay for dinner with them.

Felix finds Sabrina with Ava's medical file at GH. Sabrina talks about how it's not fair that Ava's pregnant. Felix tries to change the subject and asks if Patrick's made any progress in Rafe's case. Meanwhile at Ava's apartment, Ava gets stomach pains while Jordan is there. Jordan orders Ava's guards to take them to the hospital. Later Ava and Jordan arrive at the hospital and need Felix and Sabrina's help. Felix and Sabrina take Ava into one of the exam rooms. Felix leaves the room to chat with Jordan. He gives Jordan attitude and calls her a drug dealer. Once alone, Sabrina gets creepy with Ava. Sabrina lets Ava suffer with cramps while she takes her time getting help. Sabrina taunts her that she could be having a miscarriage. Then the doctor comes in and settles Ava's cramps down. At the end, Sabrina watches Ava, Jordan and Ava's guards leave the hospital. Ava thinks she good to go, but Sabrina whispers that Ava's only safe for now.

End of show!

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Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Over for Good

No official recap today. I'll be back tomorrow. Here's a blurb from the ABC GH Blog

Julian is about to tell Molly the truth about her father, but they are interrupted when Alexis returns. Julian tries again to win Alexis back and fails.

Watch today's full episode here -- > GH 09/10/14

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Tuesday, September 9, 2014

The Embryo in Question

Here's What Happened - 

Spencer tells Sam, Patrick and Emma outside of Kelly's that he thinks Luke Spencer ordered Rafe to run Patrick off the road. Spencer says that Luke threatened Emma. Patrick and Sam take a private moment to debate the possibly of Spencer's claims. Sam thinks Luke has been off and says they should listen to him. They bring the kids into Kelly's and Spencer tells them that Luke was after Sonny. Spencer says that when he confronted Luke about his plans for Sonny, Luke threatened to hurt Emma if he said anything. After Sam and Patrick wonder how to handle everything. Patrick thinks they should talk to Anna, but Spencer panics that Luke will hurt Emma if they involve the police. They decide to keep everything a secret for now so Sam can investigate. At the end, Sam asks Patrick what he wanted to tell her before they were interrupted. Patrick says it's not that important anymore.

Carly finds Sonny babysitting for Rocco at Dante and Lulu's apartment. Carly says she's going to go, but Sonny asks her to stay. Carly thinks that they shouldn't be seen alone together. Then she tells Sonny that she found Kiki in Franco's art room almost ready to spill the beans. Sonny doesn't really care about that and kisses Carly again. Rocco starts crying so Carly quickly pulls away. Sonny asks for her help to calm the baby. Carly agrees and after they talk about Ava. Carly says Ava will use her baby as leverage. Sonny says he's going to kill Ava for Connie's sake when the baby is born. Carly asks what will happen to Ava's baby. Sonny says they'll cross that bridge when they come to it.

Dr. Obrecht tells Anna, Britt and Nik in Anna's office that she knows where Nathan is. Dr. O says she spoke with Victor. She also tells Anna that Victor got her Faison's file, because he's the head of the WSB. Anna is shocked to hear that. Then Dr. Obrecht says Victor gave her immunity as well. Dr. O explains that she called Victor for help finding Nathan and Britt wonders if that's because Victor is Nathan's father. Anna demands to know where Dr. O thinks everyone is, but Dr. Obrecht won't say unless Anna tells her what she did to Faison. Britt tells Dr. Obrecht to forget Faison and help Nathan. Dr. O agrees and finally says they're at Crichton-Clark.

At the Crichton-Clark clinic, Maxie admits to Nathan that she had doubts about her wedding because Mac told her that Nathan has feelings for her. Nathan admits that he was dazzled by Maxie since he first saw her. They start talking about the road thus far and the mess with Levi. Maxie feels dumb, but Nathan says she's not dumb just in a lot of pain over losing Georgie. Then he asks how Maxie feels about him. Maxie says she doesn't trust her judgement right now and isn't ready to admit how she feels.

Victor waits for his DNA test results in his office at the clinic. He gets a visit from Peter Harrell aka Levi, who wants to get revenge against Dante for shooting him. Peter wants to know where Dante is being held so he can fire back. Victor says he can't do that, because Dante is busy with Stavros right now. Victor says that Stavros needs/wants his Ice Princess. Then Peter demands to know when he gets what he wants. Meanwhile, we see that Victor has a file on his desk for Jason Morgan. Victor responds to Peter that he's got other things on his mind at the moment.

