Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Stop the Wedding

Maxie's family jewels are mine!
In today's show Carly has naughty dreams, a gay threeway is debated and Nathan comes to Maxie's rescue!

Wednesday's Recap - 

Olivia and Sonny run into each other outside of Kelly's. Sonny says he's glad that she's happy with Ned. Olivia admits that she's not involved with Ned and says she still cares about Sonny. He asks if there's a chance for them. Olivia says no, because although she'll always care about him, she can't be part of his mob world. Sonny says he never meant her hurt her, but Olivia says they should walk away so they can be friends again one day.

Carly has dreams about Sonny kissing her at her house, but gets woken up by Lucas. Lucas guesses that she was having sexy dreams and teases her. Carly changes the subject by bringing up Brad and Felix. She asks Lucas to break Felix's heart gently. Lucas says he's entertaining a threeway. Carly advises him to be safe, spare her the details and not to do it in her house. At the end, Carly thinks about Sonny kissing her again.

Franco goes to wash up in the hospital locker room after being painted on by his art therapy patients. He runs into Felix and jokes with him about giving him a sponge bath. Then Brad walks in and creates awkwardness. After Brad leaves, Franco asks Felix what's up between them. Franco thinks that Brad and Felix have sparks. Felix thinks he likes Lucas and Brad both so Franco high fives him for thinking threeway. Felix says he's not comfortable with the idea, but Franco thinks Felix should go for it. 

Britt and Nik chat by the Nurses's station briefly, before he meets up with Liz for lunch. They invite her to join them, but Britt declines. Later at Kelly's, Liz and Nikolas recap Spencer's disappearance.  It leads to a conversation about Britt and the help she offered. Liz asks if he wants Britt back. Nik says he thinks Britt might be turning over a new leaf, but he'll never be able to trust her completely. Then he wonders what would have happened if he and Liz got together. They agree the timing is never right for them. 

Britt and Felix discuss her situation with Nikolas at the Nurse's station. Felix thinks she should go crash Nik's lunch with Liz, but Britt doesn't feel comfortable doing that. Then they talk about Brad's drama with Felix and Lucas. Brad admits to her that he was getting a threeway vibe from Lucas and Felix. Britt tells him not to give him on real love with Lucas if that's where his heart is. At the end, Felix, Lucas and Brad run into each other by the hospital elevators. Lucas decides to ask them both out. Meanwhile, Britt shows up at Kelly's and decides to join Nik and Liz right as Liz is attempting to share her feelings with Nikolas.

Over at the Haunted Star, Maxie and Levi's wedding continues. Lucy reads the vows, but Maxie pauses when it comes to saying her I do's. Maxie thinks about what Mac, Felicia and Lulu advised her before the ceremony. Maxie says she can't go through with this, but Levi talks her into it. He makes her feel guilty, because he'll get deported. Nearby Dante finds Nathan tied up in Levi's stateroom. When Dante unties him, Nathan insists that they stop the wedding immediately. Nathan explains how Levi is after the Aztec jewelry and a fake Aussie. Then they take off to stop the ceremony. 

Nathan storms into the wedding with his gun pointed and says he's placing Levi under arrest. Nathan announces that Levi is after the jewels so Levi grabs Maxie and holds a gun on her. Meanwhile, Dante lurks in the background waiting to take a shot. Maxie is disgusted after learning the truth about Levi and tells Nathan to take shot at him. Levi demands that Felicia give him her Aztec earrings. Felicia hands them over and right then Dante runs in with his gun pointed. Then out of nowhere, the immigration agent takes Lulu at gun point!

End of show!

Nik's beard and hair looked a bit Don Juan today, didn't it?

Have a great night!

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  1. Personally I think to show an actual three way would be a little too over the top for GH. but some may disagree. Nikolas did look a little odd yesterday too.


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