Friday, August 8, 2014

Who Stole the Aztec Necklace?

I heart Maxie!
In this episode Nathan admits his feelings for Maxie, Sonny tries to make peace with Morgan and everyone's talking about Felicia's Aztec jewelry!

Friday's Recap - 

Nathan goes knocking on Maxie's door and finds Mac there. Mac tells him that Maxie's about to get married, despite Mac's misgivings about Levi. Nathan decides to admit to Mac that he has feelings for Maxie. They talk about their mutual concerns about Levi and Mac mentions how interested in Felicia's Aztec history Levi seems. Mac advises Nathan to come to the Haunted Star and tell Maxie about the feelings he has for her. Nathan says that's not his style and solemnly leaves for work.

Dante begins looking into Luke at the PCPD. Then Lulu stops by with coffee and breakfast for him. She tells Dante that she got the clear to make another baby Falconeri. Lulu is ready to get started right away. Dante is very pleased and says, "Let's go for it!"  After Nathan walks in while Lulu and Dante are kissing and all dressed for Maxie's wedding. They feel bad, but tell him they just want to support Maxie and then head off. Later Nathan has to deal with an upset news reporter, who says someone broke into his house and stole his Aztec necklace. It sets off Nathan's warning bells.

Franco and Ava chat on the phone about the recording Ava wants from Carly outside of the hospital. Sonny happens to walk up to Franco and hear him talking about how Sonny is out of Carly's life. Franco hangs up and after he and Sonny have a heated conversation about Carly. Right then Nina wheels over and listens in. Sonny takes off and after Nina and Franco chat. Nina questions whether Carly and Sonny are truly free of each other. Franco gets suspicious of what Nina's hinting at and asks what she's not telling him. Nina says she doesn't know anything, but just wanted to look out for him.

At GH, Carly checks in on Morgan while he looks after Alice. They can't believe how lucky Alice is to have gotten a heart. Then they chat about Sonny. Morgan says he feels like he's been in the way his whole life and feels unclear about who he is. Carly gets upset seeing him in pain, but Morgan says he's going to try and be a good father if he's Ava's baby daddy. 

Later Sonny finds Morgan alone by the GH elevators and takes the opportunity to bring up Ava. He tries to explain to Morgan why he made the mistake of hooking up with Ava, without saying he shot AJ. Sonny says Ava set up him and he decided to move her in to keep an eye on her. At the end, Morgan tells Sonny that he appreciates that Sonny told him more about what's really going on.

Ava gets a visit from Carly at her apartment. Carly is worried about Morgan and wants Ava to take a paternity test right away. Ava doesn't like the idea and refuses. Ava claims it's because she doesn't want to risk the invasive test, but Carly suspects that Ava just wants to keep her hold on Sonny and Morgan. Then Ava teases Carly about her relationship issues with Franco. Carly warns Ava that she's not going to back off and then decides to walk out.

Over at the Haunted Star, Maxie prepares for her wedding with Felicia's help. Maxie puts her dress on and then Levi walks in. They quickly cover Maxie's dress up so he doesn't see, but Levi is more interested in the pieces of Aztec jewelry that Felicia is wearing. Felicia mentions that she traded a piece of the jewelry to help a friend recently to a news reporter. Later Levi goes to get dressed and Felicia notices how nervous Maxie seems. Felicia tells her that it's not too late to call the wedding off. However, Maxie says that she's ready to marry Levi so Felicia gives Maxie her Aztec ring. At the end, Mac arrives and asks for a moment alone with Maxie. Then Mac tells Maxie that she needs to know how Nathan feels about her.

End of show!

I hope I age as well as Kristina Wagner (Felicia); she looks amazing!!

Have a great weekend!

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