Dante and Lulu get a surprise visit from Stavros Cassadine while being held captive at Crichton-Clark. Lulu is shocked, especially when Stavros claims he's back for her. Lulu spits on him, which only makes Stavros laugh in a villainous manner. Stavros is convinced that he'll wear Lulu down and start a family with her. Dante is ready to kill him, but can't do anything because he's chained to the wall. Dante calls Stavros a lunatic inbred. Lulu tells Stavros she can't have a baby anyway. However, Stavros informs Lulu that last year before he froze her, he took one of her eggs. Then he shows her and Dante, "The embryo in question," which is really frozen fanny pack. At the end, Stavros says all they have to do is implant the embryo in Lulu and their baby will be born.

End of show!

Are you happy Stavros is back?

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Monday, September 8, 2014

Sight for Sore Eyes

This isn't over!
In today's show Anna gets questioned about Faison, Victor wants to know if he's Nathan's daddy and Lulu gets a surprise in captivity!

Monday's Recap - 

Spencer tells Emma outside of Kelly's that he thinks he knows who told Rafe to run Patrick off the road. Emma pressures him for a name, but then Spencer clams up and walks into Kelly's. Emma follows him and demands an answer. Spencer asks Emma to please forget what he said. Nearby Sam wants to know why Patrick kept his knowledge of Crichton-Clark from her. Patrick says he didn't think it was that important and that he assumed Nina or Rosalie was behind it. Then Patrick gets slightly exasperated and Sam asks him what he's not telling her. Before he an can answer, Emma runs up to them saying Spencer knows who ordered Rafe to hit them. When Patrick asks Spencer, Spencer claims he made it up. Emma accuses Spencer of lying so Sam decides to talk to him cousin to cousin. She asks why Spencer doesn't trust his dad or family enough to confide the truth. Finally at the end, Spencer says it was Luke Spencer. 

Anna feels pressured to find Maxie and Lulu in her office at the PCPD. Then Dr. Obrecht storms in and accuses Anna of putting Nathan in harm's way on purpose. Anna denies it and they start arguing about Faison. Dr. O says Anna killed him, but Anna say that's not what happened. Dr. Obrecht gets emotional and pleads with Anna to give her closure regarding Faison. Anna doesn't clearly deny it, but won't say she killed Faison either. They start arguing again about Nathan and Anna orders Dr. O out of her office. Dr. Obrecht promises Anna, "this isn't over" before she walks out. After Anna makes a call to Robert to get his help finding Frisco

Nik and Britt chat in the PCPD about Maxie and Lulu's disappearance and then Dr. Obrecht's bizarre obsession with Faison. Britt feels that Dr. O genuinely cares for Nathan and wonders if that has humanized her a little. It leads into a conversation about Victor. Britt tells Nikolas that she suspects Victor is Nathan's father. Nik agrees that it's possible. Then they debate whether that makes them related or not, but Britt says their safe. Then Dr. Obrecht storms past them saying if Anna won't help find Nathan she's going to find someone who will. After Nik and Britt speak with Anna. Britt questions Anna about what happened with Faison.

We see Maxie is chained in what looks to be an exercise room at Crichton-Clark. Nathan is outside her door blindfolded and being manhandled by Victor's security guards. Maxie calls out for Nathan and when Nathan hears her he tries to break free. He gets beaten up for his efforts. Then Victor approaches him and removes Nathan's blindfold. Nathan asks to see Maxie so Victor has his guards bring him into Maxie's room. They punch Nathan in stomach again before leaving him alone with Maxie. After Nathan says Maxie is a sight for sore eyes. He also says he thinks they're being held at Crichton-Clark. Maxie thinks the whole situation is her fault and asks if Nathan can ever forgive her. Nathan tells her to stop being herself up. Then Maxie admits that she didn't want to marry Levi because of him.

Later at the PCPD, Dr. O calls Victor just as he is wondering who Nathan's father is. Dr. Obrecht asks Victor to find a police officer for her named, Nathan West. Victor decides to be point blank and asks if Nathan is his son. She won't answer him so Victor threatens to get revenge if he finds out she kept Nathan from him all these years. Victor says he going to run a DNA test. Dr. O asks how he was able to get Nathan's DNA. Victor says he got it because he's the head of the WSB. After Dr. O heads back to Anna's office just as Anna is about to tell Britt what she did to Faison. Dr. O tells them that she thinks she knows where Nathan and the gang are being held.

Dante and Lulu are also chained to a wall in one of the exam rooms at Crichton-Clark. They wake up and try to figure out how they got there. Lulu is worried about being away from Rocco and they tell each other they love one another. After they discuss Levi/Peter Harrell and wonder why he wanted revenge against Lulu. Lulu assumes it's because of Luke's past involvement in the Aztec treasure. Dante wonders if maybe there been something Luke has done more recently to insight anger in people. Lulu doesn't buy it, but Dante feels something is off. He tells Lulu that Luke is currently a person of interest in case Anna has him working on. Right then an unseen person walks in the room. Lulu is shocked when she looks at the mystery person's face!

End of show!

Did Lulu see Stavros?

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