Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Sleeping with the Enemy

How many times was that?
Today's Show -

Jordan and Shawn count their sex romps in bed and note that they've been sneaking around for two weeks. Shawn says he's been, "Sleeping with the Enemy!" He doesn't like lying to TJ or Jordan's involvement with the Jerome's. Jordan explains that she's an independent contractor, unlike him who's on a short leash from Sonny. Shawn defends Sonny saying at least he doesn't deal in drugs. He brings up Rafe and says it could have TJ who got mixed up in that. He wonders how she stomach's sealing them. Jordan tells him she won't be working for the Jerome's forever. Shawn asks what she means, but Jordan distracts him with the lure of more sex.

Kiki and Ava continue Ava's birthday celebration at her apartment. Ava says she has a lot riding on her birthday wish. She talks about her fears regarding being a mom again. Then the baby starts kicking. Ava and Kiki get excited, then get choked up and tell each other they love one another. Later Kiki leaves and Ava takes a Skype calls from Fluke. He wants the dirt she has on Sonny. Ava says she's working on it and asks what else she can't help him with in the meantime. Luke tells her to kill Michael. Ava can't believe it and says she can't, because Michael is Kiki's boyfriend. Luke advises her not to waste his time and then hangs up.

Ned wants to know what's going on with Tracy at GH. Michael explains what Alice told him about Tracy. He thinks it means that Tracy's divorce from Luke wasn't on the up and up either. They speculate on Tracy plans. Ned says he want to think about what do to next. Later Kiki comes to visit Michael at the hospital after Ned goes home. She tells him how wonderful Ava seems now. Then they talk about Alice and Tracy's plans to take back ELQ. Kiki realizes that Luke isn't out of their lives afterall.

Tracy Skype's Fluke from the Q's living room and tells him their ELQ plans are in the crapper. She explains that Alice ratted her out to Michael and he fired her. Fluke isn't happy and demands to know how she could let this happen. Tracy gets defensive and feels like she doing this on her own. She wants him to come home and help her. Fluke says he's working on her behalf on his end and can't. He insists that they stick to the plan to take down ELQ and Ned. Right then Ned bursts in the room, jumps in front of the computer and tells Luke he's not getting his hands on ELQ. Then Ned hangs up the call. After he and Tracy argue. Ned insists that Luke has gone bad and doesn't understand how Tracy can't see it. Ned rails against Luke, but Tracy won't believe it. Ned decides she needs to find a new place to live and orders Tracy to move out!

Franco wants to know who Carly's been drinking wine with at her house. Sonny listens from the top of the stairs. Right then Bobby walks in so Carly says the other wine glass is Bobby's. Carly stares her down so Bobby confirms it's her glass. She quickly makes up a story explaining how she came to be there, but Franco's not convinced. He wants to go check the bedroom and goes to walk up the stairs. Bobby asks Carly if Franco will find Sonny in her room and Carly says yes. 

Meanwhile, Franco makes his way to the bedroom. However he finds it empty. Then Carly gets a call from Sonny who tells her he slipped out the window. Bobby runs upstairs to run damage control with Franco. Carly runs outside to chat with Sonny. Sonny tells her that he decided to avoid a confrontation for now, but he wants Carly to make a choice. Sonny kisses her again. She pushes him away and tells him to go, denying her obvious attraction. At the end, Franco apologizes to Carly for thinking the worst.

End of show!

Fluke looked like he's been recouping with some hot cocoa and a joint in Amsterdam! 

Have a great night! 

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