Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Take Me or Reject Me

Not Levi's dad, hooray!
In today's show Sam makes a bet with Patrick, Franco wonders if Carly is lying to him and we learn Levi's real name!

Wednesday's Recap - 

Sonny tries to assure Olivia and Carly that Lulu will be found at the police station. Olivia steps away to check on Rocco and after Sonny tries to put his hand on Carly. She quickly stops him and warns him to not make Franco suspicious. Sonny takes the opportunity to rag on Franco so Carly walks away annoyed. Nearby in the interrogation room, Scotty tells Franco that he didn't have a night cap with Bobby. It makes Franco suspicious and he asks to see Scotty's call log to verify what time he was with Bobby on the night in question. Scotty tells Franco to let it go, because Sonny makes a bad enemy. Then Carly walks in and interrupts them. Franco snarks at her about Sonny, but doesn't say anything.

Nathan and Dante wonder what the circling of Frisco's face means at the cabin. Dante thinks they need to find Frisco. They decide to split up in the hopes of getting more answers. Dante heads to the station and when Olivia sees him she runs to hug him. Dante expresses to Sonny and Olivia how frustrated he is. Olivia advises Dante to go spend time with Rocco and get some rest. Sonny promises to stay behind and alert him to any news. Dante agrees and Olivia takes him home. At the end, Sonny tells Franco and Carly to sleep tight as they walk out of the station together. Franco gets pissed and warns Sonny to stay away from Carly. Meanwhile over at Dante's apartment, he promises Rocco that his mother will be home soon.

Silas is happy to hear that Nina gave Rosalie the night off at his place. He shows Nina a card in Rafe's things from Crichton-Clark and questions her about it. Then he asks if she knows how Rafe got $500. Nina swears that she doesn't know and asks why Silas is suspicious of her. He says Sam got him thinking, but he realizes it's silly for him to think she could pull that off. After Nina brings up wanting a baby. She tells Silas she wants to make love with him and give it a try. Nina magically stands up and starts to strip for him. Nina tells Silas to, "Take me or reject me," because she can't stand the limbo they've been in. Silas agrees they were good together once and decides to take Nina to the bedroom.

Sam and Patrick stumble upon each other at The Floating Rib. They decide to have a drink together and Sam ends up venting to him about Nina. Sam tells Patrick about her frustrations about Silas's blind spot when it comes to Nina. Patrick thinks they should have some fun to get their minds off things and suggestions a game of pool. Sam agrees and they bet that the winner gets to make the loser do a dare. Sam wins and after tells Patrick to shave his beard. 

Mac and Felicia see Scribner arrive in the ER at GH. Anna walks up to them and explains that Levi shot him, but the girls still haven't been found. Then Nathan approaches them and shows Felicia the old newspaper article with Frisco's face circled. Anna says she will try to use her WSB influence to find out where Frisco is. However when she makes an inquiry on Frisco's whereabouts, Anna learns that her clearance was denied. Mac wonders if that's because Frisco is behind Maxie's disappearance somehow. Felicia doesn't buy it and jumps to Frisco's defense. At the end, Anna questions Scribner who tells her, Nathan, Felicia and Mac that Levi isn't named Levi at all. He says Levi's real name is Peter Harrell. Felicia immediately recognizes the name as her ex-fiance!

End of show!

To learn more about the Aztec Treasure, start at the beginning: Frisco & Felicia Meet pt. 1

Have a great night!

P.S. You can also watch today's episode here --- > GH 08/27/14

